Mistbind Clique


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn (LRW) Rare

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Mistbind Clique

Creature — Faerie Wizard



Champion a Faerie (When this enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you remove another Faerie you control from the game. When this leaves the battlefield, that card returns to play.)

When a Faerie is championed with Mistbind Clique, tap all lands target player controls.

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Mistbind Clique Discussion

lagotripha on Wizard Games

1 month ago

I actully like this setup. I agree that its a little unfocussed. I reccomned one change- A transformative sideboard rather than an 'answers' sideboard.

'Side 15' sounds like a bad joke, but 15 cards is enough to completely transform from tempo to control, and can transform bad matchups by drastically moving your critical turns. Even against matchups that 'demand' specific answers (dredge, tron), a lot can be done just by shifting the kind of deck that you are- tron has issues if you just combo out, dredge has issues if you run more bounce effects etc.

Even if you're siding in the same 15 cards each game, if you're removing 'dead' cards from your deck you are creating a big advantage. It really helps maintain that 'diverse' feeling with less performance impact.

Getting used to switching out different cards for different gameplans in that way will also help further refine your mainboard, by identifying cards you're always removing (or never enjoying) and spotting cards you're always reintroducing.

In terms of how that transformative board is structured, I'd hide a set of Geist of Saint Traft in there, (as a clock against high-interaction decks, which the wizard tribe is unfortunately lacking), and run spells that you're plainly considering maindeck- your wraths, extra bounce tools, and wizards. I'd even go so far as to hide a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir/Knowledge Pool lock as a 2-of, or run Vedalken AEthermage for wizardcycling to fetch a similar low-key combo. Augur of Bolas is also well worth a look,while less efficient that snappy, and sorcery speed, works wonders as extra functional copies.

Also, for fun, flavour-filled cards with various viability; (with some synergy!) check out Fatespinner, Glen Elendra Pranksters, Jace's Archivist Lullmage Mentor Meddling Mage Mistbind Clique Mistmeadow Witch Mizzium Meddler, Naban, Dean of Iteration Sage of Fables Sigil Tracer Simic Manipulator Spellstutter Sprite Talrand, Sky Summoner Timestream Navigator Treasure Mage Venser, Shaper Savant and Voidmage Prodigy.

sylvannos on Pattern Recognition #65 - The ...

2 months ago

One of the issues Extended ran into towards the end of its life was how horrible the format had gotten and the DCI's refusal (or rather, they just didn't care and forgot Extended was a sanctioned format) to ban problematic cards. Those cards being Bitterblossom, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and Stoneforge Mystic.

U/B Faeries dominated Extended due to its timing. It rotated in when Onslaught block was rotating out. There was this ginormous power vacuum left in their place. Goblins, Dredge-a-Tog, Elves, 4CC, and so on all left in a very short time. The most powerful cards in the format were, without a doubt, Cryptic Command, Umezawa's Jitte, Thoughtseize, Bitterblossom, and Vendilion Clique. Oh look! These all go together in the same deck! They even get support from Mistbind Clique and Spellstutter Sprite!

Modern players may recognize that this isn't much different from how Faeries are played today, except it's in a much smaller format with fewer options to answer the Fae.

How bad was it? Well, you can start here and go all the way to the back on page 13, then scroll forward. Notice anything out of the ordinary? It's all top 8 finishes, often for the same event, and all at the level of Pro Tour Qualifier or higher. This is a format that normally has sometimes as many as 8 different decks in its top 8s, but with Fae? 3 out of 8 (sometimes more) of those spots are taken up by U/B Faerie variants.

And this continued for years. Faeries dominated the Extended meta for almost half a decade, yet no bans were made to curb its ability to fight a war of attrition, play a tempo game, or sit back and play draw/go.

It only gets worse.

By the time Lorwyn was looking to finally cycle out of Extended, Zendikar had already cycled in. And with Zendikar came Stoneblade. Faerie players just jammed Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic into their decks. It was just a question of whether you wanted to play Squadron Hawk or Spellstutter Sprite.

Did the DCI finally realize this type of gameplay was hurting the format? That maybe people wanted to play something that wasn't durdly blue bullshit dot deck? Hahahaha nope. This continued for years as well, so that by the time Faeries had cycled out, Stoneblade had taken its place.

Surely, the DCI would realize this problem, right? I mean, they wouldn't just--

Oh. Wait.

Yup. September 20th. 2011, the month after Modern was created, is when they finally banned Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Stoneforge Mystic, Ponder, and Preordain from Extended.

By now, it was too late. Anyone who enjoyed Extended had already begun to switch over to Modern. Everyone else had grown to resent the format.

So the problem wasn't any issue with the concept of Extended. Mike Flores even suggested it may have been the best format ever made. The problem was a handful of cards that lead to 4 grueling years of mirror matches between dumb blue decks that could do everything possible in the game except storm off and kill you with Tendrils of Agony.

I miss Extended myself. I've wanted it back even when they created Modern. In the past, it's been a format that's only slightly faster than Standard with a greater variety in viable options of what you can brew. 2002 to 2005 was probably the golden age we'll never get back, but I'd be interested in joining a silver age of the format.

ArchonBlue on #1 Faerie

2 months ago

I really don't think you need green at all for Faeries, mono blue is fine for a budget build which I think is what you are going for. I'd make a list that looks like this:

4x Mistbind Clique

4x Scion of Oona

4x Faerie Miscreant

4x Spellstutter Sprite

4x Pestermite

4x Vendilion Clique

2x Mana Leak

2x Spell Snare

2x Logic Knot

4x Spreading Seas

4x Favorable Winds

4x Faerie Conclave

4x Field of Ruin

14x Island

I think you'll be pretty happy with that list and it won't break the bank. Good luck! :)

Draly on Faerie modern

3 months ago

Hey !

Autant je suis trs familier du legacy autant je connais beaucoup moins le modern donc prends mon avis comme celui d'un observateur extrieur. Mais avant de commencer, fais juste attention, une side c'est 15 cartes max ;)

Sinon je trouve a globalement pas mal, mon avis t'as une bonne base et s'il y a quelque chose faire c'est jouer avec le nombre dexemplaires de chaque carte. Par exemple je pense que 3 Mistbind Clique ou 3 Vendilion Clique c'est trop. La premire cote un peu chre, est finalement un peu situationnelle (y'a pas mal de match up comme burn o elle fera pas grand chose) et mme si c'est peu probable tu risques de pas pouvoir la cast... La seconde c'est un peu le mme problme, elle est bien contre contrle ou combo mais finalement assez moyenne contre agro, tout en tant lgendaire. 2 de chaque a me parat raisonnable, quitte effectivement rentrer 2 Scion of Oona qui est bon un peu tout le temps. De la mme faon je pense que tu peux jouer 4 Opt avec un voir deux lands de moins. Finalement pas tant de cartes chres, part les delve qu'ils t'aident jouer, et l'intrt du cantrip c'est de t'aider trouver ce que tu cherche, carte active ou land (c'est entre autre pour a que Delver se permet de jouer 3/4 couleurs avec 14 lands dont 8 fetchs en legacy). Et peut tre que tu voudrais un Ghost Quarter/Field of Ruin de plus contre les lands utilitaires.

Pour ce qui est du maybe board, Disfigure je pense sincrement que c'est un pige, c'est meilleur en leg qu'en modern et on malgr a on le voit plus du tout depuis la sortie de Fatal Push. Ancestral Vision mon avis c'est trop mou, t'es plus tempo que contrle vrai dire. Tour 1 c'est bien mais c'est un trs mauvais top deck, et autant contre agro/comb t'auras pas le temps de le cast, autant contre contrle tu veux justement prendre le rle d'agresseur. Tout le reste rentrerais bien dans le shell mais c'est plus une dcision prendre en rponse ton mta de ce que j'en vois.

Dennis14 on Mono Blue Faeries

4 months ago

Mistbind Clique and Quickling don't target so this isn't an issue.
And Vapor Snag is mostly used on opposing creatures.

Cantrips are good but the deck needs interaction so it will mean going down on threats or support cards like Favorable Winds or Aether Vial .
In the current build Remand and Faerie Miscreant provide the cantrips.

If I were to cut the Aether Vial I'd probably add 2x Smuggler's Copter and two more lands.

Yananas on Inalla Midrange Woozards

5 months ago

Mistbind Clique is very oppressive in Inalla, especially when combined with a sac outlet as Viscera Seer and preferably Ashnod's Altar

Buried Alive would give your reanimation package some more consistency.

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