Savage Stomp


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Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Savage Stomp


Savage Stomp cost 2 less to cast if it targets a Dinosaur you control.

Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. Then that creature fights target creature you don't control.

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Savage Stomp Discussion

xoorath on nayasaurusrex {updated 18/9}

3 hours ago

Hey, I'd suggest giving my brew a playtest - it's getting pretty tight. Huatli: The only dino gyno I know...

Running Attune with Aether, Aether Hub and Commune with Dinosaurs Makes my mana super stable.

The planeswalker package of 1x Huatli, Warrior Poet, 1x Ajani Unyielding and 1x Samut, the Tested is very tight. Each have their own big upside. Huatli can enrage my guys, reduce blockers, heal... just a great tool card. Ajani is at the top of the mana curve, so his plus helps me only find action, he adds removal, and the ultimate with trample is game winning. Samut giving double strike to any trampler can be game winning - but even if it's not, it's a devistating same turn play. I generally don't ultimate her even if I can, the double strike is just better, and using the ultimate after a wrath is very strong. Note with samut that Regisaur Alpha is an ETB trigger not a cast trigger. I really wouldn't discount samut even if people look at you funny for playing a $4 planeswalker. She's quite good in the deck.

I now regret ever playing without 4 Savage Stomp, it's actually incredible. Super happy with the choice.

Still sorting out the sideboard, but I think Authority of the Consuls, Settle the Wreckage and Abrade will be 3 of. As much as I like Solemnity it's probably just not that relevant to hose a few strategies especially now that it would hose Savage Stomp's counters.

What you found in your playtesting you posted is very consistent to my findings. I would also add that in my experience I'm not too scared of wrath effects and things like settle the wreckage. So long as I'm ahead in card advantage and can dig in some way for dinos - I can stabalize and pose threats constantly.

I'm also still feeling very good about having extra 5 drops with Charging Monstrosaur.

Thanks for continuing to update your list and post findings. Happy stomping! ;-)

Kizmetto on nayasaurusrex {updated 18/9}

8 hours ago

multimedia Oh ! yeah thats really cool with Walking Ballista! Definately an interesting and a great repeatable enrage enabler... Nice!

I've dropped Ranging Raptors to 3 and increased Kinjalli's Sunwing to 3 and feel pretty good about that spread. Also tweaked the land base a bit, but since my sideboard is quite white heavy i dont want to lose more white sources for that reason. Swapped out Prepare / Fight for Savage Stomp , i just really liked being able to untap and lifelink as a combat trick, but the value is so good , its hard to ignore. I've found space for another Sanctuary and i think 2 is good. I'll do some more testing and see how this current list feels. Thank you so much for contributing and discussing these points with me!

Kizmetto on nayasaurusrex {updated 18/9}

11 hours ago

multimedia Thank you for writing and suggesting many cards! I appreciate it.

You raise a good point, i think i was overvaluing Territorial Hammerskull and the Sunwing is a flier, stops that haste and is the same CMC. Why WOULDNT i run it? I'm doing a direct swap 2:2 for the hammerskull. Expecially with Ramunap Red still rampant.

I like Prepare way too much to drop it, so i'll drop out the Savage Stomp. You're right, the digging spell is great for well...digging. Increased it to 4 of.

I see where you're coming from, and consistency is the key here, and t1 white is uncommon, maybe you're right. I'll test out dropping the caller entirely and increasing the Tyrant and the other two 'rampers'. Whats your thoughts on 1 or 2 Priest of the Wakening Sun?

Im not seeing how Walking Ballista can draw me cards, am i missing an interaction here? but Shaper's Sanctuary... Wow yeah, i didnt really think about those interactions when i first saw the card and dismissed it. Would you mainboard this or sideboard, and what would you drop (maybe 2 copies?)

multimedia on nayasaurusrex {updated 18/9}

16 hours ago

Isn't Kinjalli's Sunwing better than Territorial Hammerskull? It can have much more impact on your opponent and it's flying with 3 toughness. A flying Dino is kind of important because otherwise flying creatures, Pirates can just fly right over your Dinos and hit you. Sunwing takes away haste from your opponent while still being a Dino making it very good in the Ramunap Red matchup as well as the mirror match and not letting creatures crew the turn they're played.

I see no reason to not use Commune with Dinosaurs as a 4 of. It's only one mana making it excellent turn one or turn ten. Think of Commune as having the same utility as Attune with Aether does in green energy decks. It allows those decks to play a smaller amount of lands. Commune can find a Dino or a land in the top five which is a lot. Consider cutting 2x Prepare for two more Commune. I would choose between using Prepare or Savage Stomp you don't need both.

I would also choose between playing either Kinjalli's Caller, Otepec Huntmaster and Drover of the Mighty. I don't think you need all of them because I can foresee games where all you draw are these Dino rampers and not actual Dinos. This is another reason that Commune is good because it can help to find a Dino to use these rampers with. Currently the manabase only has six turn one possible lands to give you a white source for a turn one Caller. This is not ideal and is the reason I would cut it. Consider cutting 3x Caller for a fourth Huntmaster, a fourth Drover and a third Carnage Tyrant?

I would take a look at Shaper's Sanctuary, Mouth or Walking Ballista for some draw. Mouth gives you a creature although not a Dino and then Feed is good with quite a few Dinos especially Alpha. Sanctuary is going to surprise a lot of players, it's kind of broken in this format where creatures will rule because it's only one mana. Ramunap Red is relying on Earthshaker, Crasher or burn to kill or tap down you're Dino blockers all these interactions let you draw a card with Sanctuary.

MadMadison on Jurassic Tribal

1 day ago

xoorath Thanks so much for the comments! I've drawn a few hands and I think the mana base is still a bit off to be honest. It needs more green and the R/G and G/W dual lands, while great in Modern, aren't gonna be that good in Standard. I think I might just drop them each to a 3 of and put some Forests in, maybe with Attune with Aether to be safe.

Yeah, I had the same thoughts about the Raptor Hatchling! I've been wracking my brain trying to think of ways he could survive combat. Savage Stomp might work, but only if he's fighting a 1/1 or a 1/2, which is highly unlikely.

What do you think about potentially adding Dowsing Dagger for ramp and maybe Gishath, Sun's Avatar as a 2 of?

Kizmetto on Jurassic Park

3 days ago

Hey! With the full spoiler out, perhaps Dual Shot instead of Rile and Pounce instead of Savage Stomp? Or drop the shocks for Dual Shot since you mentioned it being an engrage trigger.

HorridBEAST on Naya Dinosaurs! (Plz Help)

4 days ago

@pfcpat12 - I already have 11 pieces of ramp, going up to a full 4-off Drover of the Mighty is bordering on overkill. Burning Sun's Avatar has a decent ETB effect, but a 6/6 for 6 with no evasion is very lacking (also triple red in 3-color deck is asking a lot of a manabase). If I was going to main deck a 6 drop I would rather move Carnage Tyrant from the sideboard; hexproof and trample is a mean combo. Whether or not Raging Swordtooth stays will depend on what the post rotation meta looks like. There will be a lot of sorcery speed removal so it's possible that Charging Monostrosaur will do good work.

@Backinajiffy - Rile wouldn't be a great card even if I had more Enrage creatures. As it stands Ripjaw Raptor is the only creature that benefits from taking damage and Charging Monstrasaur, Raging Swordtooth, and Gishath, Sun's Avatar already have trample. Savage Stomp has the same problem that all fight cards do: it is useless if you don't control a big creature. If I'm staring down a mono-red deck and I want to take out an early game creature, the best case is I can cast it on T3 (Which means I've either got the nuts and cast Ripjaw Raptor with enough mana to spare or I'm using it to make my 0/3, 1/1, or 1/2 fight. Alternatively, if I'm across the table from a control deck it does just straight nothing. I would much rather have Lightning Strike to kill little creatures early game or go to the dome in the late game. Abrade can't go to the dome, but it can take out Verdurous or Torrential Gearhulk

djnewellmit on Gruul dinosaurs standard

5 days ago

I kind of like Soul-Scar Mage in this build, but we may still see a better one drop before spoilers are done. Right now the best one drop creatures for dinosaurs (in Naya colors) appear to be white: "Kinjalli's Caller", "Imperial Lancer", and Priest of the Wakening Sun.

I like the interaction Soul-Scar Mage gives you with Abrade, Magma Spray, Savage Stomp, and Raging Swordtooth. That's 12 cards in your deck that will give you -1/-1 counters. If you take out the Metallic Mimic for the reasons clayperce mentioned above, you could swap in two Walking Ballista. The ballista will give you a great outlet for all the mana you'll be producing with Itlimoc, and gives you an answer to gods when paired with the Mage.

There may be more "optimum" cards for these swaps, but this deck sure looks like fun. I'm a fan of the Gruul dinos. Even with the latest spoiler of "Kinjalli's Caller", I feel like you will need the nuts opening hand to get your curve to work with your dual land and mana options.

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