Crackdown Construct


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Crackdown Construct

Artifact Creature — Construct

Whenever you activate an ability of an artifact or creature that isn't a mana ability, Crackdown Construct gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Crackdown Construct Discussion

Trap7x on [AER] Izzet Control (Dynavolt) (Splash Black)

12 hours ago

Pretty sure Walking Ballista counts as a 0 CMC. Honestly cutting black to smooth your mana was going to be my initial recommendation, and is probably still a strong move for the consistency of the deck but i do like some of the options in black, and cutting it would make the Radiant Flames inclusion worse. Despite that it looks less flexible i like Harsh Scrutiny better as hand disruption, a lot of creature heavy decks and its a proactive turn 1 play that can hit Winding Constrictor Veteran Motorist Walking Ballista and even Servant of the Conduit if the hand your looking at looks desperate for mana. IDK about Baral, Chief of Compliance i am not playing him in my esper list but i run fewer counters mainboard let me shamelessly plug his value probably largely depends on how often he stay on the board, if you get 2 counter triggers off him he may be worth the inclusion, but if you have to play him and sac him as a blocker next turn or hes getting removed most games he may be on the chopping block. maybe cut Baral, Chief of Compliance and 1 Evolving Wilds for 2 more dual lands and a 1 of Crackdown Construct. sure its synergy with Wandering Fumarole is a bit gimmicky but its can just win a game....... fine fine fine i guess Shielded Aether Thief is a little less ridiculous, flash so you can hold up mana for counter magic into their turn, produces energy for Aether Hub and Harnessed Lightning and can use any excess energy made by those cards, might be better than Baral, Chief of Compliance but the differences are going to be really situational.

Chandrian on Kaladesh Fantasy draft

1 day ago

Yes it was very close. You'll notice that the scores are much lower than last time, this is because we had a lot of "miss" cards in the list.

I think this is partly because we misjudged some cards, but also because the "pro's" aren't trying to make the best deck, they're trying to make the most competitive deck for a super inbred tournament... which is a shame.

I'd have loved someone go the double combo way with both Felidar Guardian + Saheeli Rai and Wandering Fumarole + Crackdown Construct. The 3 topscoring cards all appear in the same deck which luckily for us did a good job (otherwise I doubt we'd have any scores above 1000).

Rhadamanthus on Does crackdown construct ability include ...

3 days ago

No, these cards don't interact with each other.

There are three different types of abilities: activated, triggered, and static.

  • An activated ability is always written out as "Cost : Effect". Sometimes this text is packed into the full rules text of a keyword ability, like Equip or Outlast. Only activated abilities can be "activated", and this is the only type of ability that Crackdown Construct will interact with.

  • A triggered ability is always written to start with one of the words "when", "whenever", or "at". Reckless Fireweaver just has a triggered ability (and so does Crackdown Construct).

  • Anything that isn't an activated or triggered ability is some kind of static ability. There are several different kinds of static ability, but listing them out here isn't relevant to your question.

Note that Crackdown Construct specifically mentions abilities that aren't "mana abilities". A mana ability is either an activated ability that produces mana or a triggered ability that produces mana and triggers off of another mana ability. A mana ability also can't have targets and can't be a loyalty ability of a Planeswalker (abilities like these that make mana are just regular activated or triggered abilities)

Neotrup on Does crackdown construct ability include ...

3 days ago

Specifically activated abilities have an activation cost which will come before a colon, such as the ":" in Blinking Spirit's ability. Some activated abilities are keyword abilities (like equip) where the colon appears in the reminder text and/or rules document, such as Bone Saw. Triggered abilities may have a cost involved to use them, such as on Akoum Stonewaker, but these still don't trigger Crackdown Construct's ability because they are still triggered abilities and not activated abilities.

GearNoir on Does crackdown construct ability include ...

3 days ago

Don't forget to link cards with double brackets:

Crackdown Construct

Reckless Fireweaver

Activated abilities are abilities on a card that require a cost to be paid, such as the ability on Isochron Scepter. Abilities that work off of ETB such as those on Reckless Fireweaver and Crackdown Construct are triggered abilities - the card checks for a specific game event to occur and once that specific event happens, it triggers the ability.

Think of activated abilities like abilities that require you to pay a specific cost (tapping, pay mana, sacrificing, etc). Think of triggered abilities as abilities that passively wait for a certain event to occur (when X happens Y happens).

Argeaux on Saheeli Twin

6 days ago

I agree that you don't want to chuck Crackdown Construct into this list.

You can stop it being chump blocked with Slip Through Space, just so you know. You can also give it Trample with Rush of Adrenaline.

DECKMAGE101 on Temur Scepter Combo

6 days ago

When i saw this title i thought of a great cheap combo. Dramatic reversal+Crackdown Construct+Isochron Scepter. Put Dramatic reversal on Isochron Scepter repeatedly tap Isochron Scepter which will keep untapping. Because it isn't a mana ability, Crackdown Construct will keep getting bigger, and then you attack in with a huge body

Argeaux on Jeskai Help!

1 week ago

Your deck is a bit tricky to diagnose as there is so much flexibility that it is a bit too inconsistent.

I will make suggestions as best as I can.

I would get rid of Overwhelming Denial as it's very situational to cast it for its Surge cost and it would be better to put more Disallow in.

Take out Revolutionary Rebuff. I honestly have NO idea why people are using that in this Artifacts soaked meta. Put two more Negate in as they flat out shut down Vehicles.

Then put some more Shocks in your Sideboard where the Negates were.

Fumigate is hopeless against Vehicle decks as it comes out too late and doesn't hit the Vehicles at all.

I would drop down to 25 or even 24 lands.

In the current Standard Stasis Snare is SO much better than Blessed Alliance.

Dragonmaster Outcast rarely does well in Standard. I would toss that too.

Here's where my suggestions will get a bit radical.

There is another infinite combo in Standard at the moment which not a lot of people are aware of.

What you could do Post-Sideboard is take out ALL your Felidar Guardians and Saheeli Rais and sub in Crackdown Construct and Slip Through Space.

What you do is animate Wandering Fumarole then activate its 0 ability 60 million times, then use Slip Through Space to hit your Opponent with it.

If you wanted to drop Copy Cat all together you could also use Rush of Adrenaline or Barrage Tyrant to get your infinite damage through.

Of course you would use Dispel and Negate to protect your combo.

You could also add Glint-Nest Crane to help you find your Crackdown Construct sooner.

The only other suggestion would be to stick some Aethersphere Harvesters in there to block Heart of Kiran, and not lose too much life while your combo is coming together.

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