Liliana's Mastery


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Liliana's Mastery


Zombie you control get +1/+1.

When Liliana's Mastery enters the battlefield, create two 2/2 black Zombie tokens.

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Liliana's Mastery Discussion

Nikemansl on BW Zombie Token Embalm

15 hours ago

Play tested it and loved it. It took until turn 6 or so to really get rolling but I had 12 creatures on the battlefield by the end of the game. I took out Oketra's Attendant and added 1 more Liliana's Mastery and did away with the single Never//Return to make room for 4 Fatal Push. Sacred Cat was really the winner here! Embalming it was super easy and cheap so it never really went away. I upped the white mana to pay for all the Sacred Cat embalms. My favorite deck so far!

multimedia on W/B Tokens

21 hours ago

If you look at Standard right now there's a deck that wins consistently with tokens, Zombies. Consider converting your deck into B/W Zombies with a main token theme. Wayward Servant can add a significant amount of life loss and life gain when duplicating Zombies tokens. Servant in combination with Zulaport Cutthroat would give you damage from both angles when Zombie tokens are created and when they die.

I suggest Zombies because they have a ridiculously good lord package right now with Lord of the Accursed and Liliana's Mastery. Both these cards give Zombie tokens a lot of reach. Because you care about making tokens Dark Salvation can pull double duty as a token maker and removal spell.

Possible List trying best to keep it budget (Untested):

I've included Cryptbreaker even though he is $4 a piece which might be out of your price range. He can be a constant Zombie token maker and a draw engine when using Zombies which is exactly what you want. Procession into Mastery does create a lot of power on the battlefield.

Good luck with your deck.

RedBuilder11 on Unleash the Zombie Horde

1 day ago

Seems like a pretty standard solid zombie list to me, however a few cards seem sub-par. In particular Gisa's Bidding is rather weak, considering your only synergy with it is Cryptbreaker, in which you still have to pay 5 mana to make that combo work. I'd also recommend cutting down on the numbers of both planeswalkers, probably to about 3-4 total depending on which of the 2 you prefer. With those cuts, you should finish off your playset of Liliana's Mastery, and add a couple more lands and some more removal such as Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness

LeaPlath on Blue Black Zombies

4 days ago

Like, Midrange wants a pile of cards that are good on their own and at every stage of the game, which you can't really do because of how synergy based you are.

Are you only playing 1 IoK in the physical copy because IoK is a 4 of or a none off, because you need to see 1-2 copies early really every game.

Metallic Mimic I think over some number off Cemetery Reaper and Liliana's Mastery would help smooth this out greatly. I also think Dark Salvation might be worth it as some scaling removal, because where X is 1, you hit some good stuff (robots, snapcaster, etc) but it can also scale up to take out bigger threats like eldrazitrons various gubbins..

So, having to sideboard in lands is generally a bad idea. And stuff like Mana Leak is more a mainboard than sideboard card when you want something targetted and final. If you give me a list of decks you see at your local meta I can give better suggestions?

GenuineGamer on Amonkhet- Tokens and Zombies

5 days ago

You might want Liliana's Mastery if you're going zombies/tokens.

Izu_Korasu on Going with W/B Zombies, help!

2 weeks ago

TLDR:W/B Zombies MTGGoldfish shows streamlined and competitive versions of your shell...

the advantage of b/w zombies is that they get damage from etb and ltb of zombies so chandra isnt as damaging (as it is against mono-) but Argy has a point

for the shell your using, i would drop the cards in there that just help you put -1/-1 counters on stuff, or dont push the deck towards victory ... Archfiend of Ifnir, Oketra the True, Sacred Cat, Wasteland Scorpion, Wander in Death, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, and possibly Zulaport Cutthroat ,Festering Mummy and Miasmic Mummy

focus on 4x of zombie cards like Wayward Servant, Plague Belcher, Lord of the Accursed, Liliana's Mastery and value engines like Diregraf Colossus, Cryptbreaker, Dark Salvation and even Binding Mummy.

ServeandCollect on Liliana's Zombies

3 weeks ago

Im back!

Those updates are looking KILLER

The only other suggestions I have:

-2 Cruel Reality, with 22 lands is going to be an issue, I would replace them with +2 Liliana's Mastery To Buff those Zombies & Starts your Zombie Apocalypse

Maybe -2 Renewed Faith and +2 Plague Belcher , its the same mana cost & the abilities stack, instead of healing you can keep -KILLING-

An alternate option would be to -1 Cruel Reality & -2 Renewed Faith

Adding +2 Liliana's Mastery & +1 Pyramid of the Pantheon

This would help Fix your mana, you will never get stuck holding 2 Cruel Reality and zombies will Hit Harder

Everything ELSE is Fantastic, Cant wait to hear some updates of any epic games you have!

Naj187 on B/G Energy Constrictor

3 weeks ago

@ Bass_f13nd Honestly just having a couple Yahenni's Expertise in your side should help a lot. Also i really love bringing in Appetite for the Unnatural against zombies. It kills Metallic Mimic or Liliana's Mastery and gains you 2 life. it's the perfect card against them. If you can keep their zombies at 2/2 they aren't really an issue at all.

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