Deeproot Warrior


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Deeproot Warrior

Creature — Merfolk Warrior

Whenever Deeproot Warrior becomes blocked, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Deeproot Warrior Discussion

teceramtg on Merfolk Army of the Sea and River

3 months ago

Include: Vanquisher's Banner seems like an auto-include in just about any tribal deck. Thran Dynamo, but no Mana Crypt? I assume it's not a budget issue, as there's a Gaea's Cradle, but it just seemed peculiar. Deepglow Skate seems pretty spicy amidst all those +1/+1 counters.

Remove: Staff of Nin feels underwhelming with that mana cost. There are better card draw spells. Increasing Savagery also seems underwhelming. If it were on an infect creature or Zada, Hedron Grinder, I would understand. Deeproot Warrior is just a 2/2 for ; it looks extremely outclassed.

Overall, I really love the deck. Low to the ground, but capable of a solid grind. The flavor was a nice addition.

ThatOneGuyUNo on The Merfolk Worship Rhonas Now

4 months ago

Definitely want to put in a play set of Deeproot Elite. The couters it provides for your merfolk will be very useful. I would suggest replacing the Deeproot Warrior.

ArchonBlue on Liliana's Reaver

6 months ago

Here are my suggestions, based on our talk and your budget. Out: 1. 1x Daggerdrome Imp 2. 1x Deeproot Warrior 3. 2x Old-Growth Dryads 4. 1x Sengir Vampire 5. 2x Thrill-Kill Assassin 6. 2x Doom Blade 7. 2x Rancor (you'll have less creatures to target for this) 8. 1x Duress (2 is fine) 9. 1x Liliana, Death Wielder

In: 1. 4x Inquisition of Kozilek 2. 1x Liliana Vess 3. 3x Fatal Push 4. 2x Bloodghast 5. 2x Grim Flayer

You'll want to up your lands to about 21 at least I'd say. Some decent budget lands in your colors include Llanowar Wastes and Blooming Marsh. I'd really strongly advise running fetch and shock lands if/when you can afford then though.

iano9 on Blue-Green Merfolk (Standard 2018)

7 months ago

Try Deeproot Warrior, Shaper Apprentice, and maybe some removal

Blo on Standart Norare Merfolks

8 months ago

Swift Warden in the side for lots of spot removal seems good, and Shapers of Nature vs decks that need a longer gameplan. Deeproot Warrior is hard to block in the early game, but your deck seems better (more draw) without it.
River Heralds' Boon seems great as well, can make your 1/1 a 3/3 as it can target the same creature (as long as it's a merfolk). Your 2/2's can dodge common spot removal this way and you can use it as a combat trick either way.
Deck seems allright, not made for longer games though, so best push through damage where you can.

AaronMHanson on Blue/Green Merfolk

10 months ago

I created this deck idea for my girlfriend that is starting out in magic the gathering. The main goal of this deck to create chump blockers until Herald of Secret Streams comes out and then proceed to attack with unblockable creatures. For example, in an ideal hand, Kumena's Speaker and River Sneak would be good to put out first as chump blockers. Then Deeproot Waters to help create token chump blockers when other merfolk come out.

I'm not quiet sure if this possible, but if Deeproot Warrior attacks while Herald of Secret Streams is on the battlefield and a blocker is declared, he would become unblockable because he would get a +1/+1 counter. And this in turn would trigger Herald of Secret Streams ability. I added in Metallic Mimic for additional +1/+1 counters. Kopala, Warden of Waves is essentially there to create a strain on removals. Spell Pierce is also thrown in to help further strain removals. Lastly, Blossoming Defense is added to buff up and make a creature hexproof.

Feel free to give feedback on this.

cambonimachine on U/G Merfolk XLN/RIX (Need help)

11 months ago

So I've played a few games of this and the lower mana hasn't been an issue yet because the New Horizons covers me. Also considering that I only have 4 cards that are 4+ drops, I really only need 3 mana to get the ball rolling.

Kumena's Speaker Does seem to be the better of the two for turn 1/2 purposes, though the pump ability on Jungle Delver can get outta hand really quickly if I run out of cards in hand but have plenty of mana. So any opinions on when is the optimal play there would be greatly appreciated. I have the same issue deciding between Deeproot Warrior and Shaper Apprentice because possible 3/3 for 2 is awesome, but the flying helps get the damage down range.

River's Rebuke Was a wild card in my initial assessment, its nice when I actually get it and need it, but the 1/60 of it and its high cost makes it sort of meh I agree. I was thinking of removing it, Growing Rites of Itlimoc , and Search for azcanta to make room for 2 or 3 Kopala, Warden of Waves and then taking out the Perilous Voyage s and grabbing some Unsummons (even though i do like the early scry, I can see what you mean by keeping the tempo up)

Titanco on U/G Merfolk XLN/RIX (Need help)

11 months ago

There are a lot of 2-of cards which I feel could be better tuned. You have both Jungle Delver and Kumena's Speaker as one 2-of turn 1 plays, why not just run one of them at 4 copies? Another example if Deeproot Warrior and Shaper Apprentice, there is likely one you would prefer to see in most scenarios, so I think it would be better if you cut one of them to add more copies of the other.

A second issue I see is your mana base. You are running 18 lands, which is generally really low, specially when you have 5-mana and 6-mana cards, as you will often struggle to play them. I am not saying that 18 lands is not playable, but you cannot expect to be able to play River's Rebuke most of the time. I would personally remove the Vanquisher's Banner and the River's Rebuke and replace them with 2 lands.

As for card additions I would recommend Kopala, Warden of Waves, as it would help you stay ahead in tempo by protecting your team. I would also recommend Unsummon, as it can remove blockers cheaply, further helping you stay ahead.

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