“Like a thousand candles fighting back the darkness, we are strongest when we stand together.”

I've built a few decks that focus more on the dark, terrible, and madness-inducing creatures and themes within Magic the Gathering, so I felt it was only fitting to build a deck personifying the human struggle against the darkness. And the most recent trip to the Gothic-Horror inspired plane of Innistrad in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt gave us a variety of powerful legendary creatures to helm this fight.

The Leader of our Coven

For this deck, I chose Katilda, Dawnhart Prime as the commander to lead Humanity back to the Light. She is the leader of the Dawnhart Coven on Innistrad, dedicated to nature and community. She and her coven were tasked with organizing the Harvesttide festival, an ancient ritual being used to prevent the approach of the Eternal Night.

  • She's a cross between Cryptolith Rite for Humans and Gavony Township on a body. She turns all our Humans into mana dorks, being able to tap for whatever colors they are, and she can buff our entire board with +1/+1 counters when we have enough excess mana. Since she's cheap to cast, she should be out on the field as often as possible, allowing for a decent amount of ramp.

"The Harvesttide dance is one of joyous abandon, a last revel before winter nights."

The Leaders and Champions of Humanity

  • Adeline, Resplendent Cathar - A Cathar of Innistrad who rose to prominence during the Travails when Emrakul, the Promised End began corrupting the plane. She has Vigilance and can generate Human Tokens every turn, which bolsters her own strength.

  • Azusa, Lost but Seeking - A traveling monk from Kamigawa. Rather than sit and meditate in the Jukai Forest, Azusa left to explore Kamigawa's corners and "look into the eyes of the world". She traveled far and wide, exploring much of the world and becoming a powerful shaman. Here, she TRIPLES our land drop capabilities, giving us two additional land drops a turn. When paired with Augur of Autumn, we can potentially pull all the lands off our library to gain access to creatures to cast.

  • Celestine, the Living Saint - A visitor from a distant universe than Innistrad. She is a living Saint, a powerful being radiating with Holy light, able to smite her foes and heal her allies. At the end of our turn, she is able to bring back a creature with X CMC or less, where X is the amount of life we gained this turn. Since she has Lifelink and 3 power, she can at least bring back a 3 CMC creature on her own, but we have some methods to increase the power of our creatures, allowing her to pull more creatures out of our graveyard.

  • Kamahl, Fist of Krosa - A Human barbarian from Dominaria, he was at the center of a mighty conflict that saw the rise and fall of several of Magic's most famous characters, including his sister Jeska, Thrice Reborn, who was reborn first as Phage the Untouchable then was combined with Akroma, Angel of Wrath to form Karona, False God. During his life, he forsook his violent past and embraced a druidic lifestyle in the Krosan forest. This iteration of Kamahl can animate a land into a 1/1 creature, but more importantly, we can pay to pump up our board by +3/+3 and Trample (Basically Overrun on a stick).

  • Kyler, Sigardian Emissary - During the Travails, Sigarda was the only archangel who was able to resist the influences of Emrakul, the Promised End. After everything settled down, Kyler, Sigardian Emissary was instrumental in spreading the word and faith of Sigarda to the rest of Innistrad. He is a powerful Human anthem. He gets a +1/+1 counter when another Human enters the battlefield, but for each counter on him, our other Human creatures get an additional +1/+1.

  • Leinore, Autumn Sovereign - The "Harvesttide Sovereign" of the Harvesttide Festival, she represented the bonds between the witches/covens and the ordinary people of Innistrad. At the beginning of combat on our turn, she puts a +1/+1 counter on a creature we control. Then, if Coven is active (3 or more creatures with different Powers), we draw a card.

  • Loran of the Third Path - A scholar from ancient Dominaria, she was acquainted with both Urza and Mishra, and was a part of 'The Third Path', an organization that attempted to stay neutral between Urza and Mishra during The Brothers' War. When she enters the battlefield, she destroys target Artifact or Enchantment. She can tap to let both us and target opponent draw a card.

  • Maja, Bretagard Protector - The Leader of the Beskir from Kaldheim. She provides an anthem effect for our other creatures, and on Landfall she creates a 1/1 Human Token.

  • Mangara, the Diplomat - A human mage and scholar from Dominaria. He helps us draw cards whenever an opponent cast their second spell each turn and when an opponent attacks us or a planeswalker we control with two or more creatures.

  • Mikaeus, the Lunarch - The (former) Lunarch of the Church of Avacyn. While he was eventually killed by the brother-sister team of Geralf and Gisa, he was a pillar of humanity in Innistrad, preserving the Faith of Avacyn in humanity after she had been sealed in the Helvault. He comes into play with +1/+1 Counters, which he can then distribute amongst our other creatures.

  • Odric, Master Tactician - The commander of the Gavoney Riders, he was a powerful Cathar warrior who survived Werewolves, Cultists, and the Travails but ultimately became a Vampire. Odric, Master Tactician, as his name suggests, can manipulate our opponent's blocking efforts, allowing our army of Humans to swing in unopposed.

  • Thalia, Heretic Cathar - A Cathar of Innistrad, originally the guardian of Thraben and the Helvault, she became the heir of Saint Traft during the Travails and a defender of humanity. When Emrakul, the Promised End threatened Innistrad, she joined forces with Sigarda, Heron's Grace and Geist of Saint Traft to defeat Brisela, Voice of Nightmares    . She helps slow down our opponents by making their Non-basic lands and creatures enter the battlefield tapped.

  • Torens, Fist of the Angels - Originally from the Township of Hanweir, Torens was a Cathar originally serving as part of the Mausoleum Guard in Thraben, but during the Trvails, he left, only to find his home was gone (Hanweir, the Writhing Township    ). Afterward, he ended up in Traublassen, a town in Kessig, where he faced off against Umbris, Fear Manifest, driving the horror away. If Torens, Fist of the Angels is in play, every time we cast a Creature, we create a Human Token with Training, a new mechanic that can pump up our weaker Creatures if they are attacking with another Creature with Higher Power.

  • Yisan, the Wanderer Bard - A Human rogue and bard from the plane of Shandalar, who uses magic through his music to summon creatures to fight for him. Here, he helps us tutor up creature cards from our library to the battlefield, allowing us to find answers or threats depending on the situation.

Non-Human Hosts

  • Angel of Glory's Rise - Great in the late game, Angel of Glory's Rise can resurrect all of our humans from the Graveyard to the battlefield. And for flavor, we also exile all Zombies in play too.

  • Emiel the Blessed - A legendary unicorn from the Adarkar Wastes, on the plane of Dominaria, who brings luck and good fortune to whomever or whatever sets eyes on it. Part of an infinite mana chain with Village Bell-Ringer, but also a way to utilize/abuse some of our creatures with impactful enter-the-battlefield effects.

  • Kogla, the Titan Ape - A massive Ape from the plane of Ikoria. When it ETBs, it fights up to one target creature we don't control, and when it attacks, we can destroy an Artifact or Enchantment the defending player controls. Another way to re-use ETBs or to protect himself, we can pay and bounce a Human to our hand to make Kogla, the Titan Ape Indestructible. Also part of an infinite mana chain with Village Bell-Ringer.

  • Sigarda, Champion of Light - The sole surviving Archangel of Innistrad, she has been answering the fervent prayers of the lost and endangered. She provides a +1/+1 anthem for Humans, and when she attacks, if Coven is active, we can look at the top five cards of our library, reveal a Human card from those cards, put it into our hands, then put the remaining cards on the bottom of our library.

  • Sigarda, Font of Blessings - The most recent Sigarda from after New Phyrexia's Invasion of the Multiverse. After Halo was introduced to all worlds to combat the Phyrexians, Sigarda began channeling it, giving the humans of Innistrad a much-needed edge in their endless fight for survival. She gives all of our other permanent Hexproof, and gives more card advantage by letting us look at the top card of our library and cast Human and Angel spells off of the top.

  • Sigarda, Heron's Grace - This version of Sigarda is from during the Travails, when Emrakul, the Promised End attacked the plane. She gives us and Humans we control Hexproof, and for and Exiling a card from our graveyard, we can create a 1/1 Human Token.

As we all know, Green and especially White don't have the best Card Draw options, and since we have a lot of low-cost creatures, we will quickly find our hands empty if we don't have ways to refill it often or make sure our regular Card Draws more impactful. A subtheme of this deck is the ability to look at the top card of our library and be able to cast creatures off the top.

  • Augur of Autumn - While not Card Draw, we can play lands off the top of our library, and if we have Coven active, we can also cast creature spells off the top of our library.

  • Azusa, Lost but Seeking - Gives us two additional land drops each turn.

  • Duskwatch Recruiter   - For , we can look at the top three cards of our library, reveal a creature card, and put it into our hand.

  • Esper Sentinel - Similar to Rhystic Study, although much more restrictive and limited, this creature can potentially draw us a card on each opponent's turn if they don't want to pay , where is Esper Sentinel's Power. And since we have ways of increasing our creature's power, this cost can get higher and higher until our opponents either don't want to pay it or can't pay it.

  • Leinore, Autumn Sovereign - With Coven active, we can draw a card at the beginning of combat.

  • Loran of the Third Path - Taps for symmetrical card draw with target opponent.

  • Mangara, the Diplomat - Draws a card off every second spell an opponent casts each turn, and whenever an opponent attacks us with two or more creatures.

  • Mentor of the Meek - Whenever another creature with Power 2 or less enters the battlefield, was can pay and draw a card. Humans on their own aren't very powerful, so most of our creatures will trigger this, along with all the Token Humans we create too.

  • Realmwalker - Similar to Augur of Autumn, we can look at the top card of our library, and play creatures off the top of our library.

  • Scattered Groves - We can Cycle this land for if we don't end up needing a land and draw a card instead.

  • Sigarda, Champion of Light - When she attacks, if Coven is active, we can look at the top five cards of our library, reveal a Human creature card, and put it into our hand.

  • Sigarda, Font of Blessings - We can look at the top card of our library, and play Human and Angel spells off of the top. We only have two nonhuman, nonangel creatures, so this acts like a second Realmwalker

  • Tireless Tracker - On Landfall, we generate a Clue Token, which we can pay and sac to draw a card and pump up Tireless Tracker.

  • Tribute to the World Tree - This either pumps our weenie 1/1 tokens or creatures as they enter the battlefield, or draws us cards if they have Power 3 or greater. Since we have ways to make our Humans stronger when they enter the battlefield, we can stack triggers however we want to make sure we draw cards if we want to.

Since our average CMC is under 3, and our commander - Katilda, Dawnhart Prime - turns all our Humans into mana dorks, we don't need to ramp a ton, but we still have some ways to get more mana (because you can never have enough mana haha).

"On this night, the dark will fear us."

Humans strong together! Humans are usually weaker than other creatures, but they work best when grouped together. Token Generation is an important way to win, either by providing more ramp options with Katilda, Dawnhart Prime, or when paired with someone like Kyler, Sigardian Emissary or Champion of Lambholt to boost the rest of our team.

  • Adeline, Resplendent Cathar - At the beginning of combat, for each opponent we attack, we create a 1/1 Human Token tapped and attacking that opponent. While they may not live long, they will boost Adeline, Resplendent Cathar's Power, and trigger any of our ETB effects.

  • Castle Ardenvale - A bit expensive, but if we've got mana to spare or it's about to be our turn, for we can create a Human Token.

  • Cemetery Protector - When it enters the battlefield, we can Exile a card from a graveyard, then whenever we play a card with the same type as the card we Exiled, we make a 1/1 White Human Creature Token.

  • Destiny Spinner - Not a true token generator, but a good mana sink that can temporarily turn our lands into an X/X Land Creature with Haste and Trample.

  • Maja, Bretagard Protector - On Landfall, she creates a 1/1 Human Token, but since she provides an anthem effect, it's basically a 2/2 on Landfall.

  • Sigarda, Heron's Grace - For and Exiling a card from our graveyard, we can create a 1/1 Human Token. Since we don't have a ton of recursion, we can get rid of our graveyard to build up an army.

  • Torens, Fist of the Angels - Whenever we cast a creature spell, we create a 1/1 Human Token with Training, which can put a +1/+1 Counter on itself when it attacks with another creature with greater power.

"Our enemies will soon discover that we are not as meek as they had believed."

1/+1 Counters and Anthem effects are the primary ways we are boosting the strength of our Humans. We have many creatures that can either boost themselves or strengthen our entire field.

  • Cathars' Crusade - Whenever a creature ETBs under our control, we put a +1/+1 counter on each creature we control. Including the one that just entered the battlefield.

  • Champion of Lambholt - When other creatures enter the battlefield, she gains a +1/+1 Counter and makes it so creatures with a lower Power than our Champion can't block our creatures.

  • Emiel the Blessed - We can pay when a creature enters the battlefield to have it enter with an additional +1/+1 Counter.

  • Gavony Township - For and , we can add a +1/+1 counter to all our creatures.

  • Heronblade Elite - Gains a +1/+1 counter when a Human ETBs, then can tap for mana equal to her power

  • Kamahl, Fist of Krosa - With his Overrun effect, we can repeatedly pump the board to overwhelm our opponents.

  • Katilda, Dawnhart Prime - For and , we can add a +1/+1 counter to all our creatures. And since she makes other Humans into mana dorks, we can use this right before our turn and use some of our defenders as mana to bolster the field.

  • Kyler, Sigardian Emissary - Similar to Champion of the Parish, he gets a +1/+1 counter when another Human enters the battlefield. But he also provides an anthem effect based on the number of counters on him, so by making him stronger, he makes the rest of our creatures stronger.

  • Leinore, Autumn Sovereign - At the beginning of Combat, she can put a +1/+1 counter on another creature.

  • Llanowar Reborn - Comes into play tapped, but has Graft 1, which gives us a +1/+1 counter that we can give to another creature when it ETBs. Usefully if we want to maintain Coven or give someone a little extra Power or Toughness.

  • Maja, Bretagard Protector - Provides a passive +1/+1 Anthem to all other creatures we control.

  • Mikaeus, the Lunarch - Costs and comes in with +1/+1 counters. He can to add a +1/+1 counter to himself, or +1/+1 counter to remove a +1/+1 counter from himself and put a +1/+1 counter on each other creature we control.

  • Sigarda, Champion of Light - Provides a passive +1/+1 Anthem to all Humans we control.

  • Thalia's Lieutenant - When it ETBs, we put a +1/+1 counter on each other Human we control, then when another Human ETBs, we put a +1/+1 counter on the Lieutenant.

  • Tireless Tracker - Gains a +1/+1 counter whenever we sacrifice a Clue Token.

  • Torens, Fist of the Angels - Has Training, which gives him a +1/+1 counter whenever he attacks with a stronger creature. Also creates Tokens with Training too.

  • Tribute to the World Tree - This either pumps our weenie 1/1 tokens or creatures with 2 +1/+1 counters as they enter the battlefield, or draws us cards if they have Power 3 or greater. Since we have ways to make our Humans stronger when they enter the battlefield, we can stack triggers however we want to make sure our Humans can enter the battlefield with strength.

  • Unbreakable Formation - If cast during our Main phase, we can give all our creatures a +1/+1 counter and Vigilance in addition to being Indestructible.

“By ancient magics, by angels’ grace, we will survive this night.”

Because we are turning sideways to win, we need to make sure that we have ways to protect our board of creatures.

“Wherever there is life, there is power for one who knows the old ways.”

While we have the means to power up our horde of humans, there are some threats that need to be dealt with beyond combat damage.

  • Angel of Glory's Rise - When it enters the battlefield, we Exile all Zombies.

  • Beast Within - For , we can destroy any permanent in exchange for a 3/3 Beast Token.

  • Cathar Commando - For , we can sac this creature to destroy target Artifact or Enchantment. And she has Flash, so we can instant-speed her out and sac her to surprise an opponent.

  • Cemetery Protector - This creature has Flash, and when it enters the battlefield, we can exile a card from a graveyard.

  • Generous Gift - For , we can destroy any permanent in exchange for a 3/3 Elephant Token.

  • Hopeful Initiate - A repeatable ability, for and removing two +1/+1 Counters from among creatures we control, we can destroy target Artifact or Enchantment.

  • Kogla, the Titan Ape - When he enters the battlefield, he fights target creature we don't control. With 7 Power, the only thing to say is ... Monkey Smash!

  • Loran of the Third Path - Basically a White Reclamation Sage. When it enters the battlefield, we can destroy target Artifact or Enchantment.

  • Outland Liberator   - Similar to Cathar Commando, we can sacrifice it for to destroy target Artifact or Enchantment. But unlike its White counterpart, if it transforms, when it attacks, we can destroy target Artifact or Enchantment defending player controls. When it flips, it is no longer Human, so it will lose any Human-centric buffs it might have.

  • Path to Exile / Swords to Plowshares - For just , we can remove a threat from our opponent's field.

  • Ulvenwald Tracker - For and , we can make one of our creatures Fight another. Best used when we've pumped up one of our creatures

  • Wrath of God - The classic. Wipes the board, no regenerations.

"Nature bends to the witches’ call."

Emiel the Blessed + Village Bell-Ringer + Katilda, Dawnhart Prime/Heronblade Elite

Kogla, the Titan Ape + Village Bell-Ringer + Katilda, Dawnhart Prime

  • More mana-intensive than the above strategy, but a similar line. Requires to generate infinite mana. Activate Kogla, the Titan Ape's ability to bounce Village Bell-Ringer to our hand, then re-cast him, untapping all our creatures. Can't be done with just Heronblade Elite, since it requires both and .

With these infinite Flickers and Mana, we have a few solid Win-Cons

Slippery Bogbonder is a fun card from the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths commander sets, and it really synergizes with any deck involving counters. It has Flash, and when it enters the battlefield, it can give target creature a Hexproof Counter, then we can move any number of other counters from among creatures we control onto that creature.

  • Kyler, Sigardian Emissary - We can both protect and massively buff Kyler, Sigardian Emissary by giving him Hexproof, and moving any number of +1/+1 counters from other creatures onto him, which will be more effective at pumping the board. Plus, his anthem grows for each Counter on him, not just +1/+1 Counter, so just the Hexproof Counter on him will provide a +1/+1 anthem to Humans.

  • Champion of Lambholt - By making this Champion Hexproof and potentially massive with the number of +1/+1 Counters added, we can make almost all our creatures effectively unblockable, and swing in for massive damage.

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard is a useful creature to pull creatures out of our library. For and , we add a Verse counter onto him, then go search for a creature with a CMC equal to the number of Verse counters on him. We can assemble combo pieces, or work our way up to some heavy beaters like Kogla, the Titan Ape or Angel of Glory's Rise.

Good Targets

"The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors".

It's true that we aren't really afraid of the dark, we are afraid of what might be lurking within. Humans are a social species, and building a strong community is the best defense against the darkness.

Thank you for taking a look! If you liked it, please give it a Like, or if you've got suggestions or ideas, please leave a Comment.


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