Discard X cards, then return a card from your graveyard to your hand for each card discarded this way. Exile Recall.

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition III (ME3) Uncommon
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Fifth Edition (5ED) Rare
Chronicles (CHR) Uncommon
Legends (LEG) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Recall Discussion

FGG on Volrath the Hated One

5 months ago

Nice deck. We love your name too! Sounds like you'd fit in perfectly with FatGuyGaming! About your deck; Lol you really are putting hate on the board! Overall, it sounds like you accomplish your goal. Bouncing, slowing things down, STEALING, and removing stuff straight from the deck. Really going to turn some heads and fists!

A couple suggestions.

I don't get Garruk Wildspeaker and Crucible of Worlds in the deck. They are powerful in their own right, but I think I'm missing the synergy they provide to the deck; other than their own utility.

Your Stax package seems to be unsupported by the deck. Except Garruk Wildspeaker , Seedborn Muse , Wilderness Reclamation , there really isn't an opportunity for you to capitalize or synergize the Stax. Particularly, running 14 creatures seems like a shallow amount to get value from Opposition .

Random note: I'd consider adding in Force of Negation to your counter-package.

Ravvide on Kess Storm, Now Without Lab Man

5 months ago

SideBae I really appreciate your advice. I’m thinking: Tendrils of Agony comes out for Dack Fayden , Grapeshot comes out for Arcane Signet , and maybe Recall for Paradoxical Outcome ??? Para Outcome I completely overlooked and agree with you, Dack is fantastic and also works with Notion Thief , and while I DO agree with Spell Snare, I personally want to call it good on my counterspell count. I recently made the change: Time Spiral for Mind Over Matter , honestly, that change has won me MANY games. Again, thanks for the advice, I’ll be looking at these cards and testing with them.

_Delta_ on All Will Be One

10 months ago

I definitely would swap Steady Progress which isn't used all that much in Atraxa decks with Flux Channeler . But in any case Contentious Plan is a better version of that now anyways.

Then I don't think you need Countersquall , how about swap that for a Swords to Plowshares , Putrefy , Path to Exile , etc. I think you have a couple too many counterspells, in my Atraxa deck I don't play really any counterspells except for well Counterspell . I rely on Supreme Verdict , Damnation , Merciless Eviction , Swords to Plowshares , Assassin's Trophy , etc to remove threats rather than bother with trying to counter them. While, your not a control deck obviously, 1-2 boardwipes could nonetheless be useful. Then I figure there must be a reason that you don't have Cyclonic Rift in here right? Otherwise, Recoil is an easy swap.

I also feel that you can cut some of your other instant/sorceries that read … proliferate. Cards like Merciless Eviction , Supreme Verdict , might just serve you better. I think a little more ramp could be used here also, such as Simic Signet , Commander's Sphere , Fellwar Stone , Kodama's Reach / Cultivate and such (1-2 mana of these would help), So I think cutting a card like Contagion Clasp and or Temple Bell would be a good choice.

So, in summary I would cut some of these cards: Wanderer's Strike , Countersquall , Grim Affliction , Steady Progress , Juniper Order Ranger , Recoil , Temple Bell ( Otherworld Atlas could be more interesting, I use it in Nekusar, the Mindrazer :).

And add some of these, Scavenging Ooze , Flux Channeler , Winding Constrictor , Simic Signet , Orzhov Signet , Golgari Signet , Commander's Sphere (1-2 more mana rocks would help, Crystalline Crawler could also work maybe) Merciless Eviction , Cyclonic Rift , Putrefy , Swords to Plowshares , and Mortify .

Even though my list has been converted to superfriends now, you could have a look at it for some still possible ideas. I hope some of this helps.

xaarvaxus on Zombie Tribal

1 year ago

For this deck I would think 40 lands is still a bit high. You've got way more islands than you need to cast the handful of you have in the deck. Perhaps cut 3 islands but add in Unholy Grotto?

No Buried Alive? For my Grimgrin, Corpse-Born deck I use it to get Gravecrawler, Prized Amalgam and Wonder [Woot! Flying zombies] into the graveyard. You could alternately consider Filth as Urborg would make the swampwalk useful.

Other zombies to potentially consider for the card draw: Cryptbreaker and Midnight Reaper. The Reaper will provide a steady supply of cards if Gravecrawler keeps getting sacced.

Possible counterspells if you were to go that route: Negate as you probably don't care much about any creatures your opponents may cast & Stubborn Denial as with a commander that is 4+ power this is probably always a hard counter for . If someone removes him at instant speed you could always eternalize a new pleb at 4+ with his ability in response.

Other potential mill: Altar of the Brood, you already have Gravecrawler and Phyrexian Altar so this would add an infinite mill wincon to the deck. Sac crawler to P Altar and produce , recast it, Brood mills everyone for one, rinse/repeat.

If you have Yawgmoth's Will I'd sub that in for Recall. Not a cheapie I know but worth it if you have it.

Hopefully my ramblings can provide some food for thought.

gergonthedestroyer on Mizzix of the Izmagnus, I'll burn!

1 year ago

I really like some of your ideas to produce mana and will be incorporating them into my version. It's Mizzix in the Mix if you would like to look and see if my ideas work for you.

I went more "all in" on the experience counters and have found that colored mana is at a premium. Therefore, I changed my counter spells from things like Counterflux, Dissipate, or Spell Crumple to things like Condescend, Power Sink, or Syncopate. That way I only need one blue open and I always get an experience counter. Mindswipe gives added burn value, and I like Spell Burst over Forbid as the game lock.

I also tried to replace creatures with spells where possible, so Archaeomancer turned into Mystic Retrieval and Recall, and Lunar Mystic turned into Whispers of the Muse. I also found that effects like Guttersnipe and Electrostatic Field didn't work as well for me as just having another burn spell. This may just personal style though.

Blasphemous Act takes out Mizzix with everything else. You could try Bonfire of the Damned, Sudden Demise, or even Rolling Thunder for some board control. Fanning the Flames looks even better in your list than mine I think.

You are right about there being a problem if Mizzix gets too expensive. I added Inexorable Tide to keep the experience counters coming even with Mizzix in the Command Zone. That allows you to just set up for one big turn where you recast him and win.

Harashiohorn on One-Trick Pony: Lazav!

1 year ago

Entomb is just too good to not run. Phyrexian Dreadnought combo's well with Lazav, since when he copies the ETB doesn't trigger, and playing it but failing the ETB makes it go right to the yard to enable the combo. Invisible Stalker lets you give hexproof easily.

Going in another direction, Glimpse the Unthinkable and other mill cards provide a way to quickly stack your graveyard, while Phyrexian Reclamation and Recall let you recur the things you want back. If you're stacking your graveyard you might as well add in Living Death, type effects (Bonus points for All Hallow's Eve).

Tainted Strike gives Infect as another means of grabbing that 1 hit kill. Warped Physique can be either a pump spell or removal once you've gotten your graveyard full. Mortal Combat provides a fun alternative wincon, if you want.

Wonder and Filth both give you benefits just for being in your graveyard.

For protecting your graveyard, your best bet is probably just counterspells. Things like Silent Gravestone only work with non-targeted reanimation.

Caerwyn on Silent Gravestone and graveyard targets

1 year ago

Correct. Recall and Forbidden Crypt (which has received errata so it no longer targets) do not target directly, so you can use them to return cards. Likewise, cards like Exhume do not target.

Stefan0620 on Baral just say "No"

1 year ago

Hey, sorry about the delay, I do like the deck, but for feedback from personal experience, be ready for hands with no lands, or mana droughts, as 33 lands is kind of a lower number. I also don't like Recall in Baral decks very much, because I find that I struggle to keep a decent card advantage that make's it worth it. Not a bad card, but it just seems to be kind of situational. I'm also kind of leaning towards dropping Opal Palace without Runechanter's Pike.

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