Gravity Well


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon

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Gravity Well


Whenever a creature with flying attacks, it loses flying until end of turn.

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Gravity Well Discussion

Steelspike on Omnath land recycle

1 week ago

If flying is a big issue, try Bower Passage and/or Gravity Well

For making your stuff unblockable, try Familiar Ground and Gruul War Chant. You can get all four for less than a dollar total.

TehDooder on Doran, Leader of the Ents

3 weeks ago

Gravity Well for those pesky flyers

Cyrialis on Kaalia Monster Mash

3 weeks ago

Hey hey -kgrey2, so heremy late reply: I feel the same. Most decks should work without their commander present, so that should always be a consideration to take.Oversold Cemetery was a card i recently found, it may give you an additional edge btw.

Well. It is a risky card. - If you want a more reliable option -Toxic Deluge gets rid of about anything, my favourite for decks with one or two main creatures is Tragic Arrogance type of effects, so you get to keep the most important stuff ;)

Sooo I have to concede on that point to you, the scourge was a newcomer in my dagon deck and having this much control is actually really important. slight bow to your wisdom

Wheel effects are not for no reason expensive! They are immensely powerful to refill your hand when no fuel is left or in a critical moment to let you dig for answers! (You have some graveyard controls well... so VALUE ;)) Here is the important difference between card draw and card advantage clear. First of all, when yo cast this card you are in most cases out of options, or in need for additional cards, right?Which means from the number of cards and the quality of those cards you will most likely be behindby one or more cards. Wheel effects force everyone to discard and especially against control decks, that want to have more than 7 cards in hand and a bunch of answers this is a wonderful reset to their basically well shaped hand, most opponents will have one or two good cards in ahnd for later situations, so you can get rid of those, too.But also you will get the most use out of this, before anyone else!

The things that make Wheel of Fortune so good are your ability to decide WHEN to use it,discarding your opponents (most likely superior) handsand the fact that it is the most effective for you in most cases.It depends I guess on how bad you need it, but my Boros deck uses quite a bunch of them.

I think instead you can use Staff of Nin and avoid unneccesary damage, the confidant is a very "prestige" and cool card, BUT when you run big creatures, suddenly having the chance to get a minus 6-8 life a turn and maybe randomly killing yourself Cards like this are easy to remove and I am unsure if that is such a good idea if you watn consistency.
Loreseeker's Stone is my favourite card for decks with low handcard avarages.

That sounds about like the same time I am into EDH, the format is just so versatile and fun oriented. :)

Hmm. Most times a mono green Nissa deck The daily recommended dosage of Greens, slightly modified from what is to see there- lots of Gravity Well type of effects and so and so forth ;) my Boros Control deck with Avacyn on the front lines, has been proven quite effective against this type of deck, thanks to lots and lots of answers and removal and a Dimir Deck that focuses going wide with zombies, either milling you out or overrolling you with unblockable threats. ;)

ImtheRealBear on RG Landfall Deck

1 month ago

If flying is problem you could try adding Gravity Well to your sideboard.

YellingHumus on Doran and the Treemendous Defoffense

1 month ago

I have looked at the deck and all of the comments. I really like this deck, as Doran is a fun commander and has an ability that very few cards have. There is one card I would recommend, but you may feel that it isn't worth it. I feel that even with Spidersilk Armour you may be a little weak to fliers. I know you can tutor a lot, but enchantment removal is quite strong and having only one card that deals with fliers (that is static) may not help. The card is Gravity Well.

pooki on Super Cats!

2 months ago


  • Cooooool thanks for the suggestion, i replaced it with Gravity Well :D! thanks!


  • Thanks man!!! i did some adjustment from your suggestion. After a hard look i think most of ur suggestion is correct and adjusted accordingly. Thanks!!

LittleBlueHero on Super Cats!

2 months ago

Other Anti Flier cards: Dense Canopy, Gravity Well, Raking Canopy and Bower Passage.

Dense Canopy and Bower Passage make it so your flying opponents can't block your creatures either if you want an all out swing fest

Gravity Well and Raking Canopy make your opponents think hard about combat since they will lose flying and or their creatures will take a hit when they swing.

Personally I run Gravity Well in my mono green deck. It has no flying whatsoever so having it is a nice failsafe.

Zero1911 on Newbie to EDH! (Selvala HotW ...

2 months ago

I run a Vorinclex deck that does a lot of what you are looking for ie ramp early then drop big guys late game. Here is a link to the Deck It doesnt run Eldrazi just big green guys but that can be switched about. Basically your going to want to run mana dorks and early mana ramp spells then some mid sizes creatures with utilities spells ie draw power and destroy effects. Then hit um with your fatties.

Green is bad vs flying (and i cant think of many eldrazi that have flying) so ill suggest Silklash Spider, Gravity Well, Cloudthresher, or Sandwurm Convergence. They will help shut down people flying over you to kill. Green also lack many kill cards but they have two of my personal favorites Beast Within turn a fattie into a 3/3 or remove an artifact or enchantment that will win your opponent the game a must include. And last but never least Song of the Dryads my favorite thing is the look on someones face who drops a win con or a high cost commander only to have it turned into a tree.

Like what was already said use edh rec and find out about local meta then you can post a decklist and get some help refining.

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