Savor the Moment


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare

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Savor the Moment


Take an extra turn after this one. Skip the untap step of that turn.

Savor the Moment Discussion

SpaghettiToastBook on Descent of Bruna

5 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Those are pretty nice cards. I think I used to own Savor the Moment but I used it for other decks.

Anyway, I was actually going to quit Magic and sell all my cards soon, so I doubt I'll update this deck.

NKlim on Descent of Bruna

6 days ago

Both Single Combat and Time Wipe work well in Voltron style decks as they are able to leave Bruna untouched. Savor the Moment can allow you to kill two players in one turn with Bruna. Also Tale's End is a hilarious hate card.

BMHKain on Perfectly (im)Balanced, As All Things ...

3 weeks ago

@GhostChieftain: (Analyzes options.)

Options found.

  1. Time Warp : . A card made in response to Time Walk 's Undercosted cost. A balanced variant, & even one that doesn't exile itself.

  2. Temporal Manipulation : A functional reprint of Time Warp; officially left the reserved list via ULTIMATE MASTERS as a Mythic Rare.

  3. Savor the Moment : Inexpensive, but w/ the drawback of not being able to untap anything.

  4. Timestream Navigator : Same cost as Time Walk , but requires her to be put on the bottom of the library for an extra turn; & that requires 10 Nontoken Permanents in play under your control. It's unknown how this deck can retrieve her for infinite extra turns.

  5. Lighthouse Chronologist : A Level-Up Creature that when reaching Lv. 7; requiring 7 , allows an Extra Turn in between your opponents turns.

That's what I could find for good options...

Now for the rest:

Dang, poor Yanling isn't doing so well... Maybe the Starting 2 Loyalty DOES hurt?

Right landbase, huh... I think my Landbase may be such an example; I, mean, the list so far has Golos, Tireless Pilgrim , & Crucible of Worlds . I think the question after that is the last question about Wrenn and Six ; but not only is it the hardest to answer, but it involves the Instants & Sorceries having Retrace as an Emblem. Well, at least we have a 2CMC Walker that is great after the hell Tibalt went through until WAR; where he was improved just a little bit; but for the Half Devil, that's a Thumbsupsky enough.

Heh... I figured as much about Xenagos. Now I might be learning something...

Well, at least one Walker with a Starting Loyalty of 2 is to be added...

I know my center color is infamous as a gambling color, but I'm taking my chances on this.

Well, I will say this, I really appreciate all the help I could about this. But if I had one thing to say, it's...:

(Huh... Now I think about it, I think I might actually have learned something. But how can I even learn that very thing if I'm DEAD?!)

Well, I'm actually not dead; just a failed attempt to reference Scott Pilgrim (The Movie, obviously. Though it's a World of Sin that I'm the only Atoner who hates Wallace Wells; Bad art (Graphic Novels.). Bad personality (Both.). He isn't even good as anything. Sorry, but if I had a gripe about the film, Knives' Dad was mentioned, but never shown; & he is an absolute badass.)

No really though, this is going to sound really stupid, but as I'm making a Human Tribal deck as we speak, other plans are still imprinted in my head:

  1. Is there a place anywhere in Commander for Inverter of Truth ? MTG Goldfish even stated this card as "Against all Odds" material, & has an episode about a deck tech about this.

  2. It's quite ironic nobody wants to see a Mono- deck w/ elements outside of that of itself. We got Vivien's Arkbow , Tree of Tales , even Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger stated Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur is nothing but a dumbass on all regards stating Nature is the prime winner; BUT STILL MADE ARTIFACT CREATURES in w/ quotes by him. Such hypocrisy from a Praetor that Nature is superior to actual though of mind, & INVENTED his own creatures! & this is before KALADESH! While we're at this, there even is Birthing Pod ; another Artifact. I actually have plans to make an anti- Mono- deck. I know everyone wants to say no, but after the accordion crap earlier on, I think it's time to settle the debate: Birds of Paradise to anyone w/ Reach (Spiders must die.). Philosophy of Nature to Philosophy of Evolution (Also Mono- possible, so it does work.), Impurity Killers to even what Thrun, the Last Troll , who is very supportive of the idea of artifice in spite of his Mono- status, as well as his kind driven to extinction. I'll proceed by the time I'm finished w/ my The Red Pill Vorthos Deck.

Sorry about all that. I've so many ideas, it's criminal. Well thanks for all you could; I'm guessing Inverter of Truth won't work in a The First Sliv deck about Casting Self-Exile Spells, while retrieving them back just as easily, are there any cards that can just retrieve Exiled cards FACE-DOWN (Face-Down being the key term; normally Exiled cards are face-up.)? If not, could it still work? I'll keep the Devoid Eldrazi in the Maybeboard until further notice. Well, I'll end this soon enough; but the other 2 projects are literally in my path currently; & wow. How I wasn't working on cEDH Boros after a second cEDH project in the works; sadly, I'm no Limited Edition ALPHA player, so to those that require expensive stuff, why? & are there any conventional reprints that do just as well?

Well, as Gene Wilder would say: Adieu. Adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Tzefick on Temporal bargain

3 weeks ago

Like aholder7 says, there's not many phases in a turn. There's 5:

  • Beginning (Untap, upkeep, draw step)

  • Precombat Main Phase

  • Combat Phase

  • Postcombat Main Phase

  • End Phase

So... I get that the card in question is likely not broken because it gets increasingly more difficult to utilize the card's effect, the higher value X is. Although copy spells would effectively make multiple gains with only minimal disadvantages to it. Let's say you cast this at X = 1 and gets to copy it 2 times for a total of 3 instances. Your opponent is forced to select the same phase each time or risk giving you turns with no handicap.

I'm not sure how this would interact with cards that grants you additional steps and phases, like Combat Phases, Upkeep Step ( Paradox Haze ).

As for gameplay, I don't think you would ever cast this for anything other than X = 1 and maybe X = 2. You need some serious rule breaking stuff going on before this makes much sense, as most people will cap your Beginning (and Combat/Ending phases). I'm tempted to say it is too conditional in a lot of ways for it to make sense to make as a card that isn't straight Savor the Moment .

Interesting design but I think it falls into a category of "requires too much setup" to make sense to print as a card.

I think you would need to make it a bit more boxed in to make it feasible.

Something like

Alternative Show

A more strict casting cost when scaling as even if you put in X = 100, you still get Upkeep and End step, so it has a purpose.

By handpicking the modes on the spell (like Fatespinner you allow a more interesting choice, whereas before very few people would not ask you to skip the Beginning Phase, as it's here you get Untap and Draw. Basically with this model you ask your opponent, what do you not want me to do? Untap permanents, draw cards, play sorcery speed, or attack? Untap is by far the worst step to skip for the caster, but they may get around it by other means, like Vitalize , Intruder Alarm or Wilderness Reclamation .

I didn't make it exile itself, which may be a mistake, but I don't see how you misuse it in a fashion that is already available in eternal formats in a much better way.

Since this card messes with steps and phases I would think it would be fitting to throw it in a non-standard set, so Modern Horizons 2?

biggestmtgnerd on Temporal bargain

3 weeks ago

This is a card I came up with that I thought was pretty cool:

Temporal bargain



You take X extra turns after this one. Your opponent chooses X different types of phases. You skip the next X instances of that phase.

Exile Temporal Bargain

I think this isn’t broken, but it’s hard to be sure with something as weird as this. If X is one it’s basically a strictly worse Savor the Moment , and at X=2 it’s like Urban Evolution but with less card draw and more land drops. At X=3 it basically reads as either draw 3 cards and have three extra attack phases (assuming opponent chooses precombat main phase, postcombat main phase, and untap step, which would be their most likely choice), which is powerful, but probably not gamebreaking considering it’s six mana. Overall, I think it’s a card that balanced enough to not snap formats (completely) in half while also giving Johnnys a lot to play with. What do you guys think?

BS-T on Superfriends Staples??

1 month ago

A great extra turn spell for 'walkers is Savor the Moment . Also no-one has yet mentioned Deepglow Skate .

sylvannos on Modern Horizons Announced

1 month ago


After reading the comments on Mythic Spoiler, I'm just over here like set this card up with Jace, the Mind Sculptor to cast two Ancestral Vision or Restore Balance or Wheel of Fate or any other degenerate sorcery that normally has a steep cost. You could even be super durdle troll and play double Savor the Moment .

LeonSpires on Kruphix Lands Matter *Primer*

2 months ago

Thank you so much Skinken for bringing Savor the Moment to my attention. I didn't know that card existed. This deck hungers for giving it's creatures haste when it goes off. I had tested out Concordant Crossroads in the past and never was fully happy with it. I have ordered a Savor the Moment and it will be going in the deck as soon as it arrives. At worse Savor the Moment is a blue 3 CMC Explore and at best it wins you the game.

Yeah Solemn Simulacrum is a bit lackluster but I also find Explore and Growth Spiral lackluster. I might cut Solemn Simulacrum to add in the Savor the Moment .

Believe it or not, but you are not the first to suggest cutting Planar Portal for Planar Bridge . I would be inclined to agree with you if I wasn't running Seedborn Muse , Alchemist's Refuge , and Leyline of Anticipation . This deck plays more like a combo deck then your normal Simic big creature Timmy deck. Being able to fetch any response to any situation on your opponent's turn is a dream come true. If they don't force you to answer something you can fetch a combo piece and play it. Now you might think getting Planar Portal , Seedborn Muse , and Alchemist's Refuge / Leyline of Anticipation into play at the same time might be a bit challenging. However thanks to Genesis Wave this is not as hard as you think. As long as you hit Planar Portal and one other piece Genesis Wave typically gives you enough lands to fetch and play the last part of the combo. Planar Portal has won me enough games for me to never consider cutting it. The card just has way too much flexibility.

Yes Disallow is better than Voidslime . Thing is I own a Voidslime and don't own a Disallow however I have never found the mana cost to be preventive of me casting Voidslime ... Also I like the art and flavor of Voidslime better (call it personal tastes)...

I have tested out Storm Cauldron in this deck granted it was when this deck was not as good as it is now. However even in this deck it is very hard to play around it. To me Mana Breach is the perfect balance of slowing opponents down and helping me hit landfall triggers.

It is possible to get infinite mana in this deck but I have never had it happen. Stroke of Genius and Blue Sun's Zenith are much better suited to decks where the main goal is to achieve infinite mana and in my opinion they aren't that helpful to this deck.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my deck and give your recommendations. You are truly a godsend for suggesting Savor the Moment .

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Savor the Moment occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%