Eladamri, Lord of Leaves

Eladamri, Lord of Leaves

Legendary Creature — Elf Warrior

Other Elf creatures have forestwalk.

Other Elves have shroud. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities.)

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Eladamri, Lord of Leaves Discussion

PuddinWing on Edric the Turn of Dorks Cedh

2 months ago

Also, have you considered swapping a Forest out for Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth ? It has great synergy with Eladamri, Lord of Leaves .

King_Chozo on Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury

2 months ago

I strongly recommend Eladamri, Lord of Leaves , kinda spendy right now but well worth it in any elf deck.

Guerric on Getting Lathril Through

3 months ago

You're presumably in elves tribal, so Elvish Champion can give you forestwalk to get through, and you can use Nylea's Presence to give any non-green player a forest. Forestwalk is far better at getting through than you'd think given the predominance of green in our format. Eladamri, Lord of Leaves can also give you forestwalk, but he's getting pricey these days being on the reserve list and all. Since you are in black Cover of Darkness is also a good option.

kurban1213 on Ezuri, Claw of Counters

6 months ago

I like your version here! One thing maybe to consider (because it has happened to me) is adding some flying protection. You have a couple big spells that provide flying, but have you ever considered Jagged-Scar Archers or Ice-Fang Coatl (which also gives you card draw). I run infect in my Ezuri deck so I also have a Inkmoth Nexus just because with all the counters and proliferate, infect just fits in real nice. Also, cards like Slippery Bogbonder and The Ozolith allow you to put more counters on Sage making his abilities attainable even earlier! Of course i will also suggest Eladamri, Lord of Leaves , though this suggestion would have been better a month ago before his price spiked to over $100!! I was lucky enough to pick him up at the $20 price point long ago, which makes him a must add in this deck at that price point. Overall nice deck!!!

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