Call to Mind


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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Call to Mind


Return target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Call to Mind Discussion

sonnet666 on

2 days ago

Nvrm, forgot Time Spiral self-exiled.

Call to Mind would work though...

amd64char on Questatog! Alt Wincons Atog Tribal

3 days ago

Unless you have a way to copy or recurse Approach of the Second Sun with something like Pull from the Deep or Call to Mind, thats gonna be a tough one.
Since you're playing blue, maybe add a counter spell or 2 to protect your combo of Chandra's Ignition. Like Counterspell, Negate or something fun like Swan Song.

OriginalBlue on EDH: A Teferi Variation (06-2017)

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment. I think you are right about Ambassador Laquatus. He will be replaced by Kefnet the Mindful soon.

The reason for keeping Ixidron in is that, in a multiplayer setting, he can disable a couple of tricky commanders. That is also the reason I like Cultural Exchange in this format. Just to stifle some combos.

The Isochron Scepter was one of my main worries. With either Pongify, Boomerang, or Into the Roil, I think it could be good, but I misread Cyclonic Rift. To give any of those, I do need to reinstate Call to Mind.

*With the current sideboard, the deck would turn back into the preconstructed factory deck, which I don't really like. The addition of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth I hope to constantly refresh the deck.

I'll post an update on Friday.*

Zimmers_0 on Rebound-a-rific (Taigam, Ojutai Master)

3 weeks ago

viperfang4 Thanks for the awesome comment!

Daedalus19876 Yes walk of the aeons is a great idea. Not sure if I have enough ETB for deadeye though. Great suggestions like always!

The__Worthy2000 I had low hopes for this set but its proving me wrong. Not a fan of tribal but if it makes some awesome cards, then hell yeah!

BlueScope Thanks for the corrections. I have updated it and took Call to Mind from your suggestions to reuses some of the power cards. Great idea!

OblivionDvdr Yes, that was added. Good cantrip/evasion card with the rebound ability. Good pick!

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!

PlattBonnay on EDH: A Teferi Variation (06-2017)

3 weeks ago

Some of the cards seem pretty underwhelming, particularly the creatures. Ambassador Laquatus is pretty bad unless you're generating infinite mana, Ixidron is pretty bad when you're trying to play big monsters, and Sphinx of Jwar Isle is more or less just a Future Sight that doesnt give you any card advantage. Those could all come out for other interaction or threats. Coral Atoll is an awful land, and should realistically just be an island. As for other stuff in the deck, Cultural Exchange feels awkward, all of your creatures are things that you want to hold onto, this card is better in a deck where the creatures are disposable, like tokens. You dont have a ton of stuff to put under Isochron Scepter, so that could be cut. I think that almost all of the cards listed in your 'sideboard' are cards that could be in the main, and some of them should definitely be in the main; Call to Mind, Dismiss, Exclude, Into the Roil, Pongify, Remote Isle, and possibly Sea Gate Oracle. Hopefully this helps.

BlueScope on Rebound-a-rific (Taigam, Ojutai Master)

4 weeks ago

And as one last comment, for the same reason as above, Part the Waterveil is also a one-of extra turn.

As a consolation, here's some more cards that I think to be particularily strong in this deck:

  • Research the Deep is cool because you're both likely to have high-costed spells in your deck, as well as get two chances to return it to your hand. This is as close as you get for a guaranteed random chance to be drawing cards until the end of time, plus get the upside of messing with your opponent's Telling Time.
  • Call to Mind and Pull from the Deep are pristine cards, as you can return everything to your hand that can be exiled with Rebound (which will end up in your graveyard afterwards).
  • Divine Reckoning is a mass-removal spell that will spare your Commander. Tragic Arrogance works in a similar way, but is (at least for my build) more likely to destroy your own mass of artifacts than causing disproportional trouble for the opponent.
  • Insidious Will is another utility counterspell, as it will let you copy (or even counter) something, then - if there's another spell you exiled to rebound later - is able to copy it again. It feels like cheating because it almost is!
  • Return to Dust goes without explanation and is one of the best white utility cards, even when not able to cast it twice.
  • Ugin's Insight is one of the better card draw spells when cast a second time for free, and doesn't even hurt if you can't make use of the second Scry effect because of a board wipe.
  • Knowledge Exploitation is strong as it is, even though you'll have to pay the normal costs. However, keep in mind that both Knowledge Exploitation and the spell you get will have rebound, meaning you get to cast four spells for the cost of one.
  • Last but not least, Aqueous Form provides permanent evasion while fixing your draws. Even as an Aura, I'd say you can't skip this.

Hope that helps :)

thewyzman on Saint Traft, Tiny All-Father of Tokens

1 month ago

I was a bit confusing in some of my wording. I meant creature removal for Thalia's Lieutenant, not the resonator. Strionic Resonator is ok here with the various triggers around from Brimaz to GST, I'm not really hating on that.

Maybe I should've summed up that bucket of spew earlier... 3 IN: New Prahv Guildmage (or other nearby suggestions), Brave the Sands, Spear of Heliod --- 3 OUT: Chasm Skulker, Call to Mind, Burnished Hart/Thalia's Lieutenant

But, hey, tiny leaders isn't exactly a specialty of mine, I run thematic versions of Brimaz, King of Oreskos and Varolz, the Scar-Striped.

thewyzman on Saint Traft, Tiny All-Father of Tokens

1 month ago

I broke out my GST deck and looked again at this.Am just curious:

Spear of Heliod gives anthem and plays a little defense.

There are quite a few cards I like in your list that I don't yet have, like Invocation of Saint Traft and Godsend.

Cards I'm not sure of: Chasm Skulker feels unsynergistic without extra draw effects and a token theme with Phantom General or something. -- Thalia's Lieutenant is okay with a few other humans, but would feel better with a more widespread theme to support it. I see the Strionic Resonator, but every deck I know carries removal for just such a creature. -- Is Call to Mind really good with only four other inst/sorcs in the deck? -- I haven't played with Burnished Hart, but sinking 6 mana into the effect feels questionable to me?

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