Tranquil Expanse


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Aether Revolt (AER) Common
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Tranquil Expanse


Tranquil Expanse enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Tranquil Expanse Discussion

multimedia on Steph's Cats

1 week ago

Hey, consider Resilient Khenra? He's not a Cat, but he's shown that he's very good with both Sacred and Adorned especially Adorned. Consider 4x Serpopard and 2x Pouncing, switch them? Serpopard is a much better Cat; Pouncing is very lackluster.

4x Sunpetal Grove will really help the manabase. If you can't afford Sunpetal then consider 4x Tranquil Expanse? Oath of Ajani I think is putting too much stress on the current manabase. Adding more Selesnya dual lands will help. Canopy Vista is not Standard legal if you're playing the deck in Standard have to replace it with another land.

Consider cutting Oath for some more two drop creature removal? Gideon's Reproach is an option it's better than Impeccable Timing as is Seal Away or more Compulsory Rest is also fine. Consider Prepare // Fight or Synchronized Strike? These cards are good with Pride Sovereign because they can untap it after it's exerted and give it a pump. Initiate's Companion has nice synergy with Pride, but it's weak and has to do combat damage to a player to get to untap Pride. Can't count on using it's ability to untap Pride want other cards that can.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on R/G Enraged Dinosaur Ramp

1 week ago

Hey, looks good for low budget.

Consider 4x Adventurous Impulse? Impulse can give you a potetnially turn one play that can find Drover or Huntmaster. It's good turn one or turn ten. It can potentially find a land, a Dino or most importantly Forerunner, Huntmaster or Drover.

I think 20x total lands is a pretty low; you can't count on having a Drover or Huntmaster turn two every game or count on either surviving to ramp turn three. Adding Impulse will help with a low land count, but I think you should consider adding more lands. I suggest 23-24x total lands.

For the manabase because of low budget consider 4x Tranquil Expanse, 2x Stone Quarry and 2x Timber Gorge? Adding Expanse will help to cast Siegehorn Ceratops and it's casting cost. A lot of basic lands is not going to work with the current deck because you want green, white and red in the early game. You want more dual lands to be able to make mana for all these colors consistently. You still want basic lands because of Ranging Raptors, but I think you can cut down on them. If later on it would be great if you could afford the Check lands: Sunpetal Grove and Clifftop Retreat these lands are good investments because they can be played in a lot of different decks you make.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on GWb Midrange

2 weeks ago

Hey, I don't think Llanowar Elves is working with the current build here because it's really conflicting with Benalish Marshal.

Llanowar can't help to cast Marshal and Llanowar requires a large amount of green sources and these green sources need to ETB untapped to be able to play him turn one. 7x Forest is a lot of Forests that can prevent you from playing Marshal and 11x Plains is a lot a Plains that can prevent you from playing a turn one Llanowar.

I suggest only splashing green with dual lands: 4x Sunpetal Grove, 4x Scattered Groves, 2x Tranquil Expanse and 1x Forest. This will let you more consistently play Marshal.

Consider this midrange creature base:

  • 4x Bodyguard
  • 4x Grace
  • 3x Shanna
  • 4x Marshal
  • 1x Rhonas
  • 3x Shalai
  • 1x Lyra
  • 2x Invention

Consider this manabase:

By cutting Llanowar Elves the manabase can focus much more on white and just splash green from duals. Territory is nice because you can name Human or Angel to help you cast every creature except Rhonas. This is especially good to help to cast Shanna or Marshal, both Humans in the early game.

A midrange strategy relies on removal in the early game to slow down aggro helping to get the mid game where midrange shines. Consider this removal base:

I'm suggesting Reproach over Seal because of Goblin Chainwhirler. He roadblocks your entire early game plan with creatures. His first strike makes him an excellent blocker or attacker. Seal can't deal with a blocker only an attacking creature who taps. Reproach can kill Chainwhirler if he's a blocker or an attacker. Reproach is also a very good removal spell with Knight of Grace because Grace has first strike. You can do damage to a blocking creature and then at the first strike combat phase target that creature with Reproach killing it while Grace is not harmed in combat.

I like main deck Cast because early game it can be a draw and mid or late game it can exile any nonland permanent. Cast is a good card in both aggro and control matchups, a good reason to include it main deck. Settle is not a good main deck card in control matchups that's the reason that I think main decking so many copies of Settle is a mistake, but that's why you have a sideboard.

Good luck with your deck.

Rwhr2d2 on Angels Delight

3 weeks ago

This looks like it should just be a standard deck, as out of the 75 only 7 aren't standard legal. Cloudshift could be replaced with Blossoming Defense, Artic Flats could be replaced with Tranquil Expanse, and Archangel of Tithes could be replaced with more Lyras or Angel of Sanctions/Angel of Invention.
If you want to keep it as a modern deck, better lands Sunpetal Grove Stirring Wildwood Shambling Vent Caves of Koilos, along with better discard Inquisition of Kozilek, and some Baneslayer Angels.
Overall, Oketra's Monument and Lifecrafter's Bestiary seem too slow for modern and do little in the deck in standard. Cutting them to go up some lands and removal/discard seems correct.

multimedia on G/W Mid-range

4 weeks ago

Hey, only Standard post rotation here? I ask because 4x Scattered Groves can really help the manabase. If don't want to add Groves than consider 4x Tranquil Expanse in it's place? 9x Plains is a lot of Plains when you want to play Steel Leaf Champion.

For midrange 22x lands is a low amount even with 4x Llanowar. I suggest 24 lands since four drop Shalai and five drop Lyra are some of the most important cards you want to be able to play. You're going to want more lands to consistently be able to play these Angels.

Consider 3x Shanna, Sisay's Legacy and 2-3 Thrashing Brontodon. Knight of Grace is more of a sideboard card for matchups where you're expecting black removal. Same with Settle the Wreckage better here in the sideboard since you're tapping out each turn to play something not wanting to leave up four mana for Settle. In some matchups however Settle is really good, but that's why you have a sideboard :)

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Azorious Angels

1 month ago

Hey, consider Selesnya instead of Azorius. Selesnya lets you take advantage of Shalai's powerful ability of giving all your creatures +1/+1 counters. Green could replace blue, ramp could replace counterspells.

The two best Angels: Lyra and Shalai have expensive mana costs, ramp can help to play them faster in a game. Ramp also helps with Helm of the Host which you need a lot of mana to play.

Consider 4x Llanowar Elves, 4x Merfolk Branchwalker, 4x Gift of Paradise, 3-4x Blossoming Defense, 4x Sunpetal Grove, 4x Scattered Groves and 4x Tranquil Expanse?

You're going to want more than 18 total lands when the two best cards of the deck, the Angels, are four and five drops. Consistently you can't make a turn four or turn five land drop with this low amount of lands. I suggest minimum 24 lands.

multimedia on Selesnya Tokens

1 month ago

Hey, looks good.

Consider Sram's Expertise and Servo Exhibition? You could cut Myriarch for Exhibition and Settle for Expertise. Exhibition gives you another two drop which can make two tokens. 8x two drop spells that can make two tokens gives you more consistency in getting tokens on the board in the early game. These two drops are also very good once you have Procession in play because then you're getting real token value for only two mana.

Expertise is nice because it gives you three tokens with the possibility of playing another card for free from your hand such as Migration, Expedition, History, etc. Settle is an amazing card in some matchups, but it's more of sideboard card here than a main deck card. You're going to tapping out each turn to play a creature or spell to make or interact with tokens. You don't really have an option to leave up four mana and take a turn off.

Cutting Myriarch will bring down the mana curve a lot. Playing all of Myriarch, Tendershoot and Caracal is too many five drops. Tendershoot and Caracal are the better five drops here for a tokens strategy because of the interaction with Procession, they actually make tokens. Myriarch doesn't make tokens or do anything without having a lot of tokens already in play and even then it's very lackluster.

I suggest adding 4x Tranquil Expanse, it's budget. It will help the manabase making it more consistent.

Good luck with your deck.

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