X target blocked creatures assign their combat damage this turn as though they weren't blocked.

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Outmaneuver Discussion

forneyt on The First Rule of Goad Club

2 months ago

Fun deck! I would like to point out that Tormentor's Helm does not trigger Toski or Marisi since it does not deal combat damage. If you would like an effect that does that, maybe try Predatory Focus or Outmaneuver since they are both under six mana. Other cards that would be helpful for that are Garruk, Savage Herald and Siege Behemoth .

FormOverFunction on Big Instant/Sorceries to Copy?

5 months ago

What about spells that can end up doubling or tripling the damage creatures would be doing? Like Outmaneuver for example. I can’t think of other cards here at work, but something that would normally redirect damage, especially from creatures to players, can be hilarious when you get multiple iterations of it.

TheVectornaut on Searing Infection

1 year ago

Rakdos infect is pretty tough to work around, but you have some cool things going on here. i'd try to have as few creatures above 2 CMC as possible. Hand of the Praetors is strong enough as a finisher in slow games, but the rats should probably be Plague Stinger and possibly Vector Asp. Budget permitting, Inkmoth Nexus is a fairly obvious upgrade. I'd also try to lower the cost on your instants and sorceries. This is especially helpful when playing around Livewire Lash (which should probably be at 4 copies). Reckless Charge, Assault Strobe, Brute Force, Virulent Swipe, and Temur Battle Rage are all options that work better with Lash than Footfall Crater, Dirge of Dread, and Memory Leak. Ways to protect your infect creatures can be very helpful, especially after sideboarding. Apostle's Blessing is probably the best in your colors. I really like Outmaneuver and Soul's Fire as ways to take advantage of infect in red. If you're willing to splash other colors, Wild Defiance provides nice redundancy for the equipment, not to mention the other benefits of having green in the deck.

Anyway, good luck with the deck!

Muglacious_NiceFaceToad on Group Goad Unblockable Tribal

1 year ago

This is my kind of deck!

Another unexpected combat trick for either your attack or even better when your opponents attack, Outmaneuver.

junkyxicht on Edgar the BOSS

1 year ago

OUT: Outmaneuver and Adaptive Automaton

IN: Path to Exile and Bloodline Keeper  Flip

I really like Outmaneuver! It's a old school card nobody is aware of and can caught your opponent off guard. BUT there are better finisher and Path to Exile is basicly Outmaneuver played for two mana.

The +1/1 from Adaptive Automaton is nice, but it doesn't trigger Eminence wich is a drawback. So i replaced it for Bloodline Keeper  Flip. I need to play a few games with it to know if it was worth. On paper it looks super worth :)

Raging_Squiggle on What is the interaction between …

1 year ago

If Zada is the only target, meaning X=1, then it will be copied for each other creature that has also been blocked. If you have 5 total attacking creatures, and 3, including Zada, are blocked, Outmaneuver will be copied 2 times for the other 2 blocked creatures.

Frosty_Mav on What is the interaction between …

1 year ago

I just realized I used the wrong card, I meant Outmaneuver

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