Treasure Mage


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) Uncommon
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran (MBM) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Treasure Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

When Treasure Mage enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an artifact card with converted mana cost 6 or greater, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library.

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Treasure Mage Discussion

Mike94 on NEED HELP with Tromokratis

2 days ago

Maybe it's a daring idea but why not try to build a Tromokratis voltron deck? He is bulky and could easily deal 21 commander damage if you equip him with the right gear.

Play a lot of mana-rocks to get him out as early as possible like Lotus Bloom, Thran Dynamo, Caged Sun and Extraplanar Lens. Even Sapphire Medallion and High Tide help this strategy. Tromokratis wants to be blocked but that would be a set back for your gameplan so evasion is your friend. Archetype of Imagination could help your commander hit face for example.

If you go the voltron route I would definitely play these equipments:

Each Mirrodin sword would be an auto include but could maybe be to expensive to buy but I would at least try to fit in Sword of Feast and Famine.

Since you're in blue there are a lot of ways to search for artifacts.

I would also play some mono-blue staples like Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora to draw as much of you deck as possible.

And last of I would play some disruptive spells to ensure you're not overwhelmed by other tempo decks that tend to go wide like:

I love mono colored decks in EDH since they play the toughest game but excel at one main goal. It's hard to make them work against those fancy multi colored decks and it could become a big investment but from one mono-colored EDH player to another, it's worth it! +1

ghgiunco on I need more mana ? ...

3 weeks ago

Hey sylvannosI never had problem with Lodestone tax, lately my open hand i not get land, cause this i started to think this.

On Treasure Mage .. i find the tutors very important, he always help me alot, getting what i need at this time. Fabricate seens a bit slow .. difficultly i cast mage for 3

But ill put 1 more land or 2 Mind Stones .. i guess i need this for real.

Always good see more points. tks you =)

Backinthefrey on Btw Darksteel is indestructible

3 weeks ago

i wish the Treasure Mage and Trinket Mage fit in this deck, but unfortunately they just barley miss the costs of the cards i need to search for. however the Trophy Mage would help a lot cause it lets me find two of the main three parts, and the Glint-Nest Crane could also be helpful, cause not much in the deck isnt an artifact, and its a quick way to dig for the parts.

sylvannos on I need more mana ? ...

4 weeks ago

I feel like if you're playing Lodestone Golems, you should just up your land count (even though you have Heartless Summoning). I'd probably just cut 2 Treasure Mages for a Buried Ruin and a Watery Grave and take it from there. You only have 4 targets for Treasure Mage anyway, so you might even want to just cut them all out, go to 24 lands, and play a singleton Fabricate.

halfyoung on Btw Darksteel is indestructible

4 weeks ago

if drawing the artifact pieces is your problem Treasure Mage Trinket Mage is what i would suggest, if you decided against the white and swapped to green you would have more availability also, but to be honest i LOVE the white you got in it.

Xykame on Budget memnarch

4 weeks ago

While you have a solid base, I would recommend some changes. Some of the clone/steal affects like Clever Impersonator and Phantasmal Image, Beguiler of Wills, Annex, Roil Elemental, ect, are just expensive and don't exactly contribute towards your core strategy. I would replace those with Foundry Inspector, Palladium Myr, Padeem, Consul of Innovation, Unwinding Clock, Shimmer Myr, Whir of Invention, Paradox Engine, Treasure Mage, and Trophy Mage. Cards that let you take advantage of idle artifacts like Clock of Omens are fantastic, meanwhile I think Disallow and Spell Crumple are way too expensive for a counterspell. Mind Control, Persuasion, and Control Magic are just straight up bad cards, and Part the Waterveil doesn't exactly belong here either. Copy Artifact is great, but I think for the price Mirage Mirror is better. Lands are also important in an artifact deck, and so I would recommend, Expedition Map, Buried Ruin, Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, and Urza's Power Plant. Finally, your commander is expensive, so Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves are a must, plus they are artifacts.


1 month ago

I think you could lose a Fatal Push, a Treasure Mage, a Walking Ballista and a Hostage Taker for 4x Thoughtseize. I think its better for this deck vs IoK as it can hit more, even with the life cost.

Grimmjob88 on In exile

1 month ago

Thanks. I appreciate that. I also like the suggestions of Heartless Summoning, Semblance Anvil and Brilliant Ultimatum but I'm not too sure about it. I think Brilliant Ultimatum is probably the only one I might try out. Gate to the Afterlife isn't really viable either as far as I am concerned. I really only have a total of five creatures that will probably sit in my graveyard and Gate needs six to tutor God-Pharaoh's Gift and anyway that's what Treasure Mage is meant for.

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