The general strategy is to turbo self mill with cards like Traumatize to find strong cards like Void Winnower and reanimate it with your commander or play/recur cards like Eternal Witness to recur a mass reanimation spell. You can use Eternal Witness or Muldrotha, the Gravetide to find Intruder Alarm after milling your library which makes it so that when you use The Master, Transcendent you can untap him and use his ability as much as possible.

While you can go for milling your opponents and their are good cards for that such as Bloodchief Ascension and Maddening Cacophony I prefer a self mill strategy. This way, you have an better idea of what you are reanimating with The Master. There are still some universal mill effects like Mesmeric Orb, but using Traumatize on yourself gives you a huge host of options. As well, an alternative strategy to win with self mill is using Thassa's Oracle. If you want, Laboratory Maniac may be slotted in as well. Card draw like Treasure Cruise is also a lot better when our graveyard is filled.

The Master allows us to tap him to reanimate milled creatures albeit at a fixed power and toughness of 3/3. Remember that he only reanimates milled cards so when choosing mill effects look at the errate of the card to make sure the keyword mill is being used. This is a pretty powerful effect, however cards that are milled in previous turns cannot be reanimated with The Master. In order to make use of a filled graveyard that cannot be reanimated with The Master, I have included mass reanimate spells which I will go into more detail later. As well, cards like Archaeomancer, Eternal Witness, and Noxious Revival allow us to recur some noncreature spells that have been milled. Scroll Rack also helps if our hand is filled with cards we would rather mill and reanimate.

The Master turns creatures into 3/3 mutants, so we are looking for strong effects and not big bodies. Cards like Void Winnower and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur are ideal. Lorcan, Warlock Collector allows use to reanimate any creature our opponent has milled or we have destroyed as well by paying life so its a particularly strong target to reanimate. This deck relies on creatures for card draw, removal and ramp as well since we are going for a creature reanimation strategy. Evoke cards like Mulldrifter are useful as they are similar to spells when in our hand or can be reanimated for value with The Master.

We have several ways to untap The Master to use his ability multiple times. Kiora's Follower acts as both a manadork and a way to untap The Master as it can untap a land as well. Seedborn Muse is an incredibly strong option to reanimate with The Master as it allows us to untap on everyone's turn. Especially with Mesmeric Orb or Syr Konrad, the Grim you can reanimate a lot of times. Sting, the Glinting Dagger is very good with the master, giving us an extra untap on our turn and one one each of your opponent's turns which great when paired with the aforementioned Mesmeric Orb or Syr Konrad. Intruder Alarm allows us to recur all the creatures that are milled as The Master's ability now untaps him for a loop.

Now to use our filled yard, mass reanimate spells like Rise of the Dark Realms allows us to recur every creature we had milled. When combined with cards Archaeomancer we can continuously mass reanimate and threaten this spell after boardwipes.


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