Freejam Regent


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare
Kaladesh Rare

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Freejam Regent

Creature — Dragon

Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)


: Freejam Regent gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

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Freejam Regent Discussion

Drachegeist on Goblins...? Atogs...? Gremlins!!!

6 days ago


Ruinous Gremlin great at taking out pesky Vehicles.

Ravenous Intruder are basic Atog in standard.

Metallic Mimic to help with the Gremlin Tribal theme.

Freejam Regent is a late game finisher that utilizes the 20 artifacts in this deck.

Speaking of artifacts, Inventors' Fair to help buffer life total losses without too much worry.

Metalspinner's Puzzleknot for some card advantage.

Pilgrim's Eye to make sure you have better chances to play a land after turn 3.


Unlicensed Disintegration is great against Saheeli Combo, can take out the Guardian and redirect the 3 damage to Saheeli.

Heroic Intervention is to prevent board whipping.


Implement of Combustion to replace Implement of Ferocity just as another way to disrupt the Saheeli Combo by redirecting 1 damage to her after she makes a copy. But will test play with having +1/+1 Counters up for grabs.

Obial on Mission Improvise

6 days ago

I found you!

Try the following:

Drop 2x Islands, a mountain, and a swamp for a total of just 20 land. If you find that you get mana-starved in play-testing, I would also consider 4x Evolving Wilds instead of basic land which would allow you to search and pull for the color of land you need.

Drop either 2x Ornithopter's or the Bone Saw's. Pull the Gifted Aetherborn's since they don't really fit the theme of the deck. I would also consider coming down to only 2x of Tezzeret's Touch. Put the Scrap Trawler's in your sideboard instead of your mainboard. I would either run the full set of Freejam Regent and drop your demon, or go half and half with 2x of him and 2x of the Herald of Anguish. That would bring your card count down to 62, which is a little bit more manageable.

With this setup, I see Reverse Engineer as the only real problem with this deck since it requires 2x blue mana. Freejam and Herald also require 2x of their color, but they're late-game players which you're trying to make sure you get out as closer's for you game. Reverse Engineer is kind of a "back up" card if your hand-size gets low and does better in the sideboard since you can get a feel for your opponents deck and pull it in if they're also playing a longer game. I would put in Metallic Rebuke instead since it's a very fast and sneaky card with it's improvise function and is much better early in the game; you slow your opponent down by countering his spells while you prep for your own bigger creatures.

I would consider adding Pia Nalaar since she also adds a thopter artifact creature and is an Artificer which would give you three creatures to use Inventor's Goggles on. I'm a big fan of Filigree Familiar and if you're thinking of adding it, I would pull the Ornithopter's altogether in favor of that more productive creature.

See my own improvise deck for other ideas Tezzeret likes to touch things. +1 for finally getting on this site and publishing your first deck :)

Welch on Molten Skies

1 week ago

Freejam Regent seems like the perfect card for this playstyle...

JackTheWaterBear on Izzet Tinkerers

1 month ago

Freejam Regent as a big red flying finisher?

Riptide789 on Grixis Improvise

1 month ago

As much as I love drawing cards, I have found Reverse Engineer to be too slow to have as a 4-of. As a result, -2 Reverse Engineer, +2 Key to the City simply for the accidental card draw when used for improvise. Tezzeret's Touch or Herald of Anguish seem pretty key to ending the game, though I'm considering main decking either Freejam Regent or Bastion Inventor simply as a more reliable way of closing out games. I personally prefer the 1 drops here over just Implement of Combustion because I feel like these actually do more. Both are good targets for Tezzeret's Touch, especially in that they can allow you go get that ability back for future use.

Superpowered on Grixis Improvise

1 month ago

kmach1ne Agreed. I find myself hardcasting it a lot. Which isn't the end of the world, since the deck can run pretty controlling and get to late game. Most of the time I'd drop him and it would be too late for the tap effect to matter, but the value in chaining him off lands has definitely won me more than a few games. And there are also the few games where it came out turn 4 and won me the game.

I'm debating removing him for Bastion Inventor and then Freejam Regent in the sideboard, but I need to find room for a few Inventor's Goggles to make them both sizable enough threats.

djnewellmit on "Combo" Creativity

2 months ago

Would Freejam Regent be of enough value in this deck to consider swapping in for one of the angels? With all your Servos, you can cast the Regent using improvise for a pretty good deal.
Also, would you consider Thopter Arrest as a possible substitute for Stasis Snare? The difference between requiring vs could offset the non-instant speed. Although in a meta full of Felidar Guardian + Saheeli Rai decks, the Snare makes a lot of sense.

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