Nature's Spiral

Nature's Spiral



Return target permanent card from your graveyard to your hand. (A permanent card is an artifact, creature, enchantment, land, or planeswalker card.)

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Nature's Spiral Discussion

VampiricJace on Meet My ZomBaes!

5 days ago

Thanks! I appreciate the suggestion, but Nature's Spiral says return permanent card, instead of just card, ruling out some invaluable cards like Set Adrift, Army of the Damned, and my removal:P

Pinkzeppelincult on 2015-06-29 update of Host your ...

1 week ago

Actually, green has more targeted recovery effects. White has Sun Titan and Profound Journey, and that's close to it. Green has Regrowth, Nature's Spiral, Eternal Witness, Den Protector, etc.

crystalisdraco on Karametra edh

2 months ago

Hello Friend! Suggestions with Autocard are awesome!

So one of the first suggestion I'll make is based upon your commander, she is indestructible and you should take advantage of that by using destroy all creature effects instead of exile effects. For this I'd take out False Prophet and put in Sunblast Angel, she's a bigger flier, and you can easily control what she destroys.

I think that using hydra like creatures will help since you'll have deep coffers of mana and they will size up as the games go later. Also using effects that give these creatures abilities works in your colors. You can also cast these before Karametra if you need to, or wait and gain value afterwards.Creatures: Feral Hydra Hooded Hydra Ivy Elemental Mikaeus, the Lunarch Mistcutter Hydra Protean Hydra Phytohydra
Boosters: Brave the Sands Abzan Falconer Ainok Bond-Kin Abzan Battle Priest Longshot Squad Tuskguard Captain Aura Shards Collective Blessing Primal Rage Archetype of Courage True Conviction

Along with the theme of pumping out big creatures and lots of them you can always add some green draw.Draw: Shamanic Revelation Soul's Majesty Harmonize

Also never doubt some recursion, and if we continue with the hydra-espue creatures though that would mean return to the hand instead of the battlefield, and that gives you extra lands.Recursion: Eternal Witness Deadwood Treefolk Evolution Charm Nature's Spiral Remember the Fallen Reviving Melody Wildwood Rebirth

Hope this helps!

The-Xellos on The Phalanx

3 months ago

You might have to switch out Gavony Township. That could hurt you with Ensnaring Bridge. Maybe some Mistveil Plains.

I would say probably drop Order of Whiteclay, his ability is cool but it is an untap ability. I do not see a way of tapping him besides attacking, and depending on what you are going against might mean only using it once.

Other then that I think the only options you have are Perimeter Captain, Stalwart Shield-Bearers, and Steel Wall. Maybe Steel Wall is the weakest link, but the other two will not befit from Rolling Stones.

I would say Rolling Stones, but then that will leave you with only 4 cards that will make your creatures attack. If you are going against a counter deck all they have to do is hold 4 counters and you are dead. Maybe side 2 more Nature's Spiral for counter decks. Maybe even a Helix Pinnacle for a backup plan (Overgrown Battlement can help pay for it).

Maybe side in some more graveyard return or a backup plan for counter decks and sideboard enchantment hate. I would not put more then one enchantment out in the battle field, due to cards like Back to Nature

sergiodelrio on The Phalanx

3 months ago


Thanks for the feedback!

This deck has a lot of shenanigans too.

Skinshifter is an interesting card. But I believe for 3 mana he's a little too expensive for what he does... also he doesn't contribute to the defender theme. As I don't want this to be too casual, I try to use the most efficient cards for the theme.

I have considered Colossus of Akros, but he might be overkill, don't you think?

Also, your deck seems very similar to this one. I don't think you need Hornet Nest in your deck. The tokens you get are just not worth the trouble imho. Maybe replace it with Wall of Omens (think about it, 4/4 body AND a card for ) or with Nature's Spiral to return an Assault Formation. Other than that, I really like your approach.

InDirectX on How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

3 months ago

Noxious Revival is a lot better than Elven Cache, the extra 3 mana isn't worth gaining a draw.If you want to return permanents you can alternatively do Nature's Spiral.

Zazax on Modular Design

3 months ago

Ooh. Evolution Vat is very interesting. I'll look into that one.

Magnetic Flux is also interesting, but I do already have a a small Flyer (that can get bigger) as well as some Fear and Trample. I'll keep it in mind, but I'm not entirely sure it's necessary.

I actually already have one Energy Chamber, and getting another shouldn't be too hard. I can't believe that it didn't occur me to include it in here. That's quite a brainfart.

If I were to choose one, I'd probably grab Nature's Spiral over Noxious Revival. As you say it's cheaper and doesn't waste a draw, and the only thing it can't get back that Revival does is Stoic Rebuttal. And itself.

Vorel of the Hull Clade looks like it could be totally nuts in here. Will definitely look into it.

Steady Progress and Tezzeret's Gambit could both work. I've already got repeatable sources of Proliferate in here in Contagion Engine, Throne of Geth, and Inexorable Tide, but more is always good, and I am kind of lacking reliable card draw until towards the end of the game. Hmm.

InDirectX on Modular Design

3 months ago

alternative to Noxious Revival if you want the same mechanic but more budget: Nature's Spiral

there's also an added benefit of being able to return non-creatures

Color(s) Green
Cost 1G
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 7.69
Avg. cube pick 11.57


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Uncommon
Duels of the Planeswalkers Uncommon
2010 Core Set Uncommon

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