As soon as I seen Galazeth Prismari I knew I had to build this deck. I’ve always wanted to build Urza, Lord High Artificer but didn’t wanna play mono-Blue. So this deck is about Urza and his pet dragon!

The goal is to cast cheap artifacts/make treasures/ make thopters to tap for mana and cast big flashy spells. I’m fairly new to commander and my only experience is with Spell Slinger decks with low cmc cards, I’ve never built an artifact based deck so any pointers are appreciated.

I tried to stick with artifacts that actually do something so I didn’t include Memnite , Ornithopter , and the like.

My play group is casual so no infinite combos and I don’t enjoy playing Stax.

It’s gonna be pretty budget with a few exceptions like Dockside Extortionist and Cyclonic Rift plus some other expensive cards that I already own. If budget allows I want to add a Hellkite Tyrant too.


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