Necrogen Mists

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Necrogen Mists


At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player discards a card.

Icbrgr on Who Hurt You (WHY!?)

2 days ago

oooh very cool! maybe somthing like Necrogen Mists could be a great way to put the table in topdeck mode and get value from your commander?

DreadKhan on Discarded Treachery

6 months ago

I always like effects like Bottomless Pit and Necrogen Mists when I'm building a discard deck, these clear out a ton of cards over time, and even one will quickly make it very hard to keep any cards in hand past upkeeps. There is also Cunning Lethemancer, Necrogoyf, Stronghold Rats and maybe Raiders' Wake if you think you can count on being able to swing at someone. I like these effects more as a way to keep opponent's hands extremely small, they play more like a Stax effect in many ways. They play well with the 'cares about hand size' effects as well as 'cares about discard' effects, and as noted, make it very hard for people to store cards. Other than stuff like Mind Twist and Hymn to Tourach, I don't find single target discard is reliable at keeping hands small, 'engine' enchantments always felt really good.

Have you considered Helm of Possession and Ritual of the Machine, both can do great work in a sacrifice deck that can afford to lose a creature to steal something much juicier. I think Helm is usually the stronger card if people can't blow it up right away, but Ritual is Reserved List and prone to spiking when someone realizes it's potential. Both are a tad pricey, just thought I'd mention them.

Final point, if people are going to be discarding a bunch of creatures potentially, you might like Coffin Queen as a way to reanimate those pitched bodies, especially your opponent's stuff, as it gets exiled when it dies again. Demon of Dark Schemes can also work, not sure if you can generate enough energy to make it viable, but with stuff like Pitiless Plunderer it can go infinite reasonably easily.

DreadKhan on Uber For Phage?!

8 months ago

If you're looking for discard stuff, I use Bottomless Pit, Necrogen Mists, Cunning Lethemancer, Stronghold Rats, Necrogoyf and Creeping Dread as my best discard outlets in my Discard/Stax deck. No clue how many you'd want (if any), but these tend to be good at generating a lot of discard triggers if that's what you want, both for you and opponents.

Strong but not as consistent, you could look at Syphon Mind, it might be the best discard spell, but it's a one and done unfortunately. If you can generate a lot of bodies, Sadistic Hypnotist can clear out big hands. If you think you can consistently deal combat damage to opponents (via Shadows or other unblockables), Court of Ambition is really decent, offering damage and discard on the same card.

legendofa on Tourach, Dread Cantor

8 months ago

Welcome to the club, Thefrench!

How about some repeatable discard? Disrupting Scepter is kind of the low end, specter creatures like Abyssal Specter or Hypnotic Specter provide damage-based discard, and triggered discard like Bottomless Pit through Cunning Lethemancer and Necrogen Mists to Anvil of Bogardan provide reliable counters for your commander, depending on how much money you're willing to spend. Liliana's Caress gets a one-mana discount off Megrim for a very similar effect.

JoeSullivan718 on The Song of My People

11 months ago


I hadn't thought of using Scrapheap Scrounger, I'll have to consider that. I've tried Raven's Crime and it's works okay but I typically prefer passive effects like Necrogen Mists or Oppression that effect all opponents rather than just one.

Glad you like the deck! I'm doing some experimentation and some changes may be coming soon.

GrimmVisage on Burn In Hell

1 year ago

DreadKhan Necrogen Mists is a cool idea, not sure I'd be able to use it quite in the way you describe. I tend to always have several cards in hand throught the game between stormfist and arena.

DreadKhan on Burn In Hell

1 year ago

Necrogen Mists plays pretty nicely with Stormfist Crusader IIRC, you can stack the triggers as needed since they are both yours, letting you discard when your hand is empty and then draw, and you can do the opposite to your opponent, who will always have a card from Stormfist to discard. Not sure any of that really matters in your deck! Either way, cool deck, I always like trying to mix Dash Hopes with Burn.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

1 year ago

that was pretty much my go to for this as well, glad that despite our randomly timed conversations we have generally the same ideas in mind, That being said mindstone will take place of the key. otherwise there are a couple extra cards and avenues i was wanting to take that I haven't been able to find the space for, again of course we'll debate over the suggestions/cuts but the things in mind that I have are as follows

Geth's Grimoire & Words of Waste replace Maralen and Opposition Agent... ...beyond that im looking for more low to the ground and maintenance-y things such as Necrogen Mists, Sign in Blood/card draw(Ancient Craving-esqe) or even more abilities like Dying to Serve.

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