I'm sure you had a multitude of games where stuff just doesn't go well for you. Maybe you got mana screwed, or one of the answers you have somewhere in your deck did not come up at the right time or one of the players at the table just happens to pick up a lot of steam and no one else happens to be able to deal with it. Usually games like that aren't that fun right? And if it happens to one of your friends they are probably not having fun during that particular game. The goal of this deck is to try to make sure everyone at the table is able to do what they are meant to do (not so much help me if my intent is to win). So When I pick up this deck the idea is not to win but to help everyone else at the table do stuff and give them options (not completely, I still want a small chance at winning, but generally speaking you want to give a 'hand' rather than to try and actively obliterate people).

Most of the cards in this deck are not completely one sided. I tried to find cards that would affect everyone one way or another and all of the removal in the deck takes something away but always gives something in return (for the most part). Basic idea? Just crank up the draws for everyone up to eleven (while eventually killing them in the process). There are some cards to try and even the playing field between everyone too. Hopefully people will be torn when deciding to attack me or not. The person ahead will hopefully appreciate the extra draws so maybe they'll be more keen to keep me around, while the ones behind will hopefully appreciate not only the extra draws as well as any other help I might be able to provide.

Deck is still in testing. Archival purposes mostly.


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