Thanks everybody!! I know it’s only at 9 upvotes at the moment, but I want to keep improving this deck so it can be one of the best ever!!

I was curious about building Phylath, but held off at first. But I pulled an expedition Wooded Foothills so I couldn't resist!

Favorite Cards...*

  • Tireless Tracker : Not only is Phylath a 6-drop commander, but he's a 6-drop that wants to have more basic lands out! This makes Phylath a little bit slower, so early interaction is so important for this deck! Tireless Tracker gives us counters and Clues so we can create some card draw. Easy add-in!

Notable Cuts...

  • Nahiri's Lithoforming : New card, it's not bad. But I found in play testing that this card is a bit of a gamble. I sacrifice 4 lands, draw 4 card, but only end up with only 2 lands after drawing? No thanks.

  • The Ozolith : Great card and I really tried to make this card work. But I would 1. Need plant tokens out and 2. Have played lands and 3. Have a sac card ready. That's too much to line up before this card is helpful. This is one drop that is only effective after turn 6 or 7, so it's a dead card in the early game.

  • Omnath, Locus of Rage : I KNOW!! I feel so weird not having this card in my deck! But, while Omnath is a stupid powerful card, I think it detracts from the main strategy. Sure, a big creature that makes more creatures and essentially burns everything down is great! But Omnath also costs 7 mana, and that's 7 mana I could really use to tutor more lands and draw more cards.

  • Misty Rainforest , Bloodstained Mire , Scalding Tarn Arid Mesa , Verdant Catacombs : Yes, fetch lands are great cards. Yes, these would be especially great cards in this deck. But Scalding Tarn is a $70 card. If someone gets me a couple fetch lands (or heck, even just Scalding Tarn), I'll buy the other fetch lands and take this deck to literally the next competitive tier.

*Currently trying to determine these final cards in my maybeboard; either cutting or finding ways to include them!! Any help would be AMAZING!!!*

If you like it, add it, or want to help, don’t forget to upvote too!! May the lands be ever in your favor!!**


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