Perilous Voyage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Perilous Voyage


Return target nonland permanent you don't control to its owner's hand. If its converted mana cost was 2 or less, scry 2.

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Perilous Voyage Discussion

FrozenHotSauce on Tempo Izzet

2 days ago

Was also going to suggest Blink of an Eye but Perilous Voyage could also be a slight upgrade. River's Rebuke for late game as well. Perhaps a Dream Eater or Guardians of Koilos If you need more creatures.

Zygomatic on CounterMill

3 weeks ago

I feel that Perilous Voyage isnt acomplishing too much. The loss of CA so early in the game hurts way too much... I don't see any need for Patient Rebuilding. I already have a lot of card draw/cantrip effects and full tapping on turn 5 is really uneffective against aggro, so maybe against midrange decks. I also feels that when i have 5 unused mana, the game is either already win/already lost.

Tempest Djinn sounds good but im worried about lava coil, that makes him useless against red aggro which is the hardest machup anyway.

COUGARMEAT on CounterMill

1 month ago

Tempest Djinn can curb aggro and be an alt win condition.

Perilous Voyage can slow aggro down and help dig for mill pieces. Can consider it to be copies 5-8 of Blink of an Eye.

Why no Patient Rebuilding?

GentlemanInBlack on Wiz-zet Warriors!

1 month ago

masterk2, the Perilous Voyage also removes Ixalan's Binding and other annoying control enchantments. It's great when they use it on Adeliz, then you Voyage the card, play two more instants/sorceries, and swing in unchecked on turn 4. As far as the Maximize Velocity, I am inclined to agree with you, though more than half the creatures don't have haste. I'll playtest a few games with it swapped in for cantrips, perhaps even Opt, but I'd prefer something in red like Warlord's Fury, what do you think? That would help keep the deck at a perfect 50/50 mix of colors, something I really like to do.

Part of the reason for this deck build is that it is very scientifically broken down, just like a true "recipe" should be. 50/50 red/blue, 1/3 each lands, creatures, and instants/sorceries. I think it offers over all consistency, while also making for some fun potential high-blast scenarios.

GentlemanInBlack on Wiz-zet Warriors!

1 month ago

saj0219, in regards to the Perilous Voyage over Unexplained Disappearance, the former can also remove enchantments, artifacts, sagas, and planeswalkers, whereas the latter can only work on creatures. That is why I chose to keep it. Also, the way I use it is to more often do a turn 3-4 removal of their only flying creatures before swinging in with a lot of things, so the target is usually something CMC 2 or less. As for Mistcaller, I've seen a lot of decks with Isareth running around, especially locally, and there is also the spider in Golgari that has Undergrowth to place a critter on the deck. It's major upside is that it is only one mana, so I can have a total of 3 creatures out before Adeliz hits the field, and swing for a total of +16 damage on turn 4, which will often be game.

In regards to the Beamsplitter Mage, I chose him over the other suggested creatures after a LOT of playtesting. After about 30 matches with each potential combination, he was the one that was most consistent through it all. While I agree that the Maximizes are too telegraphed, having them be able to be cast twice total helps with the lack of card draw issue, by basically having extra spells to use in the graveyard for when I get mana flooded. I promise, I've tried to think of just about every possible situation, and tested over 7 different variations on this deck, but for pure aggro and speed, this was the best I could find. The only thing that kept up, changes-wise, was subbing in several more cantrips like Warlord's Fury and Opt for the Maximizes, and trading Perilous Voyage for Radical Idea, then getting Goblin Electromancer in the two drop slot. Also, one of the wizards would come out for Lightning Strike. But the deck had less consistency in actual playtests against other real decks. Against a control matchup, who can maybe take out one of my creatures starting turn 2 or 3, but the enchantments can be handled by Perilous Voyage, this deck, with its sheer VOLUME of casts and creatures, would far outpace and win 8/10 times.

You suggestions are awesome, though, and I'm going to consider them in some of my other Izzet decks (I totally don't have 5 built at this exact moment, that would be crazy, right?!) and see how they work out. As for brawl, Adeliz was my commander too, but the format did NOT survive locally. Thanks again for the awesome tips, and I look forward to collaborating more in the future!

saj0219 on Wiz-zet Warriors!

1 month ago

I love wizards (and I love Adeliz, the Cinder Wind)! I, in fact, built a wizard brawl deck with her as the commander and it was a blast. Anyway, I probably have some more ideas that I'll be back to share later, but for now, two quick hits:

  1. -4 Perilous Voyage, +4 Unexplained Disappearance. I think always getting surveil 1 is better than sometimes getting scry 2, especially if you're using your bounce to clear the way of larger and more expensive creatures.
  2. Have you considered finding a spot for Dismissive Pyromancer? I'm not sure what Mistcaller is really protecting you from. Convoke still counts as casting, so Impervious Greatwurm gets through. The only new graveyard recursion from Guilds of Ravnica I can think of is Gruesome Menagerie. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but this doesn't really seem like that big of a threat at the moment, so maybe it gets cut?
  3. Right now, you have little to no way to refill your hand. Chemister's Insight says hi :)

Oldschool930 on Wizards and Walls (but actually mostly Drakes)

1 month ago

I missed that one...Perilous Voyage might be a real nice addition!

GentlemanInBlack on Niv-Mizzet Control

1 month ago

Looks great! Izzet is so much fun, I've looked at 5 post-rotation decks, and each one has been VASTLY different. One suggestion I might make is swapping your Unexplained Disappearance for Perilous Voyage, since it is the same CMC, can target any nonland permanent, and can net you a Scry 2 if you're just trying to slow the enemy down a bit (I foresee lots of Aggro decks, seeing as three of the guilds can build it after rotation pretty effectively).

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, whether it be refining this list, or turning it into "America Control" with bindings and Teferis. Thumbs up! :D

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