Rot Hulk


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Game Night (GNT) Mythic Rare

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Rot Hulk

Creature — Zombie


When Rot Hulk enters the battlefield, return up to X target Zombie cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, where X is the number of opponents you have.

Rot Hulk Discussion

SideBae on Dimir Zombies

1 week ago

I don't think you need more combos... I think you need better mana, tutors and card draw to make your current combos more consistent. Running one or two combos is probably good enough, especially since zombie decks tend to be good at the beat-face plan, too. Counter-magic is worth considering, though not everyone likes running it.

Mana: Ramp is a big part of EDH. Having fast, reliable access to your colors is indispensable -- this is part of the reason two-cost rocks are better than three-cost rocks. I think Talisman of Dominance is probably better than Commander's Sphere . It comes down a turn earlier, and it allows you to cast your general turn three. Cards like Charcoal Diamond , Sky Diamond and Coldsteel Heart are also good, though their coming into play tapped is a real setback. Underground River is a land you should consider, as are Morphic Pool and Drowned Catacomb .

Tutors: Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor are the gold-standard here, though they're also rather hard to get ahold of. I like Dark Petition and Diabolic Tutor ; you might want to consider Entomb or Buried Alive to get your Gravecrawler and friends into the 'yard. If you include Animate Dead , Reanimate , Necromancy , Exhume and/or Dance of the Dead you can get out your Grave Titan or Overseer of the Damned real fast. Reanimation packages are good.

Card Draw: There're a few cards I think you either didn't know about or overlooked in this area.

  1. Graveborn Muse : This card is BUSTED in zombie decks. Even staying out for just one turn cycle can get you four or five cards easily, making it a way better Phyrexian Arena . If you choose to run something like Whip of Erebos , you can pretty easily recoup the life.

  2. Night's Whisper / Chart a Course : Two-mana draw-twos have always been pretty good. In a top-deck war, these can make all the difference.

  3. Cantrips: Ponder , Preordain and Brainstorm are all excellent cards; in Vintage, these are signatures of Xerox-decks. They'll dig you to lands if you need them, and get you past lands if you don't. Note that Brainstorm goes from OK to really good with the inclusion of shuffle-effects, like your Evolving Wilds . Running more of these lands, like Prismatic Vista , Flooded Strand , Polluted Delta , or even just Bad River or Rocky Tar Pit is a good idea.

  4. Treasure Cruise / Dig Through Time : These are good ways to utilize lands or similar non-functional-in-graveyard cards you mill with Gisa and Geralf . Depending on how full your yard typically ends up, running one or both of these is probably a good idea.

  5. Skullclamp : Pair this with your Gravecrawler for instant value.

  6. Distant Melody : I'm not sure how many zombies you have, but having an average of four or more zombies will make this worth including.

  7. Slate of Ancestry : This is similar to Distant Melody , but is more repeatable.

  8. Undead Augur : This card will help you out-draw opponents.

  9. Corpse Harvester : While not technically card-draw, it is a good form of card-advantage. It'll get you both swamps and whatever creature you need. If you include Fetid Pools , Sunken Hollow or Watery Grave , you can fetch those, too.

  10. Fact or Fiction : This is card-draw and self-mill all packed into one card.

Beat Face:

  1. Zombie Master : Pair this with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and your creatures are unblockable.

  2. Cover of Darkness : This is a good secondary evasion plan. Lord of the Accursed is a similar card that also buffs your guys.

  3. Death Baron , Undead Warchief and Lord of the Undead : These lords make your dudes all the more potent. Note that buffing toughness makes the Gravecrawler + Skullclamp loop harder to pull off.

  4. Patriarch's Bidding : This is a great way for tribal decks to come back from a boardwipe.

  5. Coat of Arms : This is a lot of mana to invest in an easily-killed artifact, though it is worth considering. This can rather easily pump your guys with +5/+5.

  6. Gray Merchant of Asphodel : This is a good way to recoup life, while at the same time pressuring your opponents' life totals.

  7. Rot Hulk : I'd run this in any zombie deck.

Counter-Magic: Force of Will , Mana Drain and Pact of Negation are the gold standard, though difficult to get ahold of. Consider the following:

  1. Counterspell : This is a better form of Cancel .

  2. Spell Snare : This is a good, affordable counter spell that can take out an opposing Demonic Tutor or Flash -combo without difficulty.

  3. Negate / Countersquall : This will hold off boardwipes and keep your guys alive.

  4. Exclude : In a creature-heavy meta, this is probably worth running as it does not cost card advantage.

  5. Cryptic Command / Dismiss : Four mana is a lot to leave up in this sort of deck, but these can be powerful. You should at least consider them.

Right -- that's all from me. Good luck!

ClockworkSwordfish on Zombie tribal!

3 weeks ago

If you want the battlecruiser feel for a zombie-centric build, it's hard to beat Rot Hulk (especially in a multiplayer situation) for suddenly swinging the boardstate. You might also appreciate Geth, Lord of the Vault as a way to 'borrow' powerful artifacts or creatures in a late-game stalemate.

SideBae on Varina Zombie Tribal EDH

1 month ago

With regard to cuts: If you want to run Zombie Master and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , you don't need Zombie Trailblazer anymore. Library of Leng is an interesting card, but I'm not sure it's good enough to merit an include; I'm assuming that it's meant to interact with Varina, Lich Queen 's looting ability. I just think there're better things you can do with the slot -- same goes for Desecrated Tomb . Their impact is marginal most of the time, and inserting more card draw or artifact ramp seems likely to be better.

I'm guessing Call to the Netherworld is meant to buy back cards while interacting with Varina's ability. I think running a to battlefield reanimation spell, like Reanimate or Animate Dead , would be simply better. Gravedigger and Eternal Taskmaster are similar cards I'd cut.

Ertai, the Corrupted is a card I think many people overrate. Five-mana is a very high cost, and cards like Daring Apprentice and Ertai, the Corrupted are worse than regular Counterspell s because your opponents know to play around the counter effect.

If you're running Phyrexian Altar , I'm not sure Ashnod's Altar is necessary. Including tutors like Demonic Tutor makes redundancy less important; similarly, including tutors would allow you to run just one Merciless Eviction or Austere Command effect rather than both.

Other cards to consider I didn't think of earlier: Undead Augur , Midnight Reaper , Fallen Shinobi , Rot Hulk , Forgotten Creation , God-Eternal Oketra , and Eternal Skylord .

saluma on yeago

3 months ago

Hello. I just want to highlight what I think is a bug. Rot Hulk appears to be illeagal in commander here on tappedout, according to scryfall it should be leagal.

JqlGirl on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

4 months ago

The Game Night exclusive cards still don't have any legality set, so they make any deck they're in illegal according to the deckbuilder. They should have the same legality as any other card that doesn't pass through modern or standard. The affected cards are: Militant Angel , Inspired Sphinx , Rot Hulk , Goblin Goliath , and Avatar of Growth .

HollowProphet on I badly need help with ...

4 months ago

Hey all! I am back and I am continuing learning how to build my deck. I will keep it short as I am getting ready for bed. I'm the guy who built this as my first non-precon deck ever. I have gotten extremely strong and helpful feedback from here so I wanted to come back and get some more advice on what creatures or other spells to cut. I am going for zombie graveyard play and mill to play with graveyards for now. Please help educate me on how to know what to swap, cut, etc when replacing spells in an existing deck. I don't know what cuts to make for creatures, what counters to run, or what my wincons are even... because right now I do not even have any that I am aware of.

The build:

Incoming cards are as follows:

I was going to cut Mystic Remora as when I've played it I have not been to pay the upkeep and play what I needed to out of my hand. This is [u]not[/u] a final cut but I just have not had luck with it. [b]I also was NOT scrying and doing the life loss with Scarab God, I missed all my triggers and felt so dumb after[/b]. But I am not being hard on myself, it is just something I have to get used to and get into the habit of, it is part of Commander anyway! So what I was going to try was Graveborn Muse and Forgotten Creation .

I am going to cut some counterspells too, this list is as of a day or so ago but today I placed the orders for the new cards. I just don't know what to cut and what to run at this point, it seems like I have a TON of firepower now compared to when I first pieced it together just two weeks ago and now the deck has taken on a life of its own. I tried to work on some token generation too.

Also, I have at LEAST $60+ I want to blow at Star City this weekend, any recommendations on heavy hitters I can pick up while I'm saving on cards anyway?? I am thinking maybe Grave Pact and Rise of the Dark Realms . Pickups at Star City possibly include Rot Hulk and Reality Shift .

I am new and am abandoning hope because I don't know what to do and I don't want to waste time or money on stuff when I am not getting the answers I need and no one really wants to take the time to help me. Then I get frustrated because I put so much time into this build and I don't know things due to lack of experience.

RePTiLE on "Grimgrin Want to Play!"

4 months ago

Thanks for the dump of info!

I'll definitely look at grabbing a lot of these. I 100% agree on Butcher of Malakir he's just a stand-in pact effect until I grab a Dictate of Erebos (although I might just get a Grave Pact instead as the deck is insanely 5-drop heavy)

When it comes to the replacements the only card I'll really come to the defense of is Empty the Pits for no other reason than I like having the option to empty my graveyard (with what mana I have) at instant speed if someone decides to Bojuka Bog me or something similarly upsetting. If there are any other cards that serve as better "bog emergency" options I'm all ears. I just really like having that base covered when possible. Also I 100% agree on Army of the Damned and will more than likely replace it. Its just really funny haha.

Also the Rot Hulk and Flash combo is outrageous lol. How is that even legal? Seems hard to find Rot Hulk anywhere but I'll definitely keep my eyes open.

Lastly, I have 2 questions.

  1. Is my land count an emergency? Like will reducing the higher cmcs fix it or should I make other adjustments?

  2. Do I need more enablers for Grimgrin (untaps/meat)? Like I'll certainly have plenty of tokens I just don't know every card, obviously, so if there is more I can do for his consistency I'd like to take advantage of it.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions and, if you have time/are feeling generous feel free to look at the other EDH decks on my profile, if you have anything to say. I'm always looking for feedback and advice!

Sloanan on "Grimgrin Want to Play!"

4 months ago

Looking through your deck I think for the most part it looks doable. There's a few things I would recommend cutting to kind of lower the CMC of the deck, as i noticed you've got a somewhat low land count, along with some cards I feel like are zombie traps.

Firstly, Butcher of Malakir is just too expensive. If you still want that effect, I'd highly suggest either Grave Pact or Dictate of Erebos , as they're cheaper and harder to remove.

Army of the Damned is something I see in a hell of a lot of zombie decks, but I never feel like it's ACTUALLY any good. Sure, 13 2/2's is nothing to scoff at, but it's so mana intensive and they enter tapped anyway that it just feels like a trap. Unless you've got a way to cheat the cost, I'd suggest trying something else - Reanimate , Unearth , Living Death , etc. Besides, I think Josu Vess is better for that kind of thing, since his horde has menace and is untapped.

Endless Ranks of the Dead is only situationally good from my experience. It's just a little too slow for me to ever really do much with it.

Empty the Pits is another I'm not too crazy about. Admittedly, self milling can make it do some work, but overall I feel like it's too expensive UNLESS you've got a good GY built up.

As far as suggestions, here's a few thoughts:

Unearth - this beauty is so synergistic with a zombie deck. The biggest problem for zombies in a 60 card format is that all of their lords are at the 3 CMC cost. In EDH we can run them all, and hey, surprise surprise, they're all targetable with this spell!

Reanimate - Basically a second Unearth, but without the 3 CMC restriction.

Flash and Rot Hulk is a pretty disgusting combination. You flash in the hulk and don't pay it's cost and since that's technically part of the resolution of the Flash spell, Hulk's ETB won't trigger until after he's in the graveyard in this instance, meaning you can target him with his own ETB, getting back it and two other zombies, then on his second ETB getting back another three zombos. All at instant speed!

Living Death - Highly, HIGHLY suggest this one. It's both a boardwipe and a finisher, all in one.

Plague Belcher - basically an extra blood artist effect, effectively a second Diregraf Captain .

Tombstone Stairwell - THis one is a finisher in my deck. A better version of Endless Ranks of the Dead , but with the added benefit of sooooo many death triggers that if you've got a Diregraf Captain or Plague Belcher out, you'll probably win the game shortly after.

Shepherd of Rot - With all the zombies you're running, why not turn them into pure burn? Sure it hurts you too, but you can always run things like...

Whip of Erebos - Lifelink is underrated in black, and being able to reanimate anything in your GY for a burst swing is super nice.

Phyrexian Altar AND Ashnod's Altar - Both of these are great. Not only do they ramp, but with certain boardstates they go infinite for a combo win - Classics like Gravecrawler , Phyrexian Altar , and Diregraf Captain will drain the whole table pretty easily.

Nim Deathmantle - If you're running Ashnod's Altar , you should run this. This can EASILY lead to some infinite combos (with Ashnod's, this, and, say, Grave Titan you've got infinite zombies and also infinite colorless mana).

Bontu's Monument - There's probably a combo hidden with it, but cost reduction and incidental lifegain is always nice!

Talisman of Dominance - I like it better than the Dimir Signet, but running both will give you a little bit of ramp at least.

Graf Harvest - If you're going the combo route you probably don't need this but if you're wanting to just swing, this 1 CMC enchantment does some work in an aggro shell.

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