Legion Lieutenant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon

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Legion Lieutenant

Creature — Vampire Knight

Other Vampires you control get +1/+1.

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Legion Lieutenant Discussion

JoeNathan37 on The Trials of Eddy

5 days ago

Cool deck! I play an Edgar Markov deck myself, it’s probably my main deck, so I’ve got plenty of suggestions but before I get to that I wanted to say that I like this deck.

Firstly, while Door of Destinies can be absolutely amazing in the right circumstances (you get it out early and have plenty of vamps to follow it up with) if you get it any other time it’s just not very good. It needs you to have gas in your hand once it comes down and you never want to draw this late in the game, since it doesn’t have any effect on your boardstate immediately on hitting the field. One potential replacement is Shared Animosity. It costs 1 less to cast and it has an immediate effect, and it is very very strong in this deck. Coat of Arms is also super strong here but that one depends on your meta; if you have lots of other tribal decks around it may not be worth running it, since it’ll help all of them as well. If not, or if you think that it’ll benefit you more than them most of the time, it’s absolutely worth putting in.

A couple other cards I’d say you should drop are Licia, Sanguine Tribune and Mathas, Fiend Seeker. They’re both good cards, but there are much better options for this type of deck. Licia depends too much on lifegain to be consistently effective (which, admittedly, there will be a fair bit of in a vampire tribal deck) and Mathas doesn’t really fit with the aggressive swarm theme of the deck.

A few other vampires I personally dislike are Pawn of Ulamog, Sangromancer, Balustrade Spy, and Bloodhusk Ritualist. Pawn of Ulamog is alright, but there will probably be more tokens than non-tokens and there are just better things to include here. I took much of the lifegain out of my deck (personal preference really, it doesn’t seem to work as well as pure aggro for me) so Sangromancer came out of mine for that reason. Balustrade Spy costs too much for what it does; 4 mana for a 2/3 flyer isn’t great plus it’s ability doesn’t really synergize with the deck as a whole, and there are better inclusions. Bloodhusk Ritualist just doesn’t seem very good to me; sure it’s a decent mana sink late game, but besides that it doesn’t seem to do much. I much prefer Mirror Entity as a mana sink if that’s what the Ritualist is for; it is technically a vampire and it can pump your whole team a ridiculous amount, which is really what the deck wants.

Another thing decks like this want is consistent card draw. You’ve already got Twilight Prophet, which is good, but in my experience you need more than that. My deck historically had problems drawing cards and I was basically playing off the top of my deck, which is far from ideal. I’d recommend you add some more cards like Champion of Dusk, Phyrexian Arena, Necropotence, or Greed. These are very strong and consistent card draw options, and since you’re in vampire tribal and have a basically guaranteed lifegain subtheme it helps mitigate the life loss from these (which is worth paying anyway).

Also, I’m not really sure why Ghostly Prison is in here; it doesn’t synergize at all with the deck and doesn’t make much sense to me.

As for cards to add, there are tons of great options to choose from. Drana, Liberator of Malakir and Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief are both good; Viscera Seer is one of the bests one drops in this deck by far; Indulgent Aristocrat is another amazing one drop; Legion Lieutenant is a good, cheap vampire lord; Sanctum Seeker basically is your deck in one card, since he hits your opponents super hard every time your army attacks as well as gaining you a whole bunch of life; Stensia Masquerade is a very good anthem-type effect; Terminate, Anguished Unmaking, and Utter End are all amazing spot removal cards; and there are plenty of other great cards I can’t remember right this second.

Sorry about the wall of text, but these are some suggestions for your deck based on my own experience with Edgar Markov. Whether or not you make these changes is up to you of course. Here’s my deck if you’re interested; you may find other things I forgot to mention in there that you may want to put in your deck: Edgar Markov tokens.

SoulsSlayerKnight on Vamp Knights

1 week ago

Hi, I really enjoy seeing vampire decks knight decks, and all, I like where this is going, let me know how effective its worked out for you if you could :), May I ask what's your goal or set-up, I understand its knight-vampire based but wondering if your going for more of a token knight vampire set-up or a soldiered up vampires with added bonuses of the Knights (equips and artifacts, etc)?, which honestly sounds fun. If Legion Lieutenant is a key card which added on with others like Call to the Feast, you'll see a good combo of an army there but not as much of a bonus for knights without creating more knight-type creatures. I enjoy the idea however mixing knights and vampires together, can provide stalwart defense and offense as a good team.

SoulsSlayerKnight on Vamps and Light Standard Edition

1 week ago

liljramos88 Thanks for that, yeah I've been trying to get more vampires like Legion Lieutenant and Adanto up. Probably should've mentioned that this is based off from Vraska's planeswalker deck and I'm trying to customize it to more of an agile quick deck with what I've got. Black and White color theme but not sure to go for aggro or tokens, any recommendations on that? Thank you, nice to meet you by the way.

liljramos88 on Vamps and Light Standard Edition

1 week ago

Hello I also run BW vamps what build are you looking to build? Vamps can be built several ways Mono-White, Mono Black, BW aggro, and BW Vamp tokens. I will max Adanto to 4 and Legion Lieutenant just to start.

ergotoxin on Ixalan Vampires

1 week ago

Thank you liljramos88. I'm pretty undecided between Skymarcher Aspirant and Vicious Conquistador, as the second one needs just one Legion Lieutenant to survive a Golden Demise. I think I'll have to run some tests.

Also have to consider Dusk, it seems a solid addition although I couldn't rely on some of the 2-power creatures anymore with Legion Lieutenant around.

Regarding Cartouche of Solidarity, I can see the advantage of it, although I would like to keep this a lifelink deck. Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle sounds like a very fitting suggestion, I'll see if I can get my hands on a couple of them!

ergotoxin on Need help: Ixalan Vampires

2 weeks ago

Hi, I've been a casual MTG player for a long time but only recently entered organized play. Now I'm working on a budget Standard Vampires deck for FNM and am looking for feedback.

Link to the deck: Ixalan Vampires

The deck is centered mainly around Legion Lieutenant and Adanto Vanguard with Squire's Devotion. I'm not so sure about the other creatures and spells though. Any tips are welcome!

Auriel on Cards for sale

3 weeks ago

Would you do 28 for Legion Lieutenant, Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Asceticism?

ArchonBlue on Sanguinaris

3 weeks ago

This deck needs a lot of work before it can be competitive. Your average converted mana cost is way too high and you have a bunch of sub-par cards. With an aggro build like this you want your average converted mana cost to be about 2 or less. Check out my list for reference: Mardu Vampires. Of all your creatures, Legion Lieutenant and Tithe Drinker are the only ones worth keeping. You should also really consider splashing red for Stromkirk Captain. Buffing your creatures and giving them first strike is really strong. In terms of your spells, since this is white and black, you really only need to run 4x Path to Exile and 2x Fatal Push. Everything you have currently for removal is infinitely worse than those two cards. Bloodghast is also awesome and should be a 4 of in any Modern vampire build, as is Legion's Landing  Flip, but you are probably ok with two or three of those.

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