Thanks everybody!! I want to keep improving this deck so it can be one of the best ever!!

I was curious about building Phylath, but held off at first. But I pulled an expedition Wooded Foothills so I couldn't resist! I've always found fetch-lands to be really expensive (but obviously really powerful), so I wanted to build a deck that could maximize the power for such a high cost.

Update: June 21, 2021: I've opened a few more Zendikar collector packs and pulled a Prismatic Vista and a Windswept Heath . Now I've recently opened a MH2 collector pack and pulled Scalding Tarn !! Amazing! All wonderful cards with Phylath! Plus, I pulled Sword of Hearth and Home , which is actually a REALLY great addition to Phylath. Imagine this, you have Phylath, World Sculptor or Avenger of Zendikar on the field. You equip the sword to one of your trampling tokens, then flicker Phylath or Avenger to bring out a whole new set of counters or tokens, plus an additional landfall trigger!

Favorite Cards...*

  • Tireless Tracker : Not only is Phylath a 6-drop commander, but he's a 6-drop that wants to have more basic lands out This makes Phylath a little bit slower, so early interaction is so important for this deck! Tireless Tracker gives us counters and Clues so we can create some card draw. Easy add-in!

  • Scute Swarm : One of my favorite cards in this deck. I've always enjoyed the insect motif and Scute will only benefit from this deck; going along for the land-ramp ride. Phylath, World Sculptor allows our tokens to go tall, but Scute Swarm will help our tokens go wide!

  • Undergrowth Champion : I had this as an all-star in an old standard deck, but this is a great early blocker to get out and can join in on the trampling fun later on!

Notable Cuts...

  • Nahiri's Lithoforming : It's not bad, but I found in play testing that this card is a bit of a gamble. I sacrifice 4 lands, draw 4 cards, but what if I only end up with 2 lands after drawing? No thanks.

  • The Ozolith : Great card and I really tried to make this card work. But I would 1. Need plant tokens out and 2. Have played lands and 3. Have a sac card ready. That's too much to line up before this card is helpful. This is one drop that is only effective after turn 6 or 7, so it's a dead card in the early game.

  • Omnath, Locus of Rage : I KNOW!! I feel so weird not having this card in my deck! But, while Omnath is a stupid powerful card, I think it detracts from the main strategy. Sure, a big creature that makes more creatures and essentially burns everything down is great! But Omnath also costs 7 mana, and that's 7 mana I could really use to tutor more lands and draw more cards.

  • The Great Henge : Again, I KNOOOOW! The Great Henge is a good, nay, GREAT card. But, to me, that's just it. It's a great card and any deck that can get it onto the battlefield, great. But the fetch-lands are also great cards, but they also further my strategy. The Great Henge doesn't. For a card that's approximately $40? I think a fetch-land would suit me better. Hopefully this a good lesson to myself: Just because a card is good doesn't mean it's the best card for your deck.

  • Bloodstained Mire and Verdant Catacombs : These are not necessarily cut cards, but cards that I'll absolutely add in if I ever pull one. With how MH2 has been, it's possible! In the meantime, feel free to donate those cards.

*Currently trying to determine these final cards in my maybeboard; either cutting or finding ways to include them!! Any help would be AMAZING!!!*

If you like it, add it, or want to help, don’t forget to upvote too!! May the lands be ever in your favor!!**


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