Bishop of the Bloodstained


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Bishop of the Bloodstained

Creature — Vampire

When Bishop of the Bloodstained enters the battlefield, target opponent loses 1 life for each Vampire you control.

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Bishop of the Bloodstained Discussion

Matt6189 on Vampires

1 month ago

update: as per the suggestion of The_Fallen_Duke I took out 1 Epicure of Blood for Sanctum Seeker Then also get rid of 3x Legion Conquistador(didnt feel they were doing too much) and 1 Voracious Vampire to make room for 1 more copy of Sanctum Seeker 1x Legion's Landing  Flip (The_Fallen_Duke suggestion) and 1 more Bishop of the Bloodstained looking at possibly swapping in 2 more copies of Legion Lieutenant for something.

KingofCorns on Grand Army of Markov

3 months ago

This deck definitely looks like it packs a punch with the early Vampire lords.

Big late game threat too if nobody can mess with your board state. Bishop of the Bloodstained has potential to wreck a player; don't even get me started on Malakir Bloodwitch and Sanctum Seeker!

Some Vamps aren't amazing and it maybe use some more board wipes but the deck is very well-built overall, +1 from me.

hfrulani on WB Vampire Zol Nation

4 months ago

I believe Anointed Procession could be useful for you, since many of your cards produce tokens.

In addition, Bishop of the Bloodstained could also take advantage of the creatures+tokens in your field to unleash a good damage in your opponent.

I don't like Elenda, the Dusk Rose that much, but I think you should check it anyway.

K1ngMars on New list

4 months ago

Vedi tu cosa togliere, se vuoi ti mando una lista di cosa toglierei io su whatsapp. Inoltre, secondo me, potresti considerare un paio di terre in meno, siccome la tua curva di mana, per come è adesso il mazzo, è molto bassa. Tu nel caso cambia qualche carta, e ricontrolla la curva, poi ti adegui di conseguenza.

mavryk on B/W Standard Vampires

7 months ago

Personally, I'd remove Anointed Deacon he's got a very high mana cost for his effect. he's essentially only a 5/3 on your turn, and a 5/3 that's a 5 cost is very steep. Bloodcrazed Paladin would be next to be removed. 2 cost for a 1/1 is not great, I try to stay away from cards that are too situational, and this would fit that mold. Paladin of the Bloodstained again, cost is high for what it does. Bishop of the Bloodstained 5 cost for a 3/2 that has an effect only when he enters the battlefield as well must go. Skyblade of the Legion could go as well, 3 cost for a 1/3, there are better options. Twilight Prophet and again, this to me feels too situational to be used. What if you encounter a manaless deck, this would be a useless effect.

TerrorShifter on vampire token

7 months ago

Changes I would suggest:

Remove: - 2x Disenchant - 1x Sphere of Safety

Upgrade: - 1x Bishop of the Bloodstained - 1x Elenda, the Dusk Rose + 2x Malakir Bloodwitch

Things to consider for replacing Walk the Plank: + Feast of Blood + Urge to Feed + Ultimate Price + Cast Down + Doom Blade + Fatal Push + Go for the Throat + Orzhov Charm + Smother + Terror + maybe others

Suggestions: + Captivating Vampire + Brave the Elements

Btw in case you wanted to know about non-blue counter spells lol -> Mana Tithe Would not recommend this but just wanted to show you.

rei10 on Orzhov Deck Help

7 months ago

Nillstan makes a good point. Its so much easier, and people will be more willing to help. My opinion: get more vampires like Sadistic Skymarcher (it flies and is a vampire!).And then your finisher could be some Bishop of the Bloodstained.

randieitzman on Blood Guzzlers

7 months ago

I'm actually really appreciative that you're not telling me, "Nix this card, add this card" because you're right - I am trying to get better at this and the only way I'll learn is if I work the deck myself (with simple guidance). So, thanks, brother!

Whittled it down some. Since the deck is a bit slow moving, good call on adding some cheap disruption/removal. Added Moment of Craving, Pressure Point, and Duress to try and keep the opponent's attacks at bay while I ramp up my mana and (hopefully) flood the board with tokens and bring it home with Bishop of the Bloodstained. At least that's the idea.

Even with running 24 lands, in the test play environment here (on tappedout), I seem to be having issues not drawing enough mana. I wonder if that's just a byproduct of the randomizing algorithm the site is using or if I would still have that same problem IRL.

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