Bellowing Tanglewurm


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Uncommon

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Bellowing Tanglewurm

Creature — Wurm

Intimidate (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures that shard a color with it.)

Other green creatures you control have intimidate.

Bellowing Tanglewurm Discussion

megagundam7 on green big creatures

3 weeks ago

Pretty good we should compare notes. Void Winnower serves me very well Bellowing Tanglewurm is a delicious budget. Give my board intimidate yes please. Here is my deck

greyninja on Favorite Voltron Commander and why?

1 month ago

I have two pseudo-voltron builds. They both run other game changing creatures (in case my commander is Counterspell 'd or Nevermore 'd too many times) but mostly plan on using the general as the wincon

Omnath, Locus of Mana is hilariously fun. If you can turn one mana dork, turn two Omnath, you can swing for 5 turn three, another 10 turn four, then gg turn five. Not many voltron decks can close out games that fast.

I use cards like Rogue's Passage and Bellowing Tanglewurm to push damage through, then cards like Hunter's Insight , Rishkar's Expertise , Soul's Majesty , Regal Force , etc can help carry you into a longer game

Aurelia, the Warleader is one of my wife's decks. Once she hits the board, shit is going down. Wrecking Ogre targeting her is a insta kill, Grafted Exoskeleton as well. Helm of the Host with her or Godo, Bandit Warlord goes infinite

I use cards like Sword of Fire and Ice , Mask of Memory , Chandra, Torch of Defiance and various tutors so gain some card advantage

Voltron can be tough if they have answers to your threats, but that's also part of the challenge and part of the fun!

Peoyogon on Budget Nylea

1 month ago

Do you want more things to boost your devotion? If you do, Leatherback Baloth , Predator Ooze , Steel Leaf Champion Gigantosaurus , Primalcrux , and Khalni Hydra are great cards to boost it up! If you go this route, Aspect of Hydra would be a solid instant. Bellowing Tanglewurm also feels right at home in a good mono-green deck :)

Lanzo493 on Her Royal Fluffness

2 months ago

I've always liked Vigor when it comes to Timmy decks like this. Also, Bellowing Tanglewurm and Lead the Stampede (if you're playgroup is okay with infect) can win games alone. Emerald Medallion is yet another mana reducing effect that not only benefits your whole deck but also gets your commander out a turn earlier. For ramping a bunch in monogreen, Karametra's Acolyte can pull a lot of weight. Well, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx does the same thing, too. Whisperer of the Wilds is also a good mana rock.

griffstick on Best mono green commander from ...

3 months ago

In response to what bushido_man96 said. If you just plan on playing big creature tribal then goreclaw is good, the trample helps with the slow and steady beatdown. Then trample is important. Most mono green finishers are cards that give your creatures trample and something else. Cards like Overwhelming Stampede, Pathbreaker Ibex, and Triumph of the Hordes being the main 3. Predatory Focus, Bellowing Tanglewurm, Nacatl War-Pride, Regal Behemoth, and many other green and colorless finishers. So if you plan on hitting the table for the win in one swing using cards like these then gorclaw's trample isn't that important

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on and now there is a worldspine

7 months ago

Fun list! Bellowing Tanglewurm is always a card I don't give enough respect.

New Horizons can probably be swapped out for something more powerful, since it only actually nets you one additional mana, and the counter is negligible. I recommend one of two swaps:

Channel is a surprisingly inexpensive, busted card that'll help you accelerate out your Worldspine Wurm.

If your playgroup disapproves of it or otherwise, I recommend either Overgrowth/Wild Growth and swapping out Llanowar Elves/Elvish Mystic for Arbor Elf to abuse untapping the land.


Canadiansnowdragon on This deck is Un-BEAR-able

7 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Strobasourus. I agree that Sight of the Scalelords could be a very strong include, and will look at my options for what to switch out. Thunderfoot Baloth is good, and I do like the +2 boost to my team though the trample is sadly redundant, it is a card that may go in if I feel I am not pushing through enough damage. Bellowing Tanglewurm is good but in my playgroup two of my friends main artifact heavy decks (Sharuum the Hegemon and Daretti, Scrap Savant) so Intimidate is less reliable for me. Decimator of the Provinces is great and was very excited to include them!

Thanks for the feedback

Strobasourus on This deck is Un-BEAR-able

7 months ago

Bellowing Tanglewurm could add some good evasion, Thunderfoot Baloth to add some more damage, and Sight of the Scalelords to add both damage and vigilance. The best thing is all those should work with the 4 or more theme. also I love Decimator of the Provinces, its like a budget Craterhoof Behemoth.

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Bellowing Tanglewurm occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Green: 0.24%