Sen Triplets

The Triplets stand against the old enemies of peace: chaos, aggression, mana speculation, reckless speed, refusal to share your cards... These forces are unanimous in their hate; and we welcome their hatred.

- Franklin D. Roosevelt (Planeswalker)


First things first: everyone hates the Triplets. They play with everyone's cards, and that's just bad manners!

That said, there are versions people hate more than others. This build is not super-stax/cruel control. That's on purpose. Mostly I just don't find that style fun to play, but in my experience it's also the fastest way to get targeted and taken out first. It's as though people want to actually play their decks or something.

Buuuut it's still the Triplets, so you're not making any friends. This deck uses pillow fort like Crawlspace and Norn's Annex as well as tempo/stax cards like Ethersworn Canonist and Mana Maze to protect myself while I build up my board and then drop the Trips.

If you wanted to build a more aggressively stax version, you'd take out the big artifact creatures and drop in Triplet classics like Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer , Merieke Ri Berit , Magister Sphinx , the Grand Arbiter, Teysa, etc. as well as artifacts like Icy Manipulator , Torpor Orb , or my fave: Amulet of Vigor + Orb of Dreams .

There are a few key cards that drive most of the action:

Planar Bridge -- My meta limits tutors, but the few I have are all for fetching this card. Its first get should always be Darksteel Forge if it's not already out. Next is Blinkmoth Urn , which is a free Bridge every turn.

After that it gets Voltaic Key , Mirrorworks , and Master Transmuter . If I need more mana to pull it off I get Everflowing Chalice and feed it with the Urn.

Master Transmuter + Mirrorworks -- Even without Voltaic Key and Blinkmoth Urn , these two cards can double every artifact on your board and in your hand - but it's a little slow. Once you get those other two cards out, you can use Mirrorworks to make multiple Transmuters, bounce and duplicate Voltaic Key for multiple untaps with Planar Bridge and tutor out your whole deck.

Master Transmuter -- is a badass all by herself. Using multiple copies or just combined with Voltaic Key , there are lots of plays:

+ Spine of Ish Sah & Ancient Den (or any artifact land) for targeted board wipe.

+ Sharuum the Hegemon if you've been vandalblasted.

Mycosynth Lattice -- While it's not good in every circumstance, this card is crucial with either Padeem, Consul of Innovation or Leonin Abunas plus Darksteel Forge . Your artifacts have hexproof + indestructible and everything is an artifact.

Lattice is also pretty hilarious with Memnarch . If they didn't hate you for playing out of their hand....

Since it's not a super control/stax build, it also needs other ways to win. Trips isn't usually played as an artifacts matter commander, because she does nothing to support your creatures. But the same cards that drive the combos (darksteel forge, mirrorworks) also make artifact creatures a surprisingly reliable win-con. Multiple, indestructible copies of Steel Hellkite , Colossus of Akros , Metalwork Colossus (and Steel Overseer for good measure) make a pretty good fist.

The deck also packs multiple board wipes to clear a path.

That's my Sen Triplets deck. It's super fun to play and hopefully more fun to play against than most. Feedback, suggestions, and upvotes are all appreciated!


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despite my best efforts, this deck really wants to be a stax-y/control deck - it's what the Trips are all about. I took a few cards out for an artifact/sphinx deck, and replaced them with fewer creatures and more Norn's Annex, Lodestone Golem, and other similarly awful things.


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