Phage the Untouchable

Phage the Untouchable

Legendary Creature — Avatar Minion

When Phage the Untouchable enters the battlefield, if you didn't play it from your hand, you lose the game.

Whenever Phage deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature. It can't be regenerated.

Whenever Phage deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game.

Phage the Untouchable Discussion

kpres on Giving Good People Bad Permanents

3 days ago

This is a cool deck. I love the chaos aspect. +1 to Endless Whispers . It is part of a combo with Phage the Untouchable . When Phage dies, it comes into play under an opponent's control. That player loses, and you regain control of Phage. If you're playing with those cards, then you can sneak Phage into play without paying its mana cost (or losing the game) with Scroll of Fate .

I think it's kool that you're using both Karona and Phage in the same deck. Did you know that they are both Jeska?

The inclusion of Vows with Karona is essential, but you can also take advantage of her ability to boost the tribe of your choice, by including something like Conspiracy .

kpres on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage

3 weeks ago

Endless Whispers combos with Phage the Untouchable 's ETB death trigger.

  1. Manifest Phage

  2. Let Phage die with endless whispers in play

  3. She returns to battlefield under opponent's control and triggers.

Also works with Leveler

kpres on All My Homies Hate Public Knowledge (Morph EDH)

3 weeks ago

I saw a morph/manifest deck that used Endless Whispers with Leveler and Phage the Untouchable. You manifest those creatures, and then when they die, they miraculously enter the battlefield under an opponent's control, causing them to lose the game. You shouldn't consider it for your deck, because it takes a lot of other cards to execute. I really like the look of your deck as-is.

d_iros on Does manifesting Phage with Scroll …

1 month ago

Just not sure what happens when you manifest Phage the Untouchable with Scroll of Fate since she's coming in face down as a manifest. Would I lose the game right there? Would I lose the game when she's flipped up?

Coward_Token on (Kaldheim) Mystic Reflection uses

1 month ago

Mystic Reflection

This card seems pretty wild, being kind of a preemptive (and non-Disenchantable) Metamorphic Alteration. If you foretell it on one turn, it only takes one measly mana to use it in response to something on another turn. What kind of tricks can you think of using it for?

  • Grave Peril-esque pseudo-removal, turning an incoming commander (including Lord Windgrace) into a random 1/1 token. (Like being elk'd, you could cure this with flickering.)

  • Force someone to copy an unpleasant creature, like Steel Golem. Sadly, no Phage the Untouchables tho

  • Most obviously, use spells/abilities that bring in a lot of creatures in one go so that they all enter as a copy of something strong. One awkward thing here though is that an opponent could ursurp the reflection by getting in something of their own at instant speed. -inclusive commanders I can think of that qualify are Oona, Queen of the Fae and Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant, plus Tana, the Bloodsower & Nadier, Agent of the Duskenel with an appropriate partner. (Note that e.g. The Locust God is AFAIK underwhelming here since its triggers are separate; you'll only get a copy out of the first token.)

  • Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer could use it as an inexpensive (if somewhat risky) way of getting a token copy of something that his other tokens can then copy in turn.

  • Kind of narrow, but you could get extra value by having creatures with on-cast triggers like Mockery of Nature come in as a copy of something with an ETB trigger, getting you both triggers at the end of the day. (You could also do something like having a creature cast from your hand come into as a copy of a Dread Cacodemon to qualify for its ETB, but you could do the same with any creature card Clone variant.)

Brutal_B on Best Play I Have Seen …

1 month ago

So it was me and one dude left in a 4 person pod and I was playing my artifact deck and dude was playing some mono black something-or-other. I had Platinum Angel out and he drops Phage the Untouchable and swings at me with her a couple times over the course of 2-3 turns just for the sake of dealing damage. I top deck Saheeli's Artistry, copy Platinum Angel and Phage. On my next turn I pay into my Rogue's Passage targeting my Phage and swing for the win!

Mr.Beaver on More Refined Deathtouch Pingers (Needs Help)

1 month ago

A commander deck needs to be 100 cards (including your commander) so we should try to find some cards to cut. Lobe Lobber is an obvious first choice since it's not legal in EDH. I think you could also cut some enchantments and artifacts since your commander already gives your creatures deathtouch. Gorgon Flail, Gorgon's Head, Gift of Doom, Archetype of Finality are all probably good places to start. Playtesting should also be able to help you find which cards don't come up often/just can't be played. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Phage the Untouchable, Magus of the Wheel, Wurmcoil Engine, and Xathrid Gorgon are all good cards but might not be useful in this specific deck. I'll try doing some playtests too, but I think getting to 100 should be your top priority for now. Commander is a tricky format to build for, but your definitely on the right track! :)

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