Crush of Tentacles


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Mythic Rare

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Crush of Tentacles


Surge (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)

Return all nonland permanents to their owner's hands. If Crush of Tentacle's surge cost was paid, put an 8/8 blue Octopus creature token onto the battlefield.

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Crush of Tentacles Discussion

Argy on Bant Crush

1 week ago

OK this deck needs a lot of tweaks to get it to work.

These are some of the issues:

This deck has possibilities, that's for sure. It just needs to be more consistent.

JamesKBoots on U/G Crush

1 week ago

So here is another question if I have Baral, Chief of Compliance on the field, and I play a Baral's Expertise can I then play a Crush of Tentacles factoring in that I cast a spell already this turn, and Baral Chief of Compliance reduced the cost of sorcery's and instants by 1. The Surge cost is normally 5, but now would it be 4 can I cast it for free?

Rzepkanut on Temmet's Token Tyranny

1 week ago

Hey I got a few quick ideas for you...some mana ramp Sword of the Animist, Inspiring Statuary can tap equipment for mana, Quietus Spike is another win con, Supplant Form is a crazy combat trick that you can get better use from than usual, personally I prefer global effects like Coastal Piracy and Bident of Thassa over auras like Curiosity, good old Thran Dynamo and Gilded Lotus can also ramp you like you are a green deck. Crush of Tentacles seems like it could be a cool board wipe, Dance of Many, Followed Footsteps, Vizier of Many Faces and Tempt with Reflections are great copy cards, if you don't play much 1v1 Blade of Selves is also super cool. Nice deck btw. Happy gathering!!

Averytoads on Jace Jackson Telepath Extraordinaire

1 week ago

Visions of Beyond, Foil is like a shitty for of will, Pact of Negation, I like Crush of Tentacles more than Evacuation, Kederekt Leviathan is fun with Deadeye Navigator, Peregrine Drake has the same purpose as Great Whale but costs a few dollars less, Snapcaster Mage costs money but is like a better Archaeomancer,Caged Sun, Time Warp or any take an extra turn that doesnt exile itself + Archaeomancer + Deadeye Navigator = infinite turns.

BonVoyYawg on I'm Invincible!

2 weeks ago

shenobe Haha hell yea! Great job! I pulled a 2-2-0 tonight, but pulled a Glorybringer in my sole prize winnings :D

I had an interesting night and played some interesting decks:

  • Round 1: 1-2 Loss - RUG ramp shenanigans with Crush of Tentacles, I had a shot but Game 3, just did not work out on curve properly
  • Round 2: 0-2 Loss - New Perspectives, pretty much what was featured on MTGGoldfish, it was amazing, but honestly not fun at all to play against
  • Round 3: 2-0 Win - Gruul
  • Round 4: 2-1 Win - RBG Aetherworks Marvel with Torrential Gearhulk

Thoughts this week:

I don't know if I need to change much, because even the two rounds I lost, I totally had the appropriate answers, it was mostly just bad mulligan decisions. Heck, even my 3rd and 4th rounds were riddled with stupid plays on my part. I think I may have been over prepared with Artifact hate on my sideboard. If the New Perspectives / Approach of the Second Sun deck gets too out of hand in the meta, we might need to go back to 3x of Insult / Injury in the sideboard for the Haze of Pollen variants. It was a real bummer to lose out on a 16/16 pummeler attack

karmassassin on The Thing! Board Control- Blue/Black

3 weeks ago

First of all, welcome back to the game! Thing In The Ice control has been one of my favorite archetypes lately, so I'm glad to see someone else playing it.

  • My first concern is your mana base. Have you had any issues with mana screw? Twenty one lands would be light for even an aggro deck, and you are playing control (an archetype that traditionally prefers to be mana heavy - my UB Thing deck had twenty six lands, for example). Considering that one of your primary win conditions (Crush of Tentacles) has a pretty high CMC (even with its surge cost, it will take six mana at the least), I would recommend increasing your land count to at least twenty five so that you consistently hit your land drops.
  • You could stand to streamline your mana base. Mirrorpool is a really cool card, but is rather slow and clunky (in my experience), and considering that at present you only play twenty one lands, it causes two issues: 1) I imagine you often won't have the mana to copy a spell (let alone a creature) unless you're going for your 1 CMC spells, which really don't have the power level to merit sacrificing a land; 2) It only provides colorless mana, and you have a substantial number of lands with double color requirement (UU, BB, UB). There are two more dual lands in the format that you should take advantage of: Sunken Hollow and Choked Estuary. I don't think it would hurt to replace the Evolving Wilds with either duals or basic lands - in a three color deck, Wilds is appropriate, but since you're in two colors with duals, you have superior choices.

  • There are a few cards that seem out of place in the deck that you could replace with others for a more consistent performance. Pyramid of the Pantheon is horribly inefficient, and if you work on your mana base, you won't need it. Hope of Ghirapur also seems out of place, and isn't too effective in my opinion, unless you're playing a control mirror. If you cut those four, then you can also cut Tezzeret's Touch (since you won't have decent targets anymore), leaving you six slots, which you can use for what I think is one of the most vital components of a control deck: card draw. You only have one draw spell in your mainboard, and two in your sideboard (I count the clues from Confirm Suspicions as passable draw). The core principle of control decks is always having the right answer to your opponent's deck, and draw/filter effects are what let you dig through your deck and find those answers. Pull from Tomorrow is great, and you have another fantastic card at your disposal: Glimmer of Genius. For cheaper filter, you can also turn to Anticipate. The upside to having Instant draw is not only to find the spells you need, but to flip your Thing in the Ice  Flip in response to an opponent attacking. Filling your six slots with more draw will vastly improve the performance of the deck, in my opinion.

There are other directions you could go with the deck, but it seems like a fun list and I don't want my card preferences to influence your deckbuilding style. I think the suggestions that I offered will improve the consistency of the deck without affecting the original vision too much. Cheers!

Etoilebane on Temmy! Livin' a Lie! Livin' a Lie! Temmy!

3 weeks ago

It may wipe all of your tokens, but the 8/8 given by Crush of Tentacles could be useful for this deck.

Guego on U/G Crush Ramp

3 weeks ago

I think Part the Waterveil would also be a strong card. But there is no efficient way to maintain the combination, since there is no Den Protector ... and the enchantment Bounty of the Luxa is unpredictable. When you play Crush of Tentacles and your Aetherworks Marvel goes back to your hand its pretty bad.

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