Ancient Brontodon

Ancient Brontodon

Creature — Dinosaur

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Ancient Brontodon Discussion

Streamside on R/W/G Dinosaur EDH

7 months ago

Specific Recommendations:



Ancient Brontodon



Knotvine Mystic

Krosan Drover

Llanowar Elves

Needletooth Raptor

Ravenous Daggertooth

Territorial Hammerskull

Thrash of Raptors

We want to make room for some cards to help you get more dinosaurs onto the battlefield faster, and to interact with your opponents threats and spells. If you increase your card draw, you'll still draw into enough creatures to overwhelm your opponent.


Forerunner of the Empire

This tutors for a dinosaur and can trigger your engrage abilities. Sick combo with Polyraptor.

Colossal Majesty

This is going to serve as persistent card draw for keeping creatures on board, which you aim to do anyway.

Guardian Project and/or Elemental Bond

Both of these cards allow you to draw a card when a creature enters play.

Unbreakable Formation and/or Make a Stand

These can have two uses: the first use is on attack, but it also can be cast to safeguard your board from effects like Wrath of God .

Eerie Interlude

Like above, this protects your creatures from board wipes, but also works against exile and -x/-x effects like Toxic Deluge .

Resurrection and/or Breath of Life and/or Brought Back

Losing an expensive creature feels bad. Bringing it back to the battlefield for less than its casting cost helps take the sting away.


Cut Naturalize , add Krosan Grip

Cut Fires of Yavimaya , add Rhythm of the Wild

Cut Worn Powerstone , add Sol Ring


Adding Board Wipes:

Star of Extinction and Starstorm are flavorful possibilities.

Adding a tutor or two:

Finale of Devastation is flavorful and rewards you for going big on mana.

Upgrading the mana base: I would start by replacing the "gain 1 life" lands with the "scry" lands in Core 2020, which can be had for about $2 each. From there I might look at getting a Krosan Verge and Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, and gradually upgrading over time.

What else to cut / Replace

I might nix Explore and Lay of the Land , and replace them with Domri, Chaos Bringer or Domri, Anarch of Bolas (which can provide mana and either card draw or removal), or Zacama, Primal Calamity , which you essentially cast for free (or gain mana from, if you're using Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun )), since it untaps your lands if you cast it from your hand.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. I tried to stay on the lower end of prices on this stuff.


Dragonman39 on Garruk, Etali and Grunn (G/R)

1 year ago

Aside from that, though... Your deck has a lot of 1-of's. It will be hard to get it to run very reliably. You should figure out which cards are the best for your deck and swap out the ones that don't work so well for more copies of the ones that do! That will give you a more consistent play. Since you're running a lot of bigger creatures, I would suggest that you get a full set of Llanowar Elves to help speed your deck up. Another good card would be Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma. She effectively reduces the cost of your larger creatures and gives them a boost in combat. If your budget allows it, you could also replace Primordial Wurm with Carnage Tyrant. It's the same CMC and stats, but it can't be countered and has hexproof. Ancient Brontodon is huge, but you could replace it with Ghalta, Primal Hunger which is even more huge and can potentially be cost for a lot less mana. I hope my suggestions are helpful! Good luck refining your list!

Optoger on

2 years ago

Cut Ancient Brontodon Colossal Dreadmaw These two are mostly do nothing dinosaurs and are dead in hand since you'll probably want to cast anything else in the deck.

Deathgorge Scavenger for grave hate or a creature you're okay with casting or hitting with Gishath.

Trapjaw Tyrant to help with the enrage, and its good removal.

Forerunner of the Empire Not a dino but puts one at the top of deck and a controlled way to get enrage.

Pyrohemia Another controlled way to enrage.

Thrashing Brontodon cheap dino + artifact/enchantment removal

Maybe even Magmasaur

Leitmotif on Jund Dinos

2 years ago

Are Ancient Brontodons thrashing brontodons? With value cards like rhonas and ballista (both of which I like) commune has 15 hits? Is that enough? This build seems like the more value build, so drover > huntmaster+haste? List seems more viable than the 30 creatures 4 spells lists you have been talking about. Vraska adds diversity and I like the extra utility of black and exile removal.

r3id on First Draft Deck

2 years ago

Hey man, saw your post on reddit and I'm going to try to provide some constructive criticism!

First off, for limited format you may want to stay away from cards with high Converted Mana Cost (Air Elemental, Ancient Brontodon, Colossal Dreadmaw) that are easily removed from cards like Cancel and Lookout's Dispersal among others.

I know with limited it's hard to control synergy (basically combos throughout the deck) but I'm seeing some glimpses of it with Wildgrowth Walker, Tishana's wayfinder , and Siren Lookout! You'd want to make more to capitalize this, but I know it's beyond out of your control.

This honestly isn't bad for a U/G Merfolk deck! I recommend reading up on some draft strategies by Channel Fireball and getting a good understand of cards in the set and other synergies! Definitely keep it up and and keep trying to draft different archtypes!

hgjlesv on Eldrazi Stomp Party

2 years ago


I already have Temur Ascendancy, Conduit of Ruin and Decimator of the Provinces in my maybeboard/wantslist. I might get an Elemental Bond as well. I'm also planning on getting more eldrazi, maybe taking off a couple of lands and small creatures.


Thrummingbird seems good, as well as Tezzeret's Gambit. I will propably replace many of the current cards, including Goblin Lackey and Ancient Brontodon. This is an early version hastely gathered to test the mechanics of the deck, so I just gathered this from the cards I already had. I'll soon be making a large purchase to improve.

Caerwyn on Eldrazi Stomp Party

2 years ago

I might suggest adding enchantments/equipment that give your commander hexproof--you do not want it to be removed and the +1/+1 counters it has amassed to be lost to oblivion.

The following also would make good additions to this deck:

  • Tezzeret's Gambit draws you two cards for 3 mana and 2 life, and also allows you to add an additional +1/+1 counter to Animar.

  • Thrummingbird is a low costed creature, with minor evasion and the potential to ramp Animar further with each attack. At the very least, it will force an opponent to use removal, or waste a blocker on a 1/1, allowing a more dangerous threat through.

  • Other proliferate spells may prove useful as well, though their mana costs are a bit high for what you receive. Still, definitely worth a look, particularly if you find yourself light on removal/counter spells.

  • Add more mana dorks (such as Llanowar Elves and its clones) to help you quickly ramp into your powerful creatures.

  • One thing to be careful of is Fatal Push, an incredibly common card. Your numerous creatures with in their mana costs are incredibly powerful, and have the potential to become quite large, but are still susceptible to this very common removal spell. Green has a number of tools allowing you to return cards from your graveyard to your hand--it might be worth it to add some.

As for what to cut, you have a number of creatures which do not work well in this deck. Goblin Lackey is fairly pointless, as it only makes a difference if (1) you can actually get it to deal damage, and (2) you have another goblin in your hand. Neither of these are likely, and both occurring is incredibly rare. Another example is Ancient Brontodon. Yes, it has a large body, but it is vanilla nonetheless. Your return on this card is negligible. There are a number of other creatures in your deck that add very little, other than an inexpensive to cast body. I suggest you work on streamlining the deck, and making sure each and every card goes toward your planned victory.

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