Crushing Canopy


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Crushing Canopy


Choose one —

  • Destroy target creature with flying.
  • Destroy target enchantment.
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Crushing Canopy Discussion

Argy on +1/+1 Energy tribal

1 week ago

If you want this to be competitive you will need a Sideboard.

Here are some cards you could use. You will need to choose the ones that suit your local meta.

Abrade - get rid of Vehicles or small Creatures

Appetite for the Unnatural - destroy any Artifact or Enchantment

Blossoming Defense - protect a Creature from a spell, pump it for extra damage

Chandra's Defeat - nerf Ixalan Ramunap Red decks

Crushing Canopy - get rid of a flier or an Enchantment

Doomfall - make the Opponent sac their Carnage Tyrant, or remove an annoying spell from hand

Duress - remove Approach of the Second Sun, or any of the new Enchantments, from hand

Lost Legacy - remove all copies of Approach of the Second Sun from the deck

Magma Spray - Exile any small, recurring Creatures like Scrapheap Scrounger

Never / Return - good against Planeswalkers or large Creatures (Vraska's Contempt is FAR superior, but not budget)

Walk the Plank - good cheap removal (Fatal Push is FAR superior, but may be too expensive for you)

Cragon18 on Enchantment Removal

1 week ago

Thanks for the feedback everyone! clayperce and mavoricke, Appetite for the Unnatural was certainly my first thought, but I like the idea of Crushing Canopy if you are in a deck that already has access to Abrade so the versatility of hitting artifacts and enchantments is less valuable. Crushing Canopy gives you access to a versatile sideboard card that, as you mentioned hits Glorybringer which is huge. I also like the idea of Creeping Mold since after these artifacts/enchantments flip into lands they can be VERY problematic. I would definitely do some playtesting with that card to see how it plays. Thanks again!

clayperce on Enchantment Removal

1 week ago

I'm often in Green, and though I'm not currently running any Enchantment hate, Appetite for the Unnatural is my hate of choice ... it's almost always a contender for a sideboard slot or two. Sure it's expensive, but Instant-speed unconditional removal is worth it.

Crushing Canopy is an intriguing option too, but imo it's more about crushing Glorybringer than Enchantments.

Mandalorian on Ixalan Fish

2 weeks ago

traffy498, I did look at that card for consideration. My concern is the cost in which my deck may not be able to sink enough to kill certain flyers. Do you think its better than the versatility of something like Crushing Canopy?

Ryjo on Why hasn't ANYONE noticed this?

3 weeks ago

It's so very hard for me to come up with any real suggestions for this deck, it just looks really good, and the Panharmonicon idea is just brilliant. If I were playing this deck, I might go with Ranging Raptors over Rishkar, Peema Renegade if the local meta goes heavy on removal, or if damage based removal is big, or if you want more creatures that boost your Drover of the Mighty.

Other than that I'll talk about some potential sideboard cards, as you currently are using 10 slots. You may find Sweltering Suns useful in the sideboard. Temur energy looks to still be a major player in the format, and without to disrupt the deck (via Solemnity or Tocatli Honor Guard), you'll need a way to fight it's big creatures. For the most part, I think this deck can handle Bristling Hydra, but Glorybringer will require some special attention. I'd suggest Struggle / Survive or Crushing Canopy. Week 1 I would probably go with Crushing Canopy, since those flip enchantments are likely to see play early in the format to determine their viability, and they could be problematic, especially Search for Azcanta in a Approach of the Second Suns Deck (which was a featured deck on the mothership today).

All in all, a great looking deck that I hope to hear good results from.

matt1974 on What Do You Mean I Can't Block That?!

3 weeks ago

Orvos I decided, after some thought, that Tishana, Voice of Thunder might work better in an EDH deck so I removed her and placed Metallic Mimic in her place. It was a great suggestion, thanks! NimbusNobody I am so glad that you brought up the idea of adding some enchantment removal to my sideboard. So I added Appetite for the Unnatural and Crushing Canopy, what do you think of those choices? Unfortunately, there isn't anything cheaper in standard right now. Thank you again for all your help!

Ryjo on You Forgot About Fling, Featuring: E Pummeler

3 weeks ago

Standard is rotating soon, so you'll need to find replacements for Clip Wings and Galvanic Bombardment. Crushing Canopy seems like a good replacement for Clip Wings. Galvanic Bombardment is harder to replace, but Shock, Magma Spray, or Lightning Strike are probably the best options available. Other than that, this deck is looking very good.