Stone Quarry


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Kaladesh (KLD) Common
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Stone Quarry


Stone Quarry enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Stone Quarry Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Why Does WotC Continue to ...

4 days ago

Recently, WotC introduced a cycle of ten dual lands (one for each two-color combination) that always enter the battlefied tapped and have absolutely no benefits whatsoever to compensate for that (i.e., Meandering River, Stone Quarry, and so forth).

These lands are, without any question, some of the worst dual lands in the game, yet WoTC has been reprinting them very frequently, when it would cost them no more money, but make them much more, to instead reprint useful dual lands, such as the shocklands or filter lands, yet they are not doing so. At the very least, they could instead reprint the "lifelands" from the Tarkir block (i.e., Tranquil Cove, Dismal Backwater, etc.), as those lands have at least some form of benefit. Even worse than that, some of those lands have cool names and awesome artwork (most notably Highland Lake), so WotC has wasted such great names and artwork on mediocre cards.

Why would WotC willingly pass by a chance to make themselves more money and satisfy the players? Why could they not reprint the lifelands instead? What does everyone else say about this?

Optimator on

1 month ago

As for non-basics on a budget, you have Command Tower, Path of Ancestry, Unclaimed Territory, Boros Garrison, Temple of Triumph, Battlefield Forge, Needle Spires. Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse are solid.

Inspiring Vantage and Clifftop Retreat aren't hyper-expensive but for a budget deck you could just run regular tap dual lands (Stone Quarry, Wind-Scarred Crag, etc.) and be competitive enough. Depends on your playgroup.

Slayers' Stronghold and Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion are generally worth running an an aggro deck in Boros colors.

LittleBreadstick on Naya Approach

1 month ago

okay. no more Stone Quarrys or strikes. Added in some extra land, the Spark of Creativitys and Sweltering Suns. Also replaced a couple of Sunbird's Invocation with Hour of Devastation. It's looking a lot better to me right now.

SecondRate on Naya Approach

1 month ago

What do you think about cutting the Stone Quarrys and adding one more Mountain and three more Plains to speed the deck up and fix your mana pool when it comes to color ratio?

zretrareo27 on What to remove, Red White ...

1 month ago

EDH Brion Stoutarm R/W, Fury and Wrath

I have purchased the following cards:

Fellwar Stone replaces?

Open the Armory replaces?

Commander's Sphere replaces?

Armillary Sphere replaces?

Quarantine Field replaces?

Weathered Wayfarer instead of Sunforger

Recruiter of the Guard instead of Taj-Nar Swordsmith

Warped Landscape instead of Stone Quarry

Help me decide what to remove!Other suggestions are welcome too. Thanks!

Freezingfist on Bad With Names

2 months ago

Hey Demonobliv!

New to Magic? If so, Welcome to the Fold.

Your deck isn't as terrible as you think. You have a decent mana base. Your mana-curve isn't the worst, and you have some decent synergy going.

Doomed Traveler/Lingering Souls+Intangible Virtue is excellent. Only issue I see if you have no access to to flashback Souls.

You also have some decent plays with the Exert mechanic and Untappers Village Bell-Ringer Tenacity.

So how do we make this more efficient...

I'd try to shave down to 60 cards. if I had to pick something to drop, I'd say Trial of Zeal. Three mana for a Lightning Bolt you can sometimes cartouche back seems a bit expensive...

If you removed all three, you'd have room for a 2nd Glory-Bound Initiate. It's personally one of my favorite Exert creatures. In fact, if there are cards you know you want to see every game, I'd make room for 4 of them. If you did that, you wouldn't need the lifelink from Tenacity and could trade to something like To Arms!. Cheaper, and you get to draw.

I'd also consider shaving the Nef-Crop Entangler. It doesn't trade well if you need it for defense. 1 toughness when it's not exerted seems low.

I'm not sure what your budget is like, but this is where the suggestions can get pricey, depending how serious you want to get with this build.

Lands. As mentioned, you're missing to flashback. You could break banks and pick up Godless Shrines and fetchlands Marsh Flats... but if you're keeping it budget, I'd just add 4 Evolving Wilds, a Swamp or 2, and drop the Stone Quarrys. They're coming in tapped anyway, and you can pull the basic of your choice.

You also have a lot of human synergy. Champion of the Parish could get out of hand. Honor of the Pure would be a good team buff.

Removal. Path of Exile is good for removing a threat you can't punch through. Lightning Bolt clear a path for your creatures, or go face if you need to blast a few last points of life.

Anyway, sorry for the novel. I hope this makes sense, and is helpful.

Heathenman on My first Dinosaur deck!

2 months ago

Putting white in is good and all, but with a mixture of the limited mana you have, you're going to have a very hard time getting all three of your colors out to be able to cast your big dinos.

I've seen RG Dinos be much more consistent and so much faster than Naya dinos.But, if you wanna stick with Naya, here's a few suggestions I can give:1. Take out a lot of your dinos. If you're going Naya, you need a very strong, very fast creature base that is reliable and curves out well. I recommend keeping in: Otepec Huntmaster and Kinjalli's Caller. The rest can be taken out and swapped with things such as: Carnage Tyrant, Gishath, Sun's Avatar, Regisaur Alpha, Ripjaw Raptor, etc. The dinos that are really good.

  1. Your creatures are hardly ever going to die. They are so freakishly large that you do not need Heroic Intervention, that slot could be used for more dinos (if you go tribal, 28 minimum cards of your tribe)! And you also don't really need Rile because odds are your opponents are going to have to block to stay alive triggering the Enrage. Slash of Talons is just meh. You definitely want two more Savage Stomp and two more Commune with Dinosaurs. Huatli, Warrior Poet is lackluster at best, she doesn't help your tribe's advantage of being able to be far bigger than anything on the field.

  2. Obviously with this one. 4 Sunpetal Grove and 4 Rootbound Crag. Take out the trash Stone Quarry.

Creeper_Math on Dragons' surprise !

3 months ago

Some notes on your creatures:

First of all, you have mostly flying creatures... It proves great against cards like Island Sanctuary (although not very popular), but just a disaster waiting to happen against cards like Hurricane. In my opinion, a dragon deck should have 50-60% flying, and 40-50% Non-Flying creatures to prevent such from happening

You mana curve doesn't look too great. So let's take a look at this from a mathematical perspective, with your current setup you have 27/60% lands, and thus 33/60% spells. So 45% of the time, you will draw a land, and 55% you will draw a spell. Pretty self explanitory, isn't it?

Now let's add in what your creatures cost. You have no 1 drops, except of course Earthquake (which if you take into consideration the first paragraph of this comment, I would take out), which isn't even a 1 drop. That's usual if your not running an aggro deck.

You have 12x 2 drops, which is good for a nice starter, although to pull off casting these on turn 2, you gotta have regular lands that don't enter the battlefield tapped, I usually find that the best ways to pull this off is placing a land that taps as it enters the battlefield, like Stone Quarry, on the first turn, and placing a regular Plains on the second turn immediately allows me to start playing 2 mana cards, and gives me a good variety with what to cast. We can consider the increase of the 2 drops as our "mana peak", as it's the highest amount of CMC of your deck

3x 3 drops. This should really be somewhere up in the numbers, maybe 8, if you want a good momentemous deck, where your able to cast spells most turns.

0x 4 drops. This, in accordance with 2-3 drops, should be at around 4-6 cards. Keeping the momentum once again, as this will usually be (fastest possible) at turn 4.

Now let's just combine your 5-8 drops. You peak at 9x 5 drops, and keep steady up to 8 drops. Of course this includes all your key cards, but in a sense a deck should only need a couple key cards. Try removing some of the high drops that you have multiples of, as having higher chances of drawing that high-mana card in the starting hand is much worse than having higher chances of casting a decent low-mana card each turn and surviving until you get enough mana and draw that card.

So let's take into a good mathematical aspect, as seen above. You have a 45% chance of any card being a land, right? So on average you should have 3 mana in your hand on any given card draw. GREAT! You peak at 2 drops, so by the second turn you should somewhat be able to cast a good portion of your deck (well, with a rainbow (5 color) deck this will be harder to achieve, one aspect why 2 color decks are popular). By turn 6, you should have gained about 5 mana. On most games, turn 6 is when a lot of things kick into action, and spending all your mana to cast that one 8 mana creature, or that one 7 mana creature, will just completely get you screwed.

A good example of what proper mana-curves should look like can be found on any good deck, like Gideon, Amonkhet Paladin, or Mairsil, the Pretender l JLK (note its 100 cards), (see mana curve graph) where there is an invisible curve of converted mana costs of the cards. Beginning deck builders should be good with peaking theirs at 2-3 (which you did well with), and shouldn't have a spike at any later mana cost, to keep from you holding on to a good number of cards in your hand, just waiting for that last land to show up, and your opponent slowly bringing your life down to 0 (one of the worst situations in my opinion). Best way to help that is to keep higher mana cards to at least 1-3 by the time you get to 8 mana

Feel free to ask any questions, and hope you can improve your deck, or at least further decks you make!

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