Hour of Glory


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Hour of Glory


Exile target creature. If that creature is a God, its controller reveals his or her hand and exiles all cards from it with the same name as that creature.

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Hour of Glory Discussion

Variux on Blue Black control

1 week ago

Really good job on your first deck! The mana base is there, and that's difficult to do some times. A few recommendations:

1.) Get rid of Cancel. It's not super great, and Disallow is great. It is more expensive by a considerable margin, but any control decks in Standard should definitely be using Disallow as it does so much for it's cost.

2.) Get rid of Reverse Engineer. Without the improvise ability the card is pretty bad. Glimmer of Genius is great and you already have some, so add more. With control decks you want to minimize the amount of sorcery spells you have, because you're always going to want to have mana open on your opponent's turn. If you cast a sorcery for 4 mana and you only have 5, you can't do anything to counter their spells or destroy their board. This is why you wait until the end of your opponent's turn to Glimmer of Genius, or cycle your Censor. You get to draw your cards immediately and follow up by drawing on your turn.

3.) Hour of Glory is way better in your sideboard. If you're playing decks like Ramunap Red or other decks that play gods, this card should come in. Most cases, it's just a 4CMC single removal spell which isn't so great compared to being able to Fatal Push something for 1.

4.) Hieroglyphic Illumination is a better card for you than Reverse Engineer. Play it at the end of your opponent's turn or cycle it and you'll be way better off. :)

5.) The mana base will be rotating shortly. You'll need to pick up copies of Fetid Pools and Drowned Catacomb shortly. They're not super expensive, and are very necessary.

6.) The Scarab God. I know you said you were trying to keep it cheap, but this card is honestly the best part about playing U/B Control. He is ridiculous to remove, is an absolute powerhouse and probably one of the best cards in Standard.

7.) Ixalan has brought a ton of great new blue spells! Opt is fantastic. Spell Pierce is one hell of a card as well. Chart A Course is a great sorcery for late game when you have creatures out. I'll talk more about Ixalan below.

Ixalan has recently dropped, and there is an emerging Pirate Tempo deck which plays similar to a control deck. You play a ton of counter spells as well as pirates which will take advantage of their abilities to in essence, control your opponent and play at a fast pace. It plays cards like Kitesail Freebooter to take away your opponent's removal spells so he stays on the field, Siren Stormtamer to counter anything trying to remove your creatures or hurt you, Hostage Taker to take away your opponent's strongest card and cast it if you can. This is where the synergy of Kitesail and Stormchaser come in, as they can protect your Hostage Taker until you can cast their creature. Dreamcaller Siren taps your opponent's creatures before they can attack, can then be hit with Unsummon to bring him back to your hand and do this over again if you can. Perilous Voyage bounces a non-land permanent back to your opponent's hand and then allows you to scry 2 if you it's <2CMC. Ruin Raider gives you insane card advantage at the end of each turn along with Opt and Chart A Course. Fatal Push is your prime removal card, Spell Pierce, Lookout's Dispersal, and possibly even Vraska's Contempt are your removal and counter spell package. Duress can be played to remove your opponent's removal and protect you as well.

I don't know how expensive it will be because I'm not sure how popular pirates will be, but it's looking like a really sweet deck so far and I'm super hyped to play it.

Hopefully this helped you a bit!

PaulH__51 on Aetherborn

1 week ago

9/92-2 overall

Match #1 Was against a Mono-blue Drake Haven & Thing in the Ice  FlipStill problems with control decks. In the second game I had him down to 2 life before he stabilized. Wondering if siding in Scrapheap Scrounger against control will be beneficial0-2

Match #2 vs UW Monument.I usually break 1-2 against this deck. Damned Spell Queller. Sweepers were hiding both games this time0-2

Match #3 vs a home brew U/R Arrgo2-0

Match #4 vs Ramunap RedLast week I got destroyed by this deck.This time I hit the Herald of Anguish by turn five in both games. The other MVP's were Aetherborn Marauder and Hour of Glory to take out his Hazoret the Fervent.2-0

So far this deck is averaging 2-2 in local LGS tournaments.

Thousandoaks on Torrential Control (Rotation Proof)

1 week ago

crasher121 Good suggestion. Played some casual matches tonight and decided to remove Tezzeret the Schemer. Instead of The Scarab God, I added in two Hour of Glory. In my local meta, zombies are big for some reason and after dealing with Dread Wanderer, Plague Belcher, Cryptbreaker and the usual assortment of zombies; I decided to add some permanent removal.

I'm thinking of adding Kefnet the Mindful for those turns where I'm sitting on mana.

Atroxreaper on Sideboards

1 week ago

Hour of Glory god removalNever planeswalker removalHeroic Defiance anti board wipes

Hyperalgialysis on New player looking for some ...

1 week ago

Here is all the advice you need. Have fun. In time more wins will come, and depending on if you stick with it or not you can become quite good over time. When I first learned to play all I did was lose. After years have passed now I end up spending most of fnm helping newer players tweak their decks and rarely leave without a few prize packs. Make sure you slowly learn the rules, until you know all the interactions it will be hard to win. Ask the players that win a lot for help too, most of the time they can explain at least why a card is worth adding or not. Always post you deck on here too, the community will help you a ton. As far as advice for upcoming standard, it is an interesting time. For the first time in quite awhile red deck wins is doing really well, with mid range and control also starting too see more play than they have in recent months. I imagine the best place to start would be with your removal. When you draft or build any deck your removal package is usually what makes it work or not. Fatal Push Impeccable Timing Essence Extraction Duress Lay Bare the Heart Cast Out Fumigate Hour of Glory are all options in the white black zombie shell you are tinkering with. Liliana's Mastery and Metallic Mimic are both solid for zombie tribal too. One last piece of advice, do not budget build amd expect to win. If you want to use the orzhov black white zombie shell you mentioned above then Fatal Push is most likely a must have card. You can build without it, but anything you put in its place will not work as well. The bright side is right now is a good time to buy singles of expensive cards as they won't rotate out for quite a long time. Good luck to you.

jetsfanforever14 on Really struggling

3 weeks ago

The only issue is that alot of great removal in those colors will be rotating soon. But alot are uncommons so you wont be breaking the bank if you get them. That doesnt mean next set wont have things to balance the lose. Like the 4 mana cost heros downfall that was spoiled in Ixalan. I think thats one of my favorite cards spoiled so far. Long story short, BW is always a great choice!

Some things you may want to consider:Skywhaler's Shot Scrying is great amyway it comes!Hour of Glory I know its ment for gods but its great at removing any creature on board.Cast Out Anything thats bothering you... Get rid of it. Just some I can think of that arnt rotating that will get rid of that pesky Glorybringer at instant speed. Hope this helps!

War1412 on Grixis gods

3 weeks ago

Sweltering Suns will be able to replace your Radiant Flames on rotation, but for Grasp of Darkness I'm not sure. Maybe Hour of Glory?

Love the deck!! Very similar to mine. I'll definitely look into some of the stuff you've got going on in here.

ThatRaptorGuy on Snakes, scarabs, and -1 counters

4 weeks ago

Consider Hour of Glory instead of Final Reward, as it's strictly better. Check out my Exodus 9:1–3 deck, it has the same setup.

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