Silver Myr


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Common
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (DDF) Common
Planechase (HOP) Common
Mirrodin (MRD) Common

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Silver Myr

Artifact Creature — Myr

Tap: Add {{U}} to your mana pool.

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Silver Myr Discussion

Pieguy396 on The Toyhouse: Into Infinity With Affinity!

1 minute ago

Hey there! Looks like a sweet deck!

First of all, I'd recommend adding a few more cheap artifact creatures so you can tutor with Arcum easier - Myr Retriever, Silver Myr, Hedron Crawler, Manakin, and Myr Sire are all great for this. Some of them also count as ramp as well.

As for tutors, Tezzeret the Seeker , Whir of Invention, and Kuldotha Forgemaster are all solid ones.

Finally, some generally good cards that I'd recommend adding include Seat of the Synod, Cyclonic Rift, Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Voltaic Key, Buried Ruin, Darksteel Citadel, Sensei's Divining Top, Thousand-Year Elixir, Counterspell, Padeem, Consul of Innovation, and Staff of Domination.

Hope this helps!

Darth_Savage on

6 days ago

Hi Fossilbee,

If you are looking to build a Myr tribal deck then Myr Enforcer and Myr Superion deserve a place. That being said If you want to play with artifacts, then Ornithopter, Signal Pest and Vault Skirge appear in almost every modern artifact list that isn't playing combo. I'm also a little concerned by your mana curve, having no 1 drops means your deck will be slower than a lot of the alternatives in Modern, again if you want to play Myr tribal then Myr Servitor would work, but I'm not sure Myr tribal is the best plan. Lastly you should just run 4x of Silver Myr and Iron Myr, those are the mana colours you use, so it's better to have relevant mana.

I hope this is of some help, have fun brewing your deck.

Feyamius on Commonly Artificial

1 month ago

A great Azorius card is Dismantling Blow.

Nice additional ramp in this deck could be Alloy Myr, Gold Myr, and Silver Myr.

multimedia on Vela's toys bring her pleasure and you pain

1 month ago

Hey, If you're worried about speed then consider decreasing the avg. CMC here? It's currently 4.2, this means consistently you will not be able to play any cards until turn four. I see that you're playing a lot of high CMC artifacts to cheat them into play, but this requires that you have one of the three enablers to do this: Transmuter, Metalworker or Heartless. Forgemaster is another enabler, but it's really slow. The problem is if you don't have one of these enablers then consistently you'll be stuck with a hand of a lot of high CMC cards which you can't play.

I suggest adding more two drops cutting some of the less good high CMC artifacts.

Cards to consider adding:

All these are two drop artifacts and all them except Strix are also ramp.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Thopter Assembly
  • Golden Guardian
  • Elbrus, the Binding Blade
  • Myr Incubator
  • Stuffy Doll
  • Phyrexian Juggernaut
  • Darksteel Juggernaut

Good luck with your deck.

bem77 on ANIMAR EDH

1 month ago

I almost forgot, Myrs! Any myr that can produce mana in Temur work great in this deck. Such as Silver Myr, Copper Myr, Iron Myr, Alloy Myr, and Palladium Myr. They ramp you and can go infinite with Cloudstone Curio.

beemeejoe on Whale D*ck

1 month ago

I just realize something funny as well. Infinite Reflection and Aethertide Whale gets you a lot of energy. Cause when you play a creature, you get six energy and it becomes a 6/4 whale, then you pay four of it to return the Aethertide Whale that isn't enchantment, it gets the original mana cost, you play the original creature, it becomes an Aethertide Whale, you get six energy, you pay four to return the whale you just played and the cycle repeats. Also if your looking for infinite mana with Infinite reflection, Use the Infinite Reflection + Aethertide Whale combo, but with a Paradox Engine, Chasm Skulker, A Thran Dynamo, A Silver Myr and A Sky Diamond. Every time you play the Chasm Skulker , you Untap the Thran Dynamo, the Silver Myr and the Sky Diamond. Which will allow you to play the Chasm Skulker Over and over again while giving you one and Every time. Giving you infinite blue and colorless mana. Its complicated and hard to set up, but its the funniest way to get infinite mana I can think of and infinite Energy too might I add that you can use for Aetherworks Marvel I kind of want to do this now. xD

MoonPlaysMtG on Put the Crack Down

2 months ago

Flyboarg thanks for the input! I like the idea of Ghostform I dunno why I was only looking at trample vs just going straight unblockable. Hedron Crawler isn't a bad idea either although I was thinking maybe Silver Myr & Iron Myr for colored mana. Maybe even Birds of Paradise or Llanowar Elves for 1 drop mana dorks. Alloy Myr also crossed my mind but I think a 3 drop for the mana might be too expensive as I need to get the equipment out at some point. =)

ersatz_olorin on Jalira? I hardly know her.

3 months ago

none of the Eldrazi titans work because they are legendary.

Genesis Chamber+Intruder Alarm+Silver Myr/Alloy Myr+Palladium Myr/Training Grounds=all of your creatures onto the battelfield

I made a Jalira deck that is equally casual that you might want to look at for ideas.

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