As a player, I tend towards building Mono-Black decks. So naturally, when Yawgmoth, Thran Physician was revealed to the world, I immediately knew what I had to do. I needed to build not only an evil combo deck, but also the most thematically Mono-Black of all of my Mono-Black decks.

Over time this has also grown to be the deck with the largest concentration of cards with old-school/pre-modern borders as well.

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Say hello to my attempt at a cEDH-ish Aristocrat-Combo deck..

The seemingly janky, yet brutally synergistic mess of cards here revolves around leaning on our Commander Yawgmoth, Thran Physician (ie. THE O.G. evil Patriarch of Phyrexia), the only “Aristocrat” in question here (therefore: "Autocrat") and utilize his middle ability to create a loop by sacrificing creatures with Undying with one or more Blood Artist -type effects in play, to both stabilize our own lifetotal, and slowly bleed-out the rest of the table, while drawing through our Library... all at Instant speed.

Thus establishing the "Gravestorm"

Mix any Undying creature, with any other creature w/ Undying OR a secondary catalyst, and bring to a boil with any number of “Artists” present...

Natural Undying

Secondary Catalysts

(Permanents that are triggered by some part of the process of Yawgmoth sacrificing a creature with Undying, and produces a creature token. Thus can be used to establish the “Gravestorm”)

The fourth & final element of our combo..

Targeted/ Single

non-Targeted/ Group


  • Deathgreeter (Neutralizes the cost of Life while we’re digging through our deck, and/or closing out the game through alternative means)..

Anti-Human_ Dread Lord

Doesn’t have Undying himself, but is otherwise your very scary “non-Human’ Lord’ and savior giving most of your creatures +1/+1 AND Undying. This of course opens up additional layers of game-winning combo shenanigans..

However in most cases (Mikey shenanigans aside) establishing the Gravestorm alone won't be enough to outright kill, or otherwise cause the entire table to concede. In these cases there are a number of "pay-off" cards to finish off the rest of the table.

  1. Use Elixir of Immortality to continue the loop indefinitely (most boring option)..

  2. Use Skirge Familiar to generate a game-ending Exsanguinate ..

  3. Gravestorm into a massive Bitter Ordeal (The only card ever printed with the actual keyword)..

And Many More!!!

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