Crown of Skemfar

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each Elf you control and has reach,

: Return Crown of Skemfar from your graveyard to your hand,.

king-saproling on Lathril

1 week ago

You might like these: Alpha Status, Crown of Skemfar, Fallen Ideal

magicbike on green machine

1 month ago

i just dropt my Crown of Skemfar for Staff of Domination think its a beter pick for the 10000 mana

king-saproling on Elves

1 month ago

These are strong with Lathril: Alpha Status, Fallen Ideal, Crown of Skemfar, Ivy Lane Denizen. They make it so that every time she hits an opponent, she gets exponentially bigger while exponentially increasing the number of elves she makes

king-saproling on Lathril (94%) let’s get 95!

2 months ago

Personally I would make these swaps:

Farhaven Elf (doesn't get lathril out faster) -> Alpha Status (makes lathril exponentially bigger every turn)

Kodama's Reach (same as above) -> Crown of Skemfar (same as above)

Wood Elves (same as above) -> Druids' Repository (functions like old gnawbone but way cheaper)

Golgari Findbroker (slow) -> Fallen Ideal (increases lathril's evasion, is a sac outlet, and functions similarly to Elvish Promenade while costing less and is usable every turn)

Realmwalker (unreliable) -> Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Shaman of the Pack (most useful when you're already winning, and not necessary even then) -> Imp's Mischief (strong in competitive games. for example it can let you steal an extra turn spell, prevent opps from removing lathril while you steal the removal effect, etc.)

Wellwisher (same as above) -> Might of the Masses (pretty much identical to Wirewood Pride)

2010SailorMoon on OMG they're EVERYWHERE! (Elfball)

9 months ago

So I actually removed both Ivy Lane Denizen and Crown of Skemfar . Seedborn Muse is on my list of cards to add, and I will add to my list Alpha Status ! Thanks!

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