Dark Salvation


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Dark Salvation


Target player puts X 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield, then up to one target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn for each Zombie that player controls.

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Dark Salvation Discussion

Nightdragon779 on The More the Better - Scarab God Creature Control

11 hours ago


Thanks for visiting and the suggestions! Shot your deck an up vote.

For Sensei's Divining Top, you are right. My first play test with the original version of this deck was against a Breya deck that used it to completely destroy me, so I put it in because it was a good card.

Rhystic Study I will run, it is a very good draw engine.

Necropotence however, I will not, and if you are, I recommend you take it out. Necropotence's drawback is that whenever you discard a card, you exile it. I play a lot of discard on myself to eternalize powerful creatures, so I don't think Necropotence would work to my benefit even if it is one of the best black draw spells.

I've never heard of Dread Summons, but it looks like a nice replacement for the Endless Ranks of the Dead I recently swapped out.

However, I don't like Dark Salvation as much cuz my deck's main focus isn't zombies. For yours it can be removal for B. For mine, it's much slower bc most of my zombies are the 4/4s.

Attrition I love. I do not love, however, that I can only kill nonblack creatures. I'll give it a try because it is a nice sac outlet and removal is always welcome.

Phyrexian Reclamation seems relatively pointless because bouncing creatures from my gy to my hand doesn't do too much if I'm already gonna eternalize them.

VexenX on The More the Better - Scarab God Creature Control

12 hours ago

Indeed, our list are very different, but I think that is what makes this commander so good! I think the two best routes to take with him is control and tribal. Although tribal is considered "casual" I think The Scarab God gives hope for tribal decks to be nuts! (Ya, Dragons and Elves can already be nuts).

There are a ton of take-a-ways for me from your list, but I will focus on some suggestions.

1) I think Sensei's Divining Top is a waste of a slot. Ya, it is a good card, but the commander scrys plenty.

2) For running , your draw is kinda weak. You have a ton of card advantage, but not a lot of ways to dig deep. I would consider Rhystic Study and Necropotence.

3) Have you considered Dread Summons or Dark Salvation? I was just wondering your take on these card.

4) Attrition and Phyrexian Reclamation seem like good fits for you too. Works great with Grave Pact.

Again, I really like your variant of the deck! +1 from me!!!

multimedia on W/B Tokens

2 days ago

If you look at Standard right now there's a deck that wins consistently with tokens, Zombies. Consider converting your deck into B/W Zombies with a main token theme. Wayward Servant can add a significant amount of life loss and life gain when duplicating Zombies tokens. Servant in combination with Zulaport Cutthroat would give you damage from both angles when Zombie tokens are created and when they die.

I suggest Zombies because they have a ridiculously good lord package right now with Lord of the Accursed and Liliana's Mastery. Both these cards give Zombie tokens a lot of reach. Because you care about making tokens Dark Salvation can pull double duty as a token maker and removal spell.

Possible List trying best to keep it budget (Untested):

I've included Cryptbreaker even though he is $4 a piece which might be out of your price range. He can be a constant Zombie token maker and a draw engine when using Zombies which is exactly what you want. Procession into Mastery does create a lot of power on the battlefield.

Good luck with your deck.

casmiel on Zombie Horde

2 days ago

Your mana curve is pretty uncomfortable without AEther Vial. You have so many 3-drops and almost no 2-drops to play on your second turn. That makes mana pretty inefficient. Relentless Dead and Cryptbreaker would really help your curve, so you always have something to do with your mana. Cryptbreaker is just gas in general, card draw, mana sink, tokens, it does it all. Super cheap to revive with Relentless Dead is also a big plus. Dread Wanderer is also arguably superior to Diregraf Ghoul. You should also consider Dark Salvation, it is more reliable than Geth's Verdict. The Verdict is more of a sideboard card against decks that run a lot of Hexproof creatures and auras, Salvation is usually the more flexible choice.

As for cards that you remove in place of those (besides the Ghoul), Grimgrin, the Lich Lord and Mikaeus are pretty high on the list. For such a big mana investment you usually want immediate benefits, and those don't really live up to their high cost. It would be beneficial if you had more creatures to play with your mana early on and close out the game that way.

LeaPlath on Blue Black Zombies

5 days ago

Like, Midrange wants a pile of cards that are good on their own and at every stage of the game, which you can't really do because of how synergy based you are.

Are you only playing 1 IoK in the physical copy because IoK is a 4 of or a none off, because you need to see 1-2 copies early really every game.

Metallic Mimic I think over some number off Cemetery Reaper and Liliana's Mastery would help smooth this out greatly. I also think Dark Salvation might be worth it as some scaling removal, because where X is 1, you hit some good stuff (robots, snapcaster, etc) but it can also scale up to take out bigger threats like eldrazitrons various gubbins..

So, having to sideboard in lands is generally a bad idea. And stuff like Mana Leak is more a mainboard than sideboard card when you want something targetted and final. If you give me a list of decks you see at your local meta I can give better suggestions?

casmiel on budget~ monoblack zombies

1 week ago

If you want to go competitive, here is how I'd do it:


+2 Cryptbreaker

+1 Dread Wanderer

+4 Relentless Dead

+2 Diregraf Colossus

+4 Metallic Mimic

-1 Bontu (too slow)

-2 Festering Mummy (worse than the other 1-drops)

-2 Gravedigger (too slow, weak stats)

-3 Plaguebelcher (is kind of OK, but most of the time it's just a 3/2 Menace)

-2 Tattered Mummy (weak stats, you don't need Burn effects)


+4 Dark Salvation

+2 Fatal Push

-4 Puzzleknot (way too slow, no real synergy with lifedrain or artifacts)

-4 Battle at the Bridge (not enough artifacts, Dark Salvation is waaaay better here)

-1 Stir the Sands (it's just not that impactful)

If you have more Planeswalkers in you local area, Never/Return is good. If you have a lot of vehicle decks, Grasp of Darkness is so much better, but I don't know that. Cradle of the Accursed is OK, but Westvale Abbey  Flip has more power to it. Wouldn't run more than 2-3 colorless lands though, the rest pure Swamps.

Chopwood on Zombie/Token/Destroy

1 week ago

You should consider adding 4x Relentless Dead and maybe even some Gravecrawlers. When it comes to kill spells you can use Go for the Throat (meta-dependent) or Victim of the night. Other nice kill spells are Fatal Push and Dark Salvation can be a 1-mana kill spell if you control enough zombies. Consider adding Sign in Blood or Phyrexian Arena for card draw.

NinjaMonkeey on UB Zombies (AKH Standard)

1 week ago

Oh yea Dark Salvation is a 4 of IMO in any zombie deck, its too good a removal spell or later on just floods the board and removes a threat.

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