---- Blasting Solemnity ----

A deck focusing on abusing Solemnity and utilizing the strange synergy that a Solemnity board state allows for.. You'll be prepared for it, your opponents however will not.

So far this is the best Solemnity deck that I've seen out there and not just because I'm biased towards my own creation, but has the ability to win actual magic competitions. I've gotten a lot of praise (and disgust) from my opponents. Solemnity is an amazing card that is severely underutilized in Modern. It has the ability to flat out deny some decks the wincon they desire. When paired with cards that normally have counters as downsides, we can alleviate that issue with trusty old Solemnity as well as basically bricking several other deck's wincons.

Solemnity + Thing in the Ice -- Board wipe on next instant/sorcery spell.. No need to wait 4 spells to flip!

Kitchen Finks + Solemnity -- Finks is now basically unkillable and will net you 2 life every time he "dies" and returns.

Blasting Station + Kitchen Finks + Solemnity -- Our main wincon. Why not sacrifice finks a million times in one turn for 2 million health and having your opponent take one damage per Finks sac? Using Blasting station with Solemnity out, Finks being sac'd means you've won the game!

Phyrexian Unlife + Solemnity -- You are now unkillable as long as your opponent doesn't have enchantment hate. This combo alone will basically force a lot of opponents to scoop. You can't gain any poison counters and your life will remain at 0 if they even get you down that far before you win.

I tried to keep just a bit of spell removal in this deck. Mostly to spot remove threats to our main combo. See;

Dispel -- A one drop counter magic card that allows us to play what we need on our turn. This is important when getting that last combo piece out for the win.

Muddle the Mixture -- A bit more flexible than Dispel, but at the cost of another mana. Has a dual use to tutor for Thing in the Ice when you opponent has a bit too many threats on the field.

Remand -- Once of the best out there. It's also a cantrip, which every good combo deck needs.

Path to Exile - We all know what this card does and how essential it is. Do NOT be afraid to path your own Thing in the Ice for extra mana if you're somehow mana locked.

No combo deck is complete without some sort of card advantage. This deck has a lot of it, 12 in fact to ensure that your hand is always full of options and wincons.

4x Serum Visions -- A basic requirement for blue splashed combo decks for draw/scry power. The best cantrip you can get!

3x Opt -- More draw/scry, plus is an instant so use it on your opponent's end step and not waste your mana on your turn.

3x Remand -- Draw power, threat removal, opponent wasting mana summoning something you're just going to bounce back? Priceless.

2x Spreading Seas -- Draw power as well as helping us cripple tron decks or mana reliant decks.


Drift of Phantasms -- For finding ANY wincon in your deck. Tutoring with Phantasms mean that you can quickly get Solemnity, Kitchen Finks, Phyrexian Unlife or Blasting Station into your hand. These are the cards you'll be winning with. It also doubles as a flying 0/5 wall for 3 mana if you need it. Everything you need to win is 3CMC, so Drift of Phantasms is the perfect tutor.

Other Card Options

2x Wall of Omens -- Depending on your meta, you might want to switch out 2x Spreading Seas for 2x Wall of Omens if you are aggro heavy.

1-2x Dispel -- If your meta is very control heavy, take out 1-2x Path to Exile and add in 1-2x Dispel. This will basically ensure you can play your combo pieces and wincon uninterrupted. With this deck you can customize the type of removal you'll need on game 2.

I'm definitely up for suggestions! Please feel free to give me some constructive criticism. I've played with this deck a few times with great success, but I'd love to improve by any means necessary so course if you think I can improve this deck, please do let me know. This list has went through tons of changes over the last few months to fine-tune its wincon and increase its reliability and survivability, but I believe now it's ready for the big time.

If you like the deck, please feel free to add it to a folder.. +1s are always appreciated!! :-) Thank you!



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