Dash Hopes

Dash Hopes


When you cast Dash Hopes, any player may pay 5 life. If a player does, counter Dash Hopes.

Counter target spell.

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Dash Hopes Discussion

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago

Deathdragon610 love your card, but I have 2 things mention:

  • The name No Mercy is already taken

  • Dash Hopes is a more closely associated comparison. To which end, your card is certainly better.

Ectoplasmic Transmogrification


Counter target spell. Its controller creates a 3/3 green Ooze creature token.

Continue the cycle. Only red is left.

legendofa on What is Your Opinion of …

2 months ago

My thoughts on every independent color's counterspell potential:

can unconditionally counter anything.

taxes and delays all types of spells. At higher rarities, I can see something like "Counter target enchantment spell. Its controller creates a 1/1 Soldier token." or something, but that would be very occasional.

can maybe counter creatures or be prevented by a payment. I'm looking at cards like Cradle to Grave, Dash Hopes, and Force of Despair as variations of this, but Planar Chaos shouldn't really be a precedent for anything and two of those aren't really counterspells.

explicitly shouldn't counter its own stuff, it should be more like a randomizing effect, and it should only appear at higher rarities. If Tibalt's Trickery said "Counter target spell an opponent controls." it would work. This isn't just to cut down on combo abuse, but doesn't really have that kind of subtle, what-are-you-planning approach that would lead to knowingly setting something up to fail. Red self-sabotages haphazardly, not deliberately.

counters and spells that target its creatures. Specifically. That's all it should get, and even that could be pared down.

SynergyBuild on What is Your Opinion of …

2 months ago

I'd love to see more cards like Dash Hopes and Rebuff the Wicked, maybe even Dawn Charm, Avoid Fate, Tibalt's Trickery (that says opponent's spell), etc. too.

wallisface on Rakdos For Fundos

4 months ago

With stuff like Dash Hopes, opponents will always choose the option you don’t want them to - but you can make life harder for them by doubling down with things like Vexing Devil, as well as lots of direct damage through red-spells and big-cheap green creatures, so that they can’t keep doing that for long.

pozzel on Rakdos For Fundos

4 months ago

wallisface, I originally had thought about putting 24 Lands onto it, which I modified right before Deckcycling, I might have to reconsider it or go with some of my red-green deck cards, which does have mana ramp. I might just lower the cost over-all of the cards and keep the 4x Demanding Dragon, take off 4x Dragonlord's Servant, and replace Hellkite Overlord and Charnelhoard Wurm for some other less costy creatures, since the whole point of this deck is to play around Extirpate and Dash Hopes mostly, and I'll probably add Terminate too.

Grubbernaut on Bloodchief's Army v2

5 months ago

Dash Hopes is a trap card for brewers; your opponent will always choose whichever part is best for them, similar to why Browbeat isn't played, either. I would cut it for more of your other cards, but otherwise it seems neat.

Naksu on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

6 months ago

I had forgotten Lapse of Certainty , the off color brother of Memory Lapse . Dash Hopes is also fun.

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

6 months ago

Holux's Bauble


: Draw a card and lose 1 life. Then, any player may pay 5 life. If no player does, sacrifice ~ and counter target spell.

Next, make a card for Holux, stronghold racketeer from the flavor text of Dash Hopes .

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