Sometimes It's just nice to be not nice.

This is an elf/discard hybrid control deck with built-in elf buffing package.

The oofs:

  • One of the decks biggest weaknesses has been flyers. Gravity Well is for protecting my ass from all things flying. One big stumbling block is also getting your important elves countered. Gaea's Herald has worked a couple of times.

  • Nath becomes a huge target as soon as he hits the board and It's not always possible to protect him. Also Naths ability is a political problem, but I often use a die to decide at least the first couple of targets. The ability can also be used as a negotiation tool if necessary.

  • Board wipes also kind of ruin everything. Kindred Dominance is a saving grace from my side of table (unless an opponent plays elves too). Patriarch's Bidding helps a bit. Heroic Intervention should be Acquire d ASAP!

  • I'm still thinking about some discarding spells. Mind Twist has worked wonders before, but should it be replaced with something that targets everyone?

  • I'm also quite aware that tribal decks are not that efficent (Nath works as a stax-type of deck too), but I'll stay adamant about including the elf package.


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