Wand of Vertebrae


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Wand of Vertebrae


: Put the top card of your library into your graveyard.

, , Exile Wand of Vertebrae: Shuffle up to five target cards from your graveyard into your library.

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Wand of Vertebrae Discussion

Quadsimotto on Mono Black Lich artifacts

1 week ago

It lost 1-2. The third game was really close. Game one i got stalled on turn two and never saw another land. Yours trounced mine with a lich and removal. Game two was semi close but I decked you out with two drowned secrets a glimpse and the next turn a glimpse that was used out of the GY with a mission briefing. Game three saw removal going both ways. Id get a lich out on your side and then use removal from mine to take it out. Id get out a spybug on my side only to have it killed by a chupa, it went back and forth. One lonely little drowned secrets and some glimpses got me through again. Me with 9 life remaining you with one card left and only able to swing in for 7. So decked twice. Perhaps some Wand of Vertebrae in the sideboard? Or something along the lines of recursion.

Hexaflexagon on goblin frenzy!

2 weeks ago

I agree with BoyToy here. You need some type of removal. Have you tried replacing the Wand of Vertebrae you have for Lava Coil? You could also try splashing White for removal such as Conclave Tribunal and Ixalan's Binding and lord effects such as Radiant Destiny.

hkhssweiss on Gravy Tank

2 weeks ago


Yes, it dodges the commander tax and not only that you can cast it from the grave when Muldrotha is in play avoiding to pay the full cost of the creature, while casting a cheaper creature option as well :P

Personally I feel Vraska, Relic Seeker or Vraska, Scheming Gorgon is a bit too slow and for their abilities they don't do much for the cost. Wand of Vertebrae could also be switched out for Codex Shredder as you can target opponents library as well. Gleaming Barrier can be cut as well to make room for more spells.

Hope that helps!

Natalbee on Dead Cells

1 month ago

multimedia: That's a good point. In all the games I've played, I just see Chamber Sentry sitting there in the graveyard when I could be utilizing it. A 5/5 for 5 isn't too bad, especially when it can tap for 5 the next turn and deal 5 damage. Even for 0, it's a repeatable Sai, Master Thopterist and Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle trigger.

I cut the two Navigator's Compass and and a Lazav, the Multifarious and put in two Chromatic Lantern and a Wand of Vertebrae. Lazav helped me out one time, but ultimately he's a 1/3 that can be turned into a 1/1 flyer or a 0/4 blocker.

Thanks for the help!

Natalbee on Dead Cells

1 month ago

Legendary_penguin_of_death: That's a good point... I put in two Slaughter the Strongs and I'll try it out tomorrow. I just played one more game with the Plaguecrafters, and it cleared their board of Knights and almost removed their hand before they conceded. I updated the decklist I'm using.

Wand of Vertebrae was only good if I was trying to find the last of my combo pieces. I replaced them with Navigator's Compass again. I want to see if they'd be a good target for Rona, Disciple of Gix for some life gain (after sac'd with Sai, Master Thopterist). They also fix my mana, and help me get to 4 or 5 colors if I want to full-cast or return a Chamber Sentry.

DangoDaikazoku on Invincible Under the Sun 天下無双

1 month ago

gdm1989 That's the thing about playing Toshiro that I both love and hate. He tends to be completely underestimated when played in a group who hasn't seen you use him before, and he'll more than likely be brushed off and ignored for the duration of the game until you let loose some explosive finish out of nowhere and you start getting targeted in game two or really any other time you pull the deck from its box which makes me sad. I've been really careful in this rendition of the deck to be as subtle as possible and try not to pose clear threats on the board. The whole purpose of my deck is to be ignored and unappealing to attack, so that I'm kept in the game long enough to thin out everyone's board state and slip a win condition through when the blue player at the table isn't expecting it. Unfortunately in my new playgroup there is a Chain Veil Teferi main who has a very finely tuned competitive deck, so I need to be extra careful about him.

I know what you mean about Death Wish, if anything I think I will more likely end up slotting in Mastermind's Acquisition for one more mana to avoid the hefty drawback, and it doubles as a tutor aside from its Wish mode which is really nice. I'll try working on a package for it in the sideboard soon enough.

Thrilling Encore looks like a lot of fun. Battlebond had a lot of interesting things to offer and I was unfortunately on a bit of a hiatus at the time of its release so I never got the chance to try the new cards from that set. I like Encore a lot because it reminds me of a sort of cheaper pseudo version of Rise of the Dark Realms, and I like that card a lot too especially in a deck like this. I've been aiming for this deck to have a Reanimator subtheme without it feeling highly prevalent and taking away from the main playstyle, and I believe Encore more than adequately achieves the sense of subtlety that I am aiming for, because it can be used in a reserved fashion or it can be abused if I have enough ramp and chain together a ton of kill spells in a single turn... which this deck tends to do very often haha. Also Encore is an instant spell which Toshiro is a fan of! Excellent suggestion once again!

I can see Nightmare Incursion as means to ruin the heavy combo player's day and Choice of Damnations to play politics (also flavorful with the Toshiro quote). I can also see practical application of Wand of Vertebrae in this deck to bury instant spells, and to also return cards back into my library if I accidentally bury something I don't want in my graveyard or if something gets removed and I'm unable to reanimate it. Thank you for bringing these cards to my attention, I have seen them in other Toshiro decks, but I never actually tried them out in mine. I think this deck is going to be undergoing a lot of testing in the near future, so I'm very open minded when it comes to testing new things out.

Thank you again for your suggestions, as well as your praise and support. I've been alluding to bringing back my "filthy casual" deck (which is this one) in this newer playgroup of mine for a while now, which is funny because others may view Toshiro as a casual general while people like you and I who have experienced piloting a deck around him know that he has lots of potential. I initially turned my head toward "higher tier" generals, but I've been wanting to go back to my roots and work on this deck again which was the first commander deck I ever built. I'm going to be conducting some tweaking and tuning to hopefully gear the deck around this meta, and I'll be sure to update my description with all the decks I tend to see in this playgroup of mine so you as well as others can more appropriately help make suggestions based on meta calls.

gdm1989 on Invincible Under the Sun 天下無双

1 month ago

Unfortunately I had to dismantle my toshiro deck and converted it into a Yuriko Stax deck. :( (I may rebuild it again) Too many people killed me first the moment they saw me using him. The whole game shop and my friends would rather deal with a narset then him. That's how dangerous my toshiro was. XD

As for the wish cards, they can be useful if you're going to combo out but in some cases they can also put you at a disadvantage if someone counters the card you pick after you pay half your life with Death Wish so be very careful.

Now for the instants I also recommend Thrilling Encore, you'll be surprised how quick it will turn the game towards your favor. Price of Fame, Dark Bargain, Detection Tower were excellent suggestions to put into your deck. I do recommend giving Cast Down a chance. It may not target legendaries but there are non legendaries that are a severe threat.

I don't know if you'll like these cards but they can be hilarious to use Nightmare Incursion, Choice of Damnations, Wand of Vertebrae

Overall I like what you have so far :)

Foxmask on The Drowned Phoenix

1 month ago

ritch I think Stitcher is a bad fit in the deck, because it lowers the number of instant/sorceries that I can use in the deck, and ultimately in one turn. While the self-mill is good, it also suffers from not being a blue card, meaning my manabase becomes a little less consistent, and also doesn't trigger Drowned Secrets.

Another reason is that it doesn't actually draw any cards, which that sort of 'looting' aspect of the deck is pretty critical early on in case I don't have Drowned Secrets in my opening hand. With almost all of the other cards, I can cycle through my deck to find a copy to stick on the board and start going ham.

I picked up some copies of Wand of Vertebrae at FNM, so I might try that card, as it's a neutral card that I can also use to reshuffle some cards back.

I do like the card, but I'm not sure what I could cut to accommodate it, but I'll keep looking!

And the deck tests really well! Incredibly explosive and fun, it's just not a deck people expect.

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