Militant Angel


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Game Night (GNT) Mythic Rare

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Militant Angel

Creature — Angel

Flying, lifelink

When Militant Angel enters the battlefield, create a number of 2/2 white Knight creature tokens with vigilance equal to the number of opponents you attacked this turn.

Militant Angel Discussion

Izu_Korasu on Dragon Knights

2 months ago

you may be better off pretending its a mono-white deck with Khorvath Brightflame at the helm. Which isnt that far off from the list -the few bulk dragons.

It may be tedious, but adding lands will help immensely, both from a "commander decks with partner have a 98 card deck" stance, but also help you tune the manabase to fit your curve and deckoverall.

budget knights like Benalish Marshal , Kabira Vindicator , Lightwielder Paladin , Riftmarked Knight , and Valiant Knight may be taking a look at, as are some less budget like Knight Exemplar or Kinsbaile Cavalier

if you are interested in more dragons, Ancestor Dragon , Scalelord Reckoner , Sunscorch Regent , Dream Pillager , Moltensteel Dragon and Tyrant's Familiar may be a good starting point.

i would also consider cards like Sigiled Sword of Valeron , Gideon's Phalanx , Militant Angel , Waylay or cards like Changeling Hero

that all being said, best of luck in completing the deck .... i may have to built a KNIGHT deck now (with a dragon commander)

JqlGirl on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

4 months ago

The Game Night exclusive cards still don't have any legality set, so they make any deck they're in illegal according to the deckbuilder. They should have the same legality as any other card that doesn't pass through modern or standard. The affected cards are: Militant Angel , Inspired Sphinx , Rot Hulk , Goblin Goliath , and Avatar of Growth .

Hellsing on Semi-regular reminder that Global Series ...

5 months ago

DiverDown Did some small digging on the issue, and I have found at least one common denominator.
The following cards from Magic Game Night - (GNT) have incorrect legality:

All other cards from this set do have a functioning legality.
And in Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling - (GS1), only the cards listed below works:
The rest of them have incorrect legality.

This shows that only NEW entries in the database are affected by this bug, cards that existed before which only got an updated image in the sets didn't get affected.
I have tried to edit cards(using the "fix card" function) but that does not yield any result at all, everything looks okay in the forms when submitting the cards.
I also tried submitting an entry of an existing card in another set/expansion to see if it changed something, but it didn't.
So the entries in the database are probably corrupted, manual deletion and readding is maybe a way to go for individual cards. But what causes the bug I have no idea of.

To investigate this issue further it would be good if I have more cards to look at, so tag them here if you find any.

Arvail : I hope not, except for this bug I think it works somewhat good.

Liquidbeaver on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

5 months ago

Can we please get the Legality fixed on the Mythic Rares from Game Night (GNT)?

Avatar of Growth , Goblin Goliath , Inspired Sphinx , Militant Angel , and Rot Hulk all show up as not legal in any format, when they are legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander.

The incorrect legality also means that decklists that have them don't show up in Deck Builder searches by format because they "aren't legal".

Kedvesem on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

6 months ago

Militant Angel is showing up as illegal in EDH, which it isn't.

Liquidbeaver on Game Night Card Legality

7 months ago

All of the new cards from Game Night (GNT)...

Rot Hulk/Goblin Goliath/Militant Angel/Avatar of Growth/Inspired Sphinx up as not legal in any format, but they are legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander.

No data for this card yet.