Lethal Vapors

Lethal Vapors


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, destroy it.

(0): Destroy Lethal Vapors. You skip your next turn. Any player may play this ability.

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Lethal Vapors Discussion

Profet93 on Personal Play moments you are …

4 weeks ago

Mindslaver/Worst Fears/emrakrul promised end + Lethal Vapors = Made an opponent skip all his turns

Similar to above, used a mindslaver to kill someone with their own necro. Another time made them sac all their lands. Mindslaver effects are powerful.

Another play was borrowing my friends R/G omnath deck. Opponent had Aetherflux and 51 life. I had Omnath and a sac outlet on board with some elementals. He activated Aetherflux, I asked if hes sure and he said yes. I then responded by saccing the elementals to kill him with aetherflux trigger on the stack, killing him

griffstick on Don't feed the Troll

4 months ago

So funny story. I had the game locked for a win and Lethal Vapors backfired on me. I had Lethal Vapors in play, and it's my opponents turn. He has Grand Abolisher out and he cast Teferi's Protection and responds by activating Lethal Vapors thousands of times. Essentially taking a vacation from that game lol. Needless to say he won by doing nothing.

Omniscience_is_life on Tymna Sakashima No Turns

6 months ago

Forgive my ignorance, but I don't see how you're skipping your turns. No Magosi , Chronatog / Other Chronatog , Chronosavant , Eater of Days , Lethal Vapors , Meditate , or Wormfang Manta in sight!

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

6 months ago


My name on here is just my initials and birth year, I have another account here on tapped out I lost both the email and password to due to the sands of time, but im sure you can still find the account here: Oltos01

  1. understood, i was more referencing your reference to the Lethal Vapors i think our bullets points when numbered get moved after previewing the comment

  2. Honestly, i also liked Nightmare Shepherd a lot to. I would still consider running him, but the rulings are to a deterrent to me where as with Homeward Path I just straight get my stuff back, not to mention given people their creatures back then casting a Living Death ...idk sounds pretty brutal to me

  3. Speaking of this, dismember will be staying slaughter will be leaving. On a side note I picked up a Volrath's Stronghold from my LGS today (thank goodness for wishlist notifications) as well as a copy Vesuva and Jeweled Lotus . Super excited about these pick ups considering proxying the lotus into this deck, can't quite decide.

  4. I don't quite know yet, but your suggestion is hilarious as I had cut Mind Stone from the deck earlier in our discussions for the Arcane Signet . about your question, I would assume that everyone exiles their original hand and ends up with no hand? Another ruling question to pose

Reznorboy on Ghen, Necro-Weaver

9 months ago

I would highly recommend adding Treacherous Blessing. It's basically free draws.

Another good one is Smothering Tithe, which is obviously better when/if you play cards such as Wheel of Fortune, but I believe the deck would highly benefit from more mana.

A very good card for this specific build, that would require a lot of tinkering to implement, is Lethal Vapors. You play it after Ghen is already out, and play few to no creatures. If an opponent decides to skip their turn to blow it up, you sac it with Ghen in response to the ability. I believe they would still skip their turn, but now you have a new enchantment at the cost of their turn, and you can get Lethal Vapors back later since it's in grave (to torture them more).

I'll try to add more suggestions as I think of them.

Atomic147 on #SorryNotSorry

1 year ago

Ok, makes sense, I've just found Ivory Tower to be less of a removal magnet in my playgroup while accomplishing most of what Venser's Journal does. Beatismcscoots I've been running AEther Barrier, Vile Consumption, Tainted AEther, and Lethal Vapors as more budget creature hate cards in my deck. lethal vapors vapors isn't the best but making people skip their turns is always funny to watch. Just some cards to think about.

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