Mistbind Clique


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn (LRW) Rare

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Mistbind Clique

Creature — Faerie Wizard



Champion a Faerie (When this enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you remove another Faerie you control from the game. When this leaves the battlefield, that card returns to play.)

When a Faerie is championed with Mistbind Clique, tap all lands target player controls.

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Mistbind Clique Discussion

n0bunga on Inalla's College of Winterhold

3 days ago

freakingShane always appreciate your support mate!

I wanted to put Carnival in so bad. It's benefit of auto-paying for Eminence is only slightly outweighed by dying to the Bloodline Necromancer combo. Since it's not a may effect, and since I don't have too much in the way of removing my own enchantment if it's disadvantageous to me, I'd take lethal from the Bloodline Loop.

As for the other reanimate targets those are all fantastic! And I've definitely been trying to make room for those eventually. I just made room for Mistbind Clique (the Champion effect seems pretty abusable with Eminence) and Glen Elendra Archmage.

venatcher on Bouncing Faeries Everywhere

2 weeks ago

Cafelattis It's a good question. The 3 cards Familiar's Ruse, Quickling and Mistbind Clique can be used with Scion of Oona on the battlefield because they don't mention the word "target".

Moreover, in Familiar's Ruse text rule, the return card is a part of the cost to cast. This means that when you cast your spell, your creature is already in your hand. The bouncing ability of this card can't be countered.

Cafelattis on Bouncing Faeries Everywhere

2 weeks ago

I think this deck is very cool, very different from other tribes in magic. But i do wonder, if Scion of Oona is out on the bf, and gives all other faeries shroud, would that not prevent you from bouncing them with things like Familiar's Ruse, Quickling and Mistbind Clique.I am just wondering, or is there a plan or way of playing to avoid this. Thanks in advance.

Fromberger on UB Faeries

2 weeks ago


Hi there, sorry it took me so long to answer!

1- Lately ive been trying Opt instead of AV. It is difficult to say which one is actually better. With AV one thing I noticed is that even against fast aggro decks it means at the very least a clean cut to sideboard, which resulted in a surprising number of victories in such matchups thanks to games 2 and 3. At that point it depends a lot on having a good sideboard. Opt is clearly better to search for answers, but how necessary this is depends a lot on the specific list (for example, the discard heavy lists sometimes dont even play cantrips). So far I havent played with any proactive gameplan, only with the reactive, and have tested with and without AV/ Opt. As far as I can tell, AV seemed slightly better, but really just slightly.

2- I love both Lilianas, but I havent tried them yet. I will soon start with two, like the list that made Top 32 on GP So Paulo, then try three and later maybe four like Yuutas list or something like what you said splitting three-one.

3- Tasigur, the Golden Fang was almost included, but ive actually ended up experimenting with a third Mistbind Clique and loving how annoying to the opponent it can be! I will probably bring in Tasigur, the Golden Fang as soon as I start playing with the Lilianas.

The deck is a ton of fun and deliciously challenging to play! And it is very flexible.

elementalheroflamewingman on Favorable Faeries

3 weeks ago

Get rid of Zephyr Sprite. It's a bad card, even for tribal fae. Smuggler's Copter is an extremely good card in this kind of deck allowing you to sift through your deck for your more important anthems. Also, make space for Mistbind Clique. In addition to allowing you to basically timewalk your opponent past t4, championing Spellstutter Sprite basically makes Quickling a counterspell when you need it, while letting you tap out your opponent's lands again which is an extremely strong tempo play. It also lets you reset the persist from Glen Elendra Archmage, and it also has good stats to close out games.

elementalheroflamewingman on Core of Faeries

3 weeks ago

rothgar13 I'm playing a monoblue ninja-fae list that runs Elder Deep-Fiend along with Mistbind Clique. You really only have to do a 1-2 punch tapping down their lands once and you get way ahead in tempo, especially with the counterspells you probably play. Spellstutter Sprite is probably the card that allows you to stave off your opponent building up a great start too fast, while giving you a champion target.

rothgar13 on Core of Faeries

3 weeks ago

Most Modern decks just aren't capable of the level of lockdown you describe, and attempting to do so seems foolhardy to me. Faeries is all about getting ahead - you want to get set up with an advantage engine (Ancestral Vision, Bitterblossom, or if you're really lucky, both), then aggressively trade cards 1-for-1 whenever possible, preferably while establishing a board presence to chip your opponent to death. It doesn't matter if the opponent gets a thing or two past your defenses as long as your board is doing better than theirs. Elder Deep-Fiend fits in with this plan at first glance. The problem is casting the darn thing is almost impossible for a typical Faeries deck - the deck has few creatures it can sacrifice, and those creatures have a low mana cost. Furthermore, the opportunity cost of playing means you'd have to either cut Mistbind Clique or shave Cryptic Command in order to make the curve work, and EDF isn't better than either card. What the deck needs (and what WotC has refused to print) is, as you noted, better things to do at the bottom end of the curve.

Xica on Core of Faeries

3 weeks ago

Elder Deep-Fiend isnt that bad.
Its just that the faerie decks need to have a low mana curve, and the Cryptic Command & Mistbind Clique package is demanding on the manabase in itself without adding other high cmc cards.

In other shells Elder Deep-Fiend can be really nice, for example its interaction with Sanctum of Ugin is insane.

(And there may be a deck that has both faeries and deep-fiend in it. But its not been created yet - at least to my knowledge. And such a deck certainly will be very different from the classic UB faeries, maybe it could snatch some place in the ninja faerie lists, but then it reduces the value of Disrupting Shoal)

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