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O Captain, my Captain

It is about two days after you were spoiled and I find myself at a loss for words. My love of EDH had been on a failing course for so long. Yet here you are, and here I am - a reinvigorated man. Oh how you shine so brightly among the dreary outlook of overused and over-appreciated commanders. I had but one love, your younger years; The Invasion years. Alas you took too much aggro and perished a death worthy of any hero, but to the dismay of all around me you have returned! A gift from those who see truth, and beauty! Let me guide you along your journey! Let me help navigate the Weatherlight and all its splendor. I will try my best, always.

Yours truly,

A simple man.

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Current Version: Planeswalker WinCons/Hate Bear - This list attempts to slow down the board, while generating value with draw and cycling. Cards like Blackblade Reforged can give Sisay reach to pull any card from the deck. Sisay seems to be able to generate quite a bit of power quickly with a lot of cards, and could potentially reach the commander lethal numbers out of nowhere. Journey to Eternity  is a great example of a double dip card that can help push this commander to higher power.

Theorized playstyle would be to play low cost hatebear Legendary creatures to pile up the color symbols so that Sisay can utilize her ability right away and move me closer to wincons.

My biggest fears are handling board wipes, and restarting after something like that happens. Also being my first 5 color deck it freaks me out that I don't have as much removal as I want to.

This list has not been playtested yet (Sisay, Weatherlight Captain hasn't been released at this point) so I'll have to see what belongs and what doesn't.

Inifnite Color Mana Combos Show

Amoeboid Changeling in place of Sisay, Weatherlight Captain until she's added to tappedout.

Other Ideas:

  • Stax Combo
  • Legendary Creature Aggro
  • Superfriends
  • Voltron


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