Voltaic Construct


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel (DST) Uncommon

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Voltaic Construct

Artifact Creature — Golem Construct

(2): Untap target artifact creature.

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Voltaic Construct Discussion

Leonixious on "I'm Sick and Tired of Losing" Deck

2 weeks ago

He was one of the initial infinite mana combos with Training Grounds + Voltaic Construct + Palladium Myr but they are now just stand-ins for Bloom Tender and Freed from the Real

Mcnotmac on "I'm Sick and Tired of Losing" Deck

2 weeks ago

Trying to figure out why on earth you have Voltaic Construct. You have extremely few artifact creatures and he's easily destroyed by being only a 2/2 in Commander. He'll get ate for breakfast by all the artifact kill out there, let alone the more powerful creatures. Including him, you only have 4 artifact creatures in a deck of 100. You're not gonna find him for a long time and he's not worth tutoring for.

ComboCrazy on Making Pia Nalaar work!

3 months ago

Pia Nalaar is chronically underwhelming in Commander format. Unfortunately, there simply aren't enough ways to abuse one thopter token that will have an adequate effect on a game of commander. But, two thopters... now that's pretty insane.

cough Breya, Etherium Shaper cough

I would highly recommend reconstructing this deck into a Tiny Leaders deck. Very similar formats, and Pia's thopter goes much further with only 25 life to start. (I believe that's the starting life total, I don't recall exactly)

However, if you do insist on keeping this a commander deck, I'd throw in a healthy amount of dredge and artifact graveyard shenanigans. A couple notable cards to that end include Grinding Station and Mesmeric Orb. Additionally, if you don't switch the commander to Daretti, Scrap Savant, (who is extremely good as a commander) then add a healthy amount of artifact reanimation, namely Scarecrone, Lifeline, Trash for Treasure, etc. I'd also add some good token generators, i.e. Myr Battlesphere, Myr Turbine, and Thopter Assembly (which I see you already have). Add as many token generators as you can, primarily because they fuel other cards, such as Ashnod's Altar and Krark-Clan Ironworks, which can help you lay down your larger creatures. Then, you reanimate them, get the tokens again, and repeat the process. They also provide handy blockers and fuel pia's second ability. (Metalworker and Quicksilver Amulet work as well to lay down cards like Blightsteel, but worker is a bit pricey.) Speaking of ol' BS, having Warstorm Surge otb when blightsteel enters one-shots an opponent. Just fyi ;)

As for some just generally good cards for this style of deck, I'd recommend Inventors' Fair, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Hedron Archive, Blinkmoth Urn, Voltaic Construct, and Myr Retriever are all great cards. For more synergistic artifact suggestions, I'd take a look at some Karn, Silver Golem EDH lists and some Daretti, Scrap Savant EDH lists. A deck with Pia at at the head would run a lot of the same cards and work similarly to those, I'd imagine. I've never seen anyone try to use Pia in EDH before, so bravo, good sir, exploring new territory. Good luck with the deck!

Bassospades on Arty Shovelhead's Rube Goldberg Machine

4 months ago

You forgot about All Is Dust :P

Really though, it's a leftover from when I used to run way more Eldrazi. I keep it around mainly because, as a combo deck in colorless, I'll take any tutor effect I can get. I'm not kidding when I say that Voltaic Construct is the single most important card in the 99, and being able to search it up has won me the game enough times that I'm really hesitant to cut Eye.

K34 on Karn, Salvaged Toys, Sub35$ Budget

5 months ago

Do you have any infinite mana outlets? You could add Voltaic Construct and Basalt Monolith. Using Karn to turn the monolith into a creature, you can tap it for 3 and Untap it for 2, with the construct. I don't knowvof any colorless infinite mana sinks beside Walking Ballista.I guess maybe Dark Depths, but that probably won't fit in a budget deck.

Neotrup on Synery prevents Combo?

6 months ago

Hexproof granted by Padeem, Consul of Innovation does not stop you from targeting Voltaic Construct, it only stops your opponent from targeting it. Shroud granted by Lightning Greaves would prevent you from targeting Voltaic Construct, if you needed to equip them to give haste, however, you can equip them to something else so you can target it again.

Also, Padeem, Consul of Innovation doesn't need Lightning Greaves if you have Mycosynth Lattice on the battlefield, as Padeem will grant himself hexproof, as he will be an Artifact.

nibsey on Synery prevents Combo?

6 months ago

I love the following synergy in an artifact heavy deck, especially if Mycosynth Lattice comes out too

Padeem, Consul of Innovation + Lightning Greaves

Does Padeem prevent Voltaic Construct interacting with Grim Monolith?

Karn, Silver Golem + Grim Monolith + Voltaic Construct

Therefore my combo above no longer works?

Many thanks, Nibsey

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