Nature's Spiral


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Uncommon
Duels of the Planeswalkers Uncommon
2010 Core Set Uncommon

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Nature's Spiral


Return target permanent card from your graveyard to your hand. (A permanent card is an artifact, creature, enchantment, land, or planeswalker card.)

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Nature's Spiral Discussion

HanClinto on El Cheapo Land Throw

2 weeks ago

Massive glut of comments incoming:

Satyr Wayfinder seems like a very good fit as well.

Commune with the Gods / Gather the Pack as well. Scout the Borders is almost better because it gives you the flexibility of getting a land (so it's a pseudo-Mulch), but it's three mana instead of two, which is a major drawback. An 2-mana Instant like Grisly Salvage would be perfect, but it adds black which is prohibitive. Tracker's Instincts is nice, but would be nice if we could take advantage of the flashback.

Land Grant is interesting to me here.

For all of the self-mill cards, I think that the flexibility of Grapple with the Past perhaps may be best.

Vessel of Nascency is compelling here as well -- especially with Commune with the Gods.

I really like Rites of Spring in this deck.

Almost makes me think we might be able to shoehorn Borborygmos Enraged in here. Probably not reasonable though.

Any room for Crawling Sensation here?

Titania, Protector of Argoth would be wonderful, but again, very expensive for what it is.

Splendid Reclamation with Aggressive Mining seems like it could be a fun combo.

I was originally thinking that Loam Larva would be a fun / dumb combo with Countryside Crusher -- but then I found Scouting Trek. So much more fun. :D

Nostalgic Dreams is on a similar vein, but lets you just refill your hand with known things.

Journey of Discovery to smooth stuff out? Edge of Autumn seems like a solid card in this deck.

Nissa's Pilgrimage is like a cheaper ($-wise) version of Kodama's Reach that only works on forests, and can sometimes have spell mastery. Kodama's Reach would be super good in this deck though.

Natural Balance is shenanigans.

Blighted Woodland for a bit of ramp and more lands in the graveyard? Blighted Gorge is a bit of removal.

Devastating Dreams seems like it could be fun.

I wonder if Savage Conception is perhaps better than Worm Harvest -- it's $0.50 cheaper, slightly easier on the mana cost, creates 3/3's, but doesn't go nearly as wide. Call the Skybreaker

Call me weird, but I'm intrigued by the idea of Weird Harvest here to tutor for our payoffs -- but that's provided that we don't care about giving our opponent their perfect creature as well.

Nature's Spiral might be a good catch-all way to recover your Elixer from the graveyard, or anything else you might need. Actually, with all of the self-mill, running two copies of Gaea's Blessing instead of Elixer might just be better.

New Frontiers into Natural Balance just seems mean -- especially if you have a way to sac all of the lands that you brought in with New Frontiers, like Aggressive Mining.

Restore doesn't seem horrible in that it's land cycling as well as ramp.

GregorinWoefin on

3 months ago

cameronhawk2Hi! So I want to start with thanking you for all the suggestions, I am always looking for tip and support :). On that note though, I do already have a sacrificing deck where Savra, Queen of the Golgari is actually my commander so I was looking with this deck to kind of stay clear of sacrificing with this deck. Just because when I make a deck I like to kind of have a theme, so I won't be taking some of your suggestions.... for THIS deck, but I will look into it for my Savra deck :). I am just weird like that lol.

In regards to the Deadbridge Goliath, Slitherhead and Drudge Beetle, Varolz, the Scar-Striped will make their scavenge cost cheaper and I want the Slither and Beetle in for low cost creatures at the start of the game. Rather Varolz doesn't actually make the cost cheaper but adds another scavenge ability to them which is their converted mana cost. BUT! I am actually looking into getting Death's Shadow and Eater of Days (however Phyrexian Dreadnought is just too expensive for me to reasonably purchase at this point), they are actually in my maybeboard just because I don't own them and won't be getting them until at least next month.

I will definitely look into Meren of Clan Nel Toth as well! Looks fun. Unfortunately about the Entomb it is the same thing as with the Dreadnought, just too expensive. I did put in Buried Alive and Jarad's Orders as cheap alternatives however. I might look into Regrowth as well just because it is cheap but otherwise I think I am fine with graveyard return cards. I have Grim Discovery, Dread Return, Creeping Renaissance, Nature's Spiral, Life from the Loam, Animate Dead, Treasured Find, Deadbridge Chant as well as a few creatures that bring either other creatures or land back to my hand from the graveyard.

I think you are right though. I don't really need the Primal Vigor and I need more full board removal. Currently my only Black Sun's Zenith is in another deck but I will get another one since they are not expensive and I have a Gaze of Granite I will put in as well.

Thanks for all the tips and advice!

mr_funk on

3 months ago

i would probably switch Tide Drifter for Wall of Blossoms. wall of blossoms draws a card, getting you closer to Assault Formation or just fuel. while tide drifter does have an additional point of defense, his ability to add +0/+1 to colorless creatures you control is next to useless considering he's the only colorless dude youve got.

another option you could pursue is just trading the black for red and using cards like Vile Aggregate, Kozilek's Sentinel and Pyroclasm

p.s. i dig the Commune with the Gods. spicy flavor. could possibly add something like Revive or Nature's Spiral to Recover some lost/ditched stuff.

Ryuujin_Sukai on Yeva's Flash Mob

4 months ago

I have Nature's Spiral and Elven Cache in there already. I do have to say though. I'm liking Praetor's Counsel, Creeping Renaissance, Recollect, and Regrowth Those could really help with the flow of the deck for sure.

Any idea on pull cards? Something that isn't a creature that could let me pull cards from my library?

kingfrankzappa on Yeva's Flash Mob

4 months ago

GearNoir got a lot of the good ones. To expand though, Creeping Renaissance is great if you want a whole bunch of the same type of card. Praetor's Counsel will return your whole yard to hand, and give you 'no max hand size' at the same time. Grave Sifter can be good in tribal builds sometimes. Recollect and Regrowth are E-Wit effects without bodies. Nature's Spiral will grab permanents and Genesis works great in connection with something like Eternal Witness or if you want to reuse any creatures really.

FAMOUSWATERMELON on The Hypnotoad (New SOI Combo)

5 months ago

Updated! Sorry it took a while, I've been pretty busy these last couple days.

Anyhow, the current build feels pretty solid, but I'm a bit iffy on some card choices, notably Nature's Spiral. Any other brilliant ideas? :)

taurbeer on

7 months ago

So you want a deck that is competetive...

First of all, a deck is more competetive if you're capable of doing the same thing every game. This is done by having a lot of your main cards... And every card should be selected specifically for your deck...

So following that logic, remove the following cards as they don't really help you win before turn 6 which is what you want in modern to be competetive:

Thornweald Archer, Scute Mob, Scourge of Valkas, Paragon of Eternal Wilds, Oracle of Nectars, Joiner Adept, Leyline of Lifeforce, Leyline of Vitality, Predatory Advantage, Jungle Shrine, Blaze, Bramblecrush and Nature's Spiral.

Then you want to remove Mortal's Resolve because it's used to save your things from destruction and if you're not using your mana on your turn to help yourself kill the enemy, you're doing something wrong.