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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Highland Lake Polyraptor Legion Lieutenant Stone Quarry Highland Lake Forerunner of the Legion Path of Mettle  Flip Warsail Marauder
1 - 2 Impale Trapjaw Tyrant Protean Raider Seafloor Oracle Raging Regisaur Impale Storm Fleet Swashbuckler Atzocan Seer
1 - 3 Storm Fleet Sprinter Thrashing Brontodon The Immortal Sun Daring Buccaneer Siren Reaver Martyr of Dusk Tomb Robber Waterknot
1 - 4 Relentless Raptor Jungleborn Pioneer Raging Regisaur Bombard See Red Goblin Trailblazer Mausoleum Harpy Luminous Bonds
1 - 5 Skymarcher Aspirant Squire's Devotion Strength of the Pack Swift Warden Forerunner of the Legion Goblin Trailblazer Waterknot Voracious Vampire
1 - 6 Crashing Tide Martyr of Dusk Frilled Deathspitter Goblin Trailblazer Dusk Legion Zealot Luminous Bonds Squire's Devotion Frilled Deathspitter
1 - 7 Cherished Hatchling Fanatical Firebrand Thunderherd Migration Vampire Revenant Giltgrove Stalker Exultant Skymarcher Thrashing Brontodon Jungleborn Pioneer
1 - 8 Arterial Flow Giltgrove Stalker Vampire Revenant Mist-Cloaked Herald Sun Sentinel Snubhorn Sentry Voracious Vampire Squire's Devotion
1 - 9 Frilled Deathspitter Knight of the Stampede Deadeye Rig-Hauler Crafty Cutpurse Fanatical Firebrand Sun-Crested Pterodon Moment of Triumph Deadeye Rig-Hauler
1 - 10 Sun Sentinel Dinosaur Hunter Swaggering Corsair Fanatical Firebrand Spire Winder Cleansing Ray Tilonalli's Crown Vampire Revenant
1 - 11 Shake the Foundations Secrets of the Golden City Buccaneer's Bravado Jadecraft Artisan Stampeding Horncrest Sun-Crested Pterodon Vampire Revenant Dusk Charger
1 - 12 Cleansing Ray Sun-Crested Pterodon Gleaming Barrier Knight of the Stampede Hardy Veteran Canal Monitor Dusk Charger Sun-Collared Raptor
1 - 13 Tilonalli's Crown Orazca Raptor Gleaming Barrier Orazca Raptor Vampire Revenant Orazca Raptor Jadecraft Artisan Orazca Raptor
1 - 14 Sea Legs Overgrown Armasaur Sea Legs Orazca Relic Sea Legs Stampeding Horncrest Jade Bearer Orazca Frillback
1 - 15 Gruesome Fate Canal Monitor Dark Inquiry Awakened Amalgam Dark Inquiry Canal Monitor Jade Bearer Cleansing Ray
2 - 1 Vault of Cataclan Elenda, the Dusk Rose Dire Fleet Daredevil Impale Impale Baffling End The Immortal Sun Crested Herdcaller
2 - 2 Ravenous Chupacabra Baffling End Charging Tuskodon World Shaper Twilight Prophet Bombard Impale Crested Herdcaller
2 - 3 Majestic Heliopterus Raging Regisaur Luminous Bonds Luminous Bonds Atzocan Seer Needletooth Raptor Impale Temple Altisaur
2 - 4 Mist-Cloaked Herald Famished Paladin Riverwise Augur Mausoleum Harpy Swift Warden Goblin Trailblazer Needletooth Raptor Exultant Skymarcher
2 - 5 See Red Mutiny Squire's Devotion Dead Man's Chest See Red Exultant Skymarcher Aquatic Incursion Deadeye Rig-Hauler
2 - 6 Goblin Trailblazer Frilled Deathspitter Dusk Legion Zealot Mist-Cloaked Herald See Red Sun-Crested Pterodon Sanguine Glorifier Mist-Cloaked Herald
2 - 7 Voracious Vampire Jungleborn Pioneer Enter the Unknown Buccaneer's Bravado Crashing Tide Buccaneer's Bravado Dinosaur Hunter Crashing Tide
2 - 8 Swaggering Corsair Fanatical Firebrand Stampeding Horncrest Knight of the Stampede Induced Amnesia Pirate's Pillage Pitiless Plunderer Moment of Triumph
2 - 9 Fathom Fleet Boarder Soul of the Rapids Soul of the Rapids Vampire Revenant Grasping Scoundrel Brazen Freebooter Deadeye Rig-Hauler Hardy Veteran
2 - 10 Jade Bearer Tilonalli's Crown Stampeding Horncrest Jadecraft Artisan River Darter Sanguine Glorifier Gleaming Barrier Soul of the Rapids
2 - 11 Grasping Scoundrel Shake the Foundations Hardy Veteran Cleansing Ray Hornswoggle Snubhorn Sentry Sun-Collared Raptor River Darter
2 - 12 Secrets of the Golden City Jade Bearer Orazca Relic Overgrown Armasaur Overgrown Armasaur Cleansing Ray Orazca Frillback Jadecraft Artisan
2 - 13 Snubhorn Sentry Gruesome Fate Gruesome Fate Dusk Charger Grasping Scoundrel Orazca Relic Jade Bearer Dusk Charger
2 - 14 Sea Legs Sworn Guardian Cleansing Ray Jadecraft Artisan Overgrown Armasaur Orazca Raptor Cleansing Ray Cleansing Ray
2 - 15 Dark Inquiry Orazca Raptor Dusk Charger Canal Monitor Canal Monitor Sea Legs Orazca Relic Dark Inquiry
3 - 1 Imperial Aerosaur Thundering Spineback Savage Stomp Savage Stomp Hostage Taker Ixalan's Binding Grim Captain's Call Verdant Sun's Avatar
3 - 2 Perilous Voyage Siren Stormtamer Kopala, Warden of Waves Tishana, Voice of Thunder Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun Sky Terror Lost Vale Glacial Fortress
3 - 3 Dusk Legion Dreadnought Siren Lookout Kopala, Warden of Waves Siren Lookout Unfriendly Fire Unfriendly Fire Dusk Legion Dreadnought Raptor Hatchling
3 - 4 Bellowing Aegisaur Thrash of Raptors Bishop of the Bloodstained Thrash of Raptors Duskborne Skymarcher Legion's Judgment Fiery Cannonade Skymarch Bloodletter
3 - 5 Watertrap Weaver Legion's Judgment Sun-Crowned Hunters Skymarch Bloodletter Deeproot Warrior Brazen Buccaneers Siren Lookout Pirate's Cutlass
3 - 6 Shining Aerosaur Call to the Feast Opt Headwater Sentries Marauding Looter Rallying Roar Thrash of Raptors Headwater Sentries
3 - 7 Skulduggery Ravenous Daggertooth Depths of Desire Crushing Canopy Dire Fleet Hoarder Legion's Judgment Wind Strider Depths of Desire
3 - 8 River Heralds' Boon Unknown Shores Headstrong Brute River Heralds' Boon Skulduggery Rallying Roar Colossal Dreadmaw Shipwreck Looter
3 - 9 Opt Pirate's Cutlass Grim Captain's Call Verdant Rebirth Paladin of the Bloodstained Shining Aerosaur Jungle Delver Wind Strider
3 - 10 Blossom Dryad Commune with Dinosaurs Crushing Canopy Dive Down Costly Plunder Cobbled Wings Ixalli's Keeper Sunrise Seeker
3 - 11 Duress Sun-Crowned Hunters Pterodon Knight Crash the Ramparts Skittering Heartstopper Hijack Ixalli's Diviner Pirate's Cutlass
3 - 12 Brazen Buccaneers Desperate Castaways Shore Keeper Spike-Tailed Ceratops Sure Strike Legion Conquistador Shore Keeper Shining Aerosaur
3 - 13 Rile March of the Drowned Ritual of Rejuvenation Ixalli's Diviner Ancient Brontodon Hijack Looming Altisaur Dive Down
3 - 14 Duress Vampire's Zeal Ritual of Rejuvenation Field of Ruin Queen's Agent Rummaging Goblin Imperial Lancer Elaborate Firecannon
3 - 15 Hierophant's Chalice Rummaging Goblin Cancel Looming Altisaur Hierophant's Chalice Desperate Castaways Ixalli's Keeper Blinding Fog