Commencement of Festivities


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Commencement of Festivities


Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to players this turn.

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Commencement of Festivities Discussion

djnewellmit on Green Blue Pummeler

2 weeks ago

Probably the only way to get around Dispossess would be to side out several (or all) of your Pummelers after the first match. If you own a couple Aethersphere Harvester, you can leave the Trophy Mage in the main, or you can side out all 4x Pummelers and both Trophy Mages.

For your sideboard, I don't think Commencement of Festivities is worth the slots. I would include several Bristling Hydra since the hexproof can help counteract some of the removal you mentioned above. You could also look at Dive Down in the sideboard for some additional hexproof effects to save your Pummelers. Spell Pierce can also save you from removal, since we're talking turns 4 or 5 where your opponent likely won't have the extra mana.

Personnally, in my Temur Pummeler build, I found Rogue Refiner to be disappointing. 9 times out of 10 I would rather have a Trophy Mage, because if I want to draw a card, I would always want to draw a Pummeler. I would consider removing the four Refiners and replacing with a couple Bristling Hydra (with the remainder of the playset in the side), and also two more Trophy Mage.

backinajiffy on Hour of Torment (XLN)

1 month ago

This is pretty freaking hilarous. My only gripe is surviving until you get all ramped up... I feel like 2x more Commencement of Festivities would be nessesary to not die.

I also feel like they'd have a ton of nonland perms out by the time you cast a fat ass torment but Idk haven't been able to visualize this yet.

ArcaneFamily on The CATalyst to a Cat-Filled Standard

2 months ago

Kizmetto i completely forgot about Sunpetal Grove, So that's an auto update.

Just trying to figure out Prepare / Fight as i do like the Combat trick, Possibly removing out my Commencement of Festivities as in playtesting they've rarely been used. It might just be my mindset as a turbofog player from modern coming into here that is preventing me from removing them :P.

Podkomorka on energy life

3 months ago

not enough lands. Take Appetite for the Unnatural and Commencement of Festivities out of your mainboard, those are sideboard cards.

n0bunga on Thoroughly Standard Mill Deck

3 months ago

I think running Ipnu would be correct here. It's just too potent not to run. Plus, what creature in standard is more than 20 toughness? You can afford a few less Islands. Or even the Aether Hubs since you'd rather use on the Minister.

With those in the main, Unquenchable Thirst is a very strong enchantment.

You can probably afford the GY exile Desert as a side entry, especially because it kinda messes with Manic Scribe.

Your Minister seems pretty underpowered here; most energy packages run Glimmer of Genius and Aether Meltdown as they're non-exhaustible ways at generating energy, unlike Aether Hub. Might be something to consider, if that's the route you want to go.

Best advice I can offer is to visually map out the mill cards you have in your main. At a quick glance You've more than enough to mill close to 100 cards, without factoring in Fraying Sanity's multiplier and without incorporating Manic's Delirium Trigger. Startled Awake is the real deal, but I've found that you can get away with having 2; but definitely keep 4 Fraying Sanity, as the stack effects are just enormous.

And if you want to improve the potency of Manic's Delirium Vessel of Paramnesia is a nice fit.

I like where you're heading, and it seems to be in the right direction, but this could definitely use some fine tuning.

One thing to consider is to splash to run Fog effects like Commencement of Festivities and Haze of Pollen. This is the gameplan for standard (and Frontier) mill, as it allows you to stall aggressive decks while you're assembling your mill package. Not only that but it allows you to run Vessel of Nascency which tutors for your mill creatures, or Fraying Sanity.

If you'd like to take a look at any of the standard legal cards I have in my Frontier build, I absolutely encourage it:

Sandman, the Endless

Frontier* n0bunga


+1 from me, regardless. The stars rarely align for decent mill decks but it looks like we're here at the right time.

razelfark on Gruul Midrange

3 months ago

Fairly decent base you have for the deck. I would suggest taking out the Commencement of Festivities and Haze of Pollen (or at least most of them). These cards don't really help progress your turns much and you would likely benefit more form aggressive cards to control the board like burn spells or pump.

A strong spell for your deck would be Abrade as it gives you both early control and answer to artifacts your opponent might run, plus extra synergy with Soul-Scar Mage as damage will now be -1/-1 counters.

Another control type spell that may help Struggle / Survive as this will give you an answer to big creatures, Torrential Gearhulk decks, and mill. It accomplishes this by being a decent size burn spell for creatures on one half to help deal with all types of creatures, and adding graveyards back to decks to stop gearhulk from having a target and mill from killing you.

A pump spell most won't see coming because they likely forgot about it, Sure Strike. Very strong pump as it grants first strike with 3 power allowing you to win most fights instead of trading (warning this card does rotate soon, but it is a cheap common).

Last comment would be to likely switch out Harsh Mentor for a more aggressive card and have him be in your side deck. Some suggested replacements for him: Earthshaker Khenra or Resilient Khenra as they both can be brought back from the grave and offer decent ETB effects.

Best of luck with your deck at the FNM. Hope the comments help.

Oloro_Magic on Angels

4 months ago

I would cut a Myriarch for another Servant of the Conduit, the more ramp the better. I would also cut Renewed Faith for another Nissa. You may also want to playtest some Fogs like Commencement of Festivities and Haze of Pollen in the side as angels tend to be slow.

The_Pixel_Ninja on Mono-Green Energy

4 months ago

You've got this in as modern, you'd probably get better comments from the standard hub.

That being said I would probably do away with the Dynavolt Tower, maybe for more Decoction Module,Fabrication Modules,Consulate Turret or even a Commencement of Festivities and a Highspire Infusion. I personally would do away with the Attune with Aether, maybe if you want to keep a 1 drop go with Animation Module you can use it to make servos for either chumping or more swings, as well as make more +1/+1 and energy counters. either way you don't really need the attunes, your mana curve is low and you have plenty of land to stay on it. If you look at my Modern Mono red Kuldotha Rebirth deck, you'll see I know a thing or two about low mana curves.

all in all, I think I'd swap the Dynavolt Towers for Decoction Modulesthe Attune with Aether for Animation Modules.playwise use the decoctions to bounce creatures either to save them from spells, combat tricks, or just to replay them again for ETB . Then with animation module make servos when you put +1/+1 counters using and use it to keep your up if you need to.

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