Colossal Dreadmaw


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) None
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Colossal Dreadmaw

Creature — Dinosaur


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Colossal Dreadmaw Discussion

Guyvas on Zacama EDH deck

1 day ago

This is my first time building an EDH deck and I was curious what could be improved.

7 Mountains

8 Forests

8 Plains

Golden Guardian  Flip

Zacama, Primal Calamity

Gishath, Sun's Avatar

New Horizons

Orazca Raptor

Nest Robber

Traveler's Amulet

Xenagos, God of Revels

Gyre Sage

Iroas, God of Victory

Kinjalli's Caller

Otepec Huntmaster

Majestic Heliopterus

Colossal Dreadmaw

Ravenous Daggertooth

Charging Tuskodon

Tilonalli's Knight

Forerunner of the Empire

Tilonalli's Crown


Overgrown Armasaur

Sun-Collared Raptor

Path of Mettle  Flip

Raging Regisaur

Mosswort Bridge

Knight of the Stampede

Stampeding Horncrest

Luminous Bonds

Kodama's Reach

Nissa's Renewal

Radiant Destiny

Wayward Swordtooth

Trapjaw Tyrant

Siegehorn Ceratops


Stone Quarry

Thunderherd Migration

Tranquil Expanse

Gruul Turf


Shake the Foundations

Frilled Deathspitter

Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Zetalpa, Primal Dawn


Sunpetal Grove

Orazca Frillback

Boros Garrison

Silverclad Ferocidons

Etali, Primal Storm

Strength of the Pack

Thrash of Raptors

Sun-Crested Pterodon

Graypelt Refuge

Cherished Hatchling

Reckless Rage

Blinding Fog

Pillar of Origins

Atzocan Seer

Sky Terror

Raging Swordtooth

Crash the Ramparts

Slash of Talons

Frenzied Raptor

Selesnya Sanctuary

Sun-Blessed Mount

Huatli, Dinosaur Knight

Goring Ceratops

Burning Sun's Avatar  Flip

Unclaimed Territory

Huatli's Snubhorn

Bonded Horncrest

Pterodon Knight

Shining Aerosaur

Huatli's Spurring

Rallying Roar

Kazandu Refuge

Snapping Sailback

Territorial Hammerskull

Commune with Dinosaurs

Mayael's Aria

I want to add in a boardwipe like Wrath of God or Planar Cleansing and switch something out for Wakening Sun's Avatar and then I don't have Command Tower or Reliquary Tower in and don't know if they're "required".

Jumpstick on Huatli Loves Tokens

1 month ago

Sry hadn't much time when i commented the first time. Yeah you really should focus on your end goal. You play to many one-offs or two offs. If you want to make a consistent deck, try to focus on what's your game plan, how do you want to win? Most of the time you have one or two win conditions, which a pretty reliable instead of so many different things at once. Also like GenuineGamer said, cut those cards, that don't do anything for your deck like Colossal Dreadmaw.

Here are some of the best cards for a cat tribal:

Adorned Pouncer

Feral Prowler

Pride Sovereign

Regal Caracal

Sacred Cat

And if you don't like the idea of playing cats, vampires are a good alternative, but you would have to switch to white/black instead of white/green. And if you want some removal, cards like Ixalan's Binding are pretty good, and also work towards Ascend if you wanna play around that.

Optoger on Jurassic Park

1 month ago

Cut Ancient Brontodon Colossal Dreadmaw These two are mostly do nothing dinosaurs and are dead in hand since you'll probably want to cast anything else in the deck.

Deathgorge Scavenger for grave hate or a creature you're okay with casting or hitting with Gishath.

Trapjaw Tyrant to help with the enrage, and its good removal.

Forerunner of the Empire Not a dino but puts one at the top of deck and a controlled way to get enrage.

Pyrohemia Another controlled way to enrage.

Thrashing Brontodon cheap dino + artifact/enchantment removal

Maybe even Magmasaur

ork_mcgork on How lazy is wotc!!

1 month ago

Yeah I think it's a mix of ensuring a more functional limited environment and filler. Legion Conquistador would be a nearly dead card if you were drafting RIX RIX IXL, or you'd be having to force them over other cards. Colossal Dreadmaw is fine as just a dumb trample beater - no need to make a card with different art or anything when the Dreadmaw isn't doing anything radically different on Ixalan (it's not like in KTK block when the whole plane got changed thanks to time shenanigans). Wouldn't worry too much about it.

Though I wonder if anything this recent was significantly affected by the decision to step away from small sets and blocks as we knew them.

Ryjo on How lazy is wotc!!

1 month ago

Legion Conquistador, Raptor Companion, and Colossal Dreadmaw are reprints from Ixalan

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Rivals of Ixalan Spoilers

1 month ago

I gotta say, I think the limited environment for Rivals will be MUCH better than Ixalan. The tribal synergies are still very strong, but I feel one has more agency to branch out from the tribal synergies. It is no longer tribal or bust IMO (excluding U/W fliers of course, that deck is always good).

I am pretty disappointed that they reprinted Colossal Dreadmaw, Raptor Companion, Sailor of Means, and Legion Conquistador. Only the Conquistador makes sense for draft/sealed environments, but the rest seem lazy.

EDH Dinos is looking well supported, now the question becomes...who is the best Dino commander? My money is on Marath, Will of the Wild with Gahiji, Honored One and Gishath, Sun's Avatar tied for second.

Merfolk now has the additional one drop it needed. There are two new ones too choose from, but I think Mist-Cloaked Herald is the superior option as Jade Bearer sadly can't target itself. I fully expect to see this deck to perform in Standard.

There are a bunch of interesting cards spoiled today, but these are a few I find particularly intriguing:

I don't think I have seen an ability like this before, but I think this guy will be quite strong in limited.

Premium removal that also triggers enrage for . Considered me enthused.

What a punchy little fellow

This is a very interesting card, likely not that good, but an interesting design none the less.

Overall I think this set looks pretty good.

r3id on First Draft Deck

1 month ago

Hey man, saw your post on reddit and I'm going to try to provide some constructive criticism!

First off, for limited format you may want to stay away from cards with high Converted Mana Cost (Air Elemental, Ancient Brontodon, Colossal Dreadmaw) that are easily removed from cards like Cancel and Lookout's Dispersal among others.

I know with limited it's hard to control synergy (basically combos throughout the deck) but I'm seeing some glimpses of it with Wildgrowth Walker, Tishana's wayfinder , and Siren Lookout! You'd want to make more to capitalize this, but I know it's beyond out of your control.

This honestly isn't bad for a U/G Merfolk deck! I recommend reading up on some draft strategies by Channel Fireball and getting a good understand of cards in the set and other synergies! Definitely keep it up and and keep trying to draft different archtypes!

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