Liliana's Mastery


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Liliana's Mastery


Zombie you control get +1/+1.

When Liliana's Mastery enters the battlefield, create two 2/2 black Zombie tokens.

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Liliana's Mastery Discussion

Omgawall on Gisa and Geralf, Blue / Black Zombies

1 month ago

I like the Vanquisher's Banner. Seems like a really strong addition to any tribal deck and I'll have to look into getting a playset or more.. I'll also have to pick up a copy of Unholy Grotto, because why not? I do have a copy of both Dictate of Erebos and Grave Pact, but I'm running them in a Ghave saproling deck where I feel like they will get more mileage. I'll probably pass on the cost reduction spells as well. They're good, but I'm not really into them. Looking at Liliana, Death's Majesty and Liliana's Mastery; I have both of these cards, but I was hesitant on what to opt out when I did get a hold of them. I'll probably swap out Rite of Replication and Cackling Counterpart.

Saljen on Gisa and Geralf, Blue / Black Zombies

1 month ago

Counterspell > Cancel

Call to the Grave, Grave Pact, Liliana's Mastery, and Dictate of Erebos are all excellent enchantments for Zombies.

Door of Destinies is really strong in any tribal deck. Vanquisher's Banner gives you another anthem affect along with an excellent draw engine. Bontu's Monument, Herald's Horn, and Urza's Incubator all make Zombies easier to cast, and the first two offer good secondary affects as well.

Unholy Grotto is a staple of Zombies.

Liliana, Death's Majesty is pretty good and relatively cheap.

AidanMcNay on Zombie Swarm

2 months ago

In general, Liliana's Mastery is a good anthem, as it's an enchantment, and not as easy to deal with. Zombie Apocalypse is good for recurring all the zombies that you sac( you can also reuse them with cards like Corpseweft), as eventually, the deck looks like it might run out of token fodder without a recurring producer like Grave Titan. Dark Salvation serves as both removal and produces tokens. Geralf's Messenger is just a good zombie. Apart from that, Ruinous Path is better than Murder, as you are willing to make it sorcery speed for the upgrade. Last thing: Mastermind's Acquisition isn't very good in Commander, as the rules for cards that you can get from outside the game limit it to sideboards, which EDH doesn't allow. (Also, Gray Merchant of Asphodelis definitely good enough to include)

vasarto77 on Angrath Flame Chained deck help.

2 months ago

Here is my deck so far, and I will actually admit that I am not sure 100% at what exactly I need this deck to do. Only that Angrath the flame chained is what I want my planeswalker to be, and that it needs to be Black / Red. There is already an Angrath deck on this website, but I don't want my deck to be like his deck at all.

Chained Angrath, Red, Black

LittleBlueHero on G/B Ascend Midrange

2 months ago

Im going to be honest here.

I have no idea what I think. I think I REALLY want Twilight Prophet to become the centerpiece of a deck. I have gone back and forth on the best colors or ways to do that and still haven't found a solution I am happy with.

Most recently I have been looking at Liliana's Mastery as a 5 drop that basically ensures ascend when it hits. I hadn't looked at Hour of Promise but it obviously fills a similar role. Seriously, I just don't know what is gonna work best.

So basically I am commenting here so I can check in on the deck and see if its working for you, what is working and whats not working etc.

As for your build my major question would be wether you should be running so many non-permanents in the main board. You want ascend, and you want to hit prophet... i might try and side some of the removal and put in Dusk Legion Zealot for a little more digging.

But really no reason not to run it as is and see whats working.

When I get a list together I will share if youre interested and keep you in the know of how its doing :)

LittleBlueHero on [[Profane Twilight of the Crested Sun]]

2 months ago

I can't make FNM do to work but I play in standard showdowns on sundays at my shop. I love brining in a random brew and having it succeed. It means a little more than simply piloting a proven deck to me.

Most recently I went 3-0 with a rakdos zombie tribal that ran Plague Belcher, Festering Mummy and Ammit Eternal to great effect along side The Scorpion God and Liliana's Mastery.

Most matches started with my opponent thinking I was playing mono black aggro after I played a Dread Wanderer. Then thinking I was rakdos control once they saw the mountains and Earthshaker Khenra. by turn 3 they were very confused using targeted removal on a lot of stuff then mid game I was able to drop scorpion god or Neheb, the Eternal and I actually had a two games where the opponent scooped because they hadn't played for that kind of threat. Afterwards everyone was saying "that was awesome, really glad someone found a way to play the scorpion god" or "Neheb the eternal is a surprisingly annoying card to play against.

Thats what its all about for me, I built the deck because I wanted to play Neheb, the Eternal. He didn't really fit in anything in the current meta so I built something where he was at least playable and it turned out he was more than playable.

That was one of the times it just worked, most of the time it takes a while to get my deck to play how I want... and sometimes it just never does. But thats ok, I have fun trying!

DrukenReaps on Need help for a Budget ...

3 months ago

I often start here to get general ideas:

Somehow Rooftop Storm is still cheap.

Interestingly since Thraximundar is a zombie you could do all the zombie lords for buffing and such. It makes for a more robust voltron since it still buffs the commander but also has more than 1 or 3 creatures.

Diregraf Captain, Lord of the Accursed, Cemetery Reaper, Undead Warchief, Zombie Master, Noxious Ghoul, Risen Executioner, Liliana's Mastery, etc.

Unscythe, Killer of Kings

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