Knight of the Stampede


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Common

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Knight of the Stampede

Creature — Human Knight

Dinosaur spells you cast cost 2 less to cast.

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Knight of the Stampede Discussion

Deco_y on Sword-n-Shield Dinos

1 week ago

True that. For the best decks, you gotta pony up. Oh, the eternal struggle of a magic player.

I took a look at all the Green/White creatures in Standard atm, and this is the list of creatures I would consider for a Dinosaur deck in these colors:

Imperial Lancer
Kinjalli's Caller
Priest of the Wakening Sun
Cherished Hatchling
Drover of the Mighty
Raptor Companion
Atzocan Seer
Deathgorge Scavenger
Kinjalli's Sunwing
Orazca Frillback
Ranging Raptors
Ravenous Daggertooth
Renegade Rallier
Rhonas the Indomitable
Territorial Hammerskull
Thrashing Brontodon
Knight of the Stampede
Ripjaw Raptor
Territorial Allosaurus
Crested Herdcaller
Snapping Sailback
Temple Altisaur
Trapjaw Tyrant
Carnage Tyrant
Goring Ceratops
Wakening Sun's Avatar
Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
Ghalta, Primal Hunger

I would consider maybe focusing on the lower CMC Dinos to populate the majority of the deck and have Wakening Sun's Avatar as a finisher. Your curve is a little wonky, and you'll want to smooth it out a tad.

x12721 on T H I C C

1 month ago

Your lands could be improved by using the untapped dual lands (Rootbound Crag, Clifftop Retreat, Sunpetal Grove) and replacing the taplands you're currently using. Some dinosaur all-stars are Ranging Raptors (also fixes your mana!) and Ripjaw Raptor. Forerunner of the Empire also deserves a mention here as both an enrage enabler and a tutor. Otepec Huntmaster is also surprisingly good, as it both ramps your dinosaurs and can lead to a nasty surprise when you do cast them. Finally, I'm surprised to not see any Regisaur Alpha. That card is really good in any dino deck.

Blessed Light is not a great card, so I'd start with removing that. In the same vein, Temple Altisaur, Sun-Collared Raptor, Raptor Companion, and Knight of the Stampede are rather lackluster cards. If you need a sideboard as well, please let me know, I'd be happy to add something for that as well. I hope this helps!

CardTyrant on Gishath hungry! Gishath want eat!

1 month ago

A big part of being competitive is deck speed. I run 38 lands and all my lands come out untapped or have an ability that lets them come out untapped. That gives me a chance to do something right than and there.

I also run Urza's Incubator and Knight of the Stampede which lower the cost of my dinosaurs by . It really helps get Gishath out faster. That is the main goal of the deck is to slam Gishath out of the command zone and start beating people down her.

When it comes to ramping, I always run costing ramp spells that get me any kind of land, not just basic lands.

With Gishath's ability, it's good to have some kind of top deck manipulation. Scroll Rack, Sensei's Divining Top, Worldly Tutor, and Congregation at Dawn all allow you to manipulate the top card of your deck.

If you want anymore advice, let me know. Sorry if I'm a bit confusing. Just woke up. But that is how to make a good competitive deck. 38 lands that don't come out tapped for speed, low costing ramp spells that don't enter tapped, and top deck manipulation spells.

Argy on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Knight of the Stampede was made for Limited, but is not good for a Standard Dino deck.

You need/have so many cards that let you Ramp much earlier, at the 4CMC slot of your curve you don't want to play a 2/4 that isn't a Dino.

From the way you are writing about Heroic Intervention I get the feeling that you think it isn't still legal in Standard. It is for the next sixth months. I would not have suggested it for your Sideboard, if it wasn't.

Going four colours is a bad idea. The deck will be colour screwed and/or too slow.

You put cards in your Sideboard that have very specific uses.

Chandra's Defeat comes in against decks, because it is so good at shutting down many of their permanents.

It's hopeless Mainboard, so you don't bring it in unless your Opponent is using

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

1 month ago

Polyraptor Squared was actually one of the decks that I had looked at for reference previously. I liked the idea behind it, but I still wanted to keep my deck my own. I think this is where I got the idea of using Heroic Intervention.

I'm glad you answered that specific question for Frilled Deathspitter as it has potential when it's used right.

Another suggestion against Champion of Rhonas, because I don't use enough high mana creatures to use that card to it's potential right?

Yes, they did not include the set that has Heroic Intervention, which is devastating, because for a two drop that protects all of your permanents for a turn is awesome, especially when aiming for the infinite Polyraptor combo. With the sets they currently have in game, there are no cards that help as much as that one would have. That is part of the reason I brought Bellowing Aegisaur into the deck. It may not be infinite, but that could still create a lot of permanently pumped Polyraptor which is still great. I think the reason that they did not include that set is partly that an infinite combo like that could crash the game. I remember getting 20+ of my Polyraptors onto the field while my opponent also had a powerful combo going, it caused the game to slow down quite a bit. This is also why I opted for Verdant Rebirth as it might not protect my creature from dying, but I get another chance to combo it next turn while getting an extra card in hand.

I felt the same way when it came to 1 drop creatures in this deck. Normally I would always have a set of 1 drops at least, but nothing seemed to have enough potential needed for this deck. I may try with and without the 1 drops a few games to see the strengths and weaknesses of both. The only problem that I am seeing is that not a lot of players are running any seriously devastating aggro decks. Turn 4 being my earliest loss, but that was my fault as I should have used a mulligan on my starting hand. If I had to deal with decks such as The Infection Will Rise, I could understand the need for 1 drop creatures. Turn 2 death possibility but aiming for turn 3 so that it is unblockable and hexproof. Even though it is harder for that deck to survive later in the game, it is still my favorite deck.

I was originally running Drover of the Mighty, but I swapped for Otepec Huntmaster as the potential for giving haste to any of my creatures early on helped out a lot more. Opinions on Knight of the Stampede? It's great to drop a few 3 drops for just one mana each.

I like Rile for the same reason. It works well with Ranging Raptors when you are in need of land as well.

If I removed Bellowing Aegisaur, would it be better to run black so that I could have multiple spells for making my creatures indestructible until end of turn? Also, would it be wise to run a 4 color deck to add in those spells in addition? I feel like this is an obvious no to both questions, but I wanted to ask anyways.

I will make a few changes at some point today and hopefully clear out my maybeboard.

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

2 months ago

Thanks for all of the comments. I really appreciate it.

I had thought that 4 Champion of Rhonas was too many as I wouldn't benefit having just a couple large creatures. I was wondering about bringing in a couple of the Vanquisher's Banner, but didn't know what to exchange it with. I think Combat Celebrant would be much more beneficial to have compared to Champion of Rhonas.

I was wondering if having some 1-drop creatures would be good to have. At least more two cost creatures. I was running more creatures like Otepec Huntmaster and Knight of the Stampede to quickly start getting out creatures. Would it be more beneficial to run Kinjalli's Caller so that my creatures are easier to summon starting turn two? What about 3/2 Kinjalli's Caller/Knight of the Stampede? Also Atzocan Seer vs Priest of the Wakening Sun It would be easier to use the Seer's ability if I needed it, but I could have the priest on the field much faster.

Shake the Foundations has helped me greatly in some matches while in others it stayed in my hand the whole game or I used it just to draw another card. If I took that out would it be better to have Raging Swordtooth so that I could still have more chances to hit all of my creatures enrage abilities?

Abrade could help, but I feel like it would be more strictly used against my opponents creatures. I like that I could use it to get rid of artifacts as well though. Reckless Rage might help out more when it comes to the Enrage ability. Would these be better as sideboard cards?

I have wondered about Regisaur Alpha as it would be easier to summon compared to Samut, Voice of Dissent.

If I ran 4 Ripjaw Raptor could I tone back on the draw cards?

I really like Commune with Dinosaurs as serves multiple purposes.

Ghalta, Primal Hunger seems pretty beastly, but if I cut out Champion of Rhonas completely, would it be better to have more mana ramp just in case my creature count is low?

I am currently using Savage Stomp in my green/red dino deck. I wasn't sure which would be more beneficial. I will probably swap those.

As for all of the sideboard cards. I have never been good at making a sideboard, but once I get the main deck completed, I will go back and use the inputs that you all gave me to try to build a sufficient sideboard.


2 months ago

You're running 3 colours roughly evenly divided which is pretty hard with the fixing we have in standard legal cards right now. I think you'll struggle a lot of the time with early plays when the lands you've drawn don't line up with the creatures you want to cast. Your average CMC is pretty high so I suggest focusing your early plays on mana dorks, ramp, fixing, and dinosaur cost reduction cards.


  1. Focus on two colours. Get rid of any CMC 2 cards that have your third colour. Reserve the third colour for the high value mid-late game creatures.

  2. Better Mana. I would look at running all the dual lands you can. They Amonkhet cycling lands come in tapped but they fix your colours. They also can cycle which is great late game. Field of Ruin can be great. You can destroy your oppoent's flipped land and/or fetch a basic colour that your need. Evolving Wilds. Lands that enter tapped do suck but you really need to worry more about actually being able to cast your big dinosaurs. Consider even going up to 25 lands with the average CMC of your deck.

  3. More mana dorks. Replace some of those small creatures with mana dorks like Channeler Initiate and/or Druid of the Cowl. I disagree with JaceSeeker and think that Knight of the Stampede can be relevant in casting your 7-8 mana dinosaurs. Mana dorks are fragile, but they are bodies on the battlefield early in the game and discourage free attacks.

  4. Mutiny is probably not very relevant. Your creatures will be the biggest on the battlefield and getting rid of one oppenent's smallest creature is not what you want to be doing. Cast Out is in your colours and can hit real threats of gods, planeswalkers, artifacts, enchantments. Plus, it can be cycled away if it's not relevant.

  5. Panharmonicon should be removed. I love this card, but you don't have enough ETB effects to make it relevant.


2 months ago

Im curious why do Hour of Devastation? Its gonna end up cleaning your board and doing more harm then good, I believe you should look into small burn spells abuse the enrage RileReckless Rage. Also playing red I would throw in a combat trick of two like Crash Through, it would really help when going up again token heavy strategies. Also consider Kari Zev's Expertise I believe it would be good for you, especially during those rare cases when you can take a creature, swing, then Mutiny it with an enrage creature to get the most band for you buck.

I would toss the Knight of the Stampede he doesnt really do much for you by the time he gets out. Have you considered Wayward Swordtooth or if you looking to keep cost down Charging Tuskodon, Frilled Deathspitter

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