Terrain Generator

Terrain Generator


, Gain .

, : You may put a basic land card from your hand into play tapped.

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Terrain Generator Discussion

DoIStillLoveIt on Cosima - Omenkeelin' the Game

5 days ago

Really enjoyed your game on Muddstah, definitely making me reexamine Omenkeel. Do you tend to always play it on the Omenkeel side? Have you ever found a time that make Cosima a better play?

Have you considered Tideforce Elemental ? I'm a big fan in most U-based landfall decks, and here it would be able to help crew vehicles as well as clear out blockers. Also, have you tested Roil Elemental ?

Also, while I get that you play a lot of your opponent's lands, would you consider cards like Scaretiller and Terrain Generator to help get the lands you draw onto the field? Finally, any consideration of Blackblade Reforged to help close the game or nah? Thanks!

Peoyogon on Magic the Gardening

1 month ago

Terrain Generator might help your garden grow a little faster :)

Peoyogon on Dakkon Blackblade Old Border EDH

1 month ago

Wow, I really love this!

You might have too many nonbasics for it to be worth it but Terrain Generator could be pretty cool with Dakkon :)

KBK7101 on Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar - Stompy Landfall

2 months ago

Very nice! I have some suggestions, though I have no idea what to cut.

Lands - War Room , Bonders' Enclave , Castle Garenbrig , Mosswort Bridge , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Terrain Generator , Reliquary Tower

Artifacts - Blackblade Reforged basically lets you double up on Multani's power/toughness

Creatures - Wayward Swordtooth , Arboreal Grazer , Walking Atlas , Ulvenwald Hydra

Enchantments - Garruk's Uprising , Burgeoning , Greater Good

Instants/Sorceries - Cultivate , Rampant Growth , Farseek

Planeswalkers - Nissa, Who Shakes the World , Nissa, Voice of Zendikar , Nissa, Vital Force

Keep in mind that I've never played commander outside of my own house, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt. lol

jamochawoke on Halvar, Divine Voltron

2 months ago

Lotus Field is ramp the turn it comes out as you can tap the lands you sacrifice before you sac them, therefore instead of getting 3 mana that turn you are getting 5. It works especially well if you have Flagstones of Trokair out since that fetches a Plains when you sac it.

As for Terrain Generator my question really is why are you running so many non-basics in a mono color deck? And it still has 20 potential targets to hit. I run 22 plains in my mono-white deck and I'm getting an extra land every other turn or so when I get it.

You have 16 equipment and 6 other artifacts in a 100 card deck and you don't think Inspiring Statuary will help you when you have 42 targets it can ramp? I run one more artifact than that and every game I've played it it's been so immensely helpful for playing everything else in my deck. It basically gives me a free spell or more every turn on top of any artifacts I might play and therefore it also becomes a high priority removal target for my opponents, often saving a valuable equipment I would otherwise lose. It also can help you recover from board wipes when you have a bunch of equipments on the field doing nothing and help pay for your commander's tax when he inevitably gets removed. You really should give it a try before dismissing it.

NensouHiebara on Halvar, Divine Voltron

2 months ago


Nearly half of my lands are Nonbasics. Terrain Generator wouldn't function properly in the early game, which is when the extra land drops matter the most.

Lotus Field isn't actual ramp. With being two lands down to play it, the additional mana it produces only fills the gap it created. I would also have to sacrifice Basics to not lose Utility Lands, which negatively affects Emeria, the Sky Ruin.

This deck isn't built for multiple attackers. As a "Go Big" strategy, I'm only going to have one maybe two creatures attacking at any given time. Any other creatures I may have are either utility creatures that mostly stay out of combat or blockers to defend against multiple opponents. Using Settle the Wreckage as a ramp effect isn't something this deck can make use of. I don't attack with three or more creatures regularly for Windbriak Heights to work.

Inspiring Statuary's inability to reduce the cost of Equipment is a major dealbreaker for me. A Mana Rock that can't be used towards a deck's primary strategy is pointless.

jamochawoke on Halvar, Divine Voltron

3 months ago

I see you have Sword of the Animist already. Awesome! I also use Terrain Generator and Lotus Field in my Nahiri equipment deck for additional non-artifact ramp. It works really well. I've also been known to Settle the Wreckage several of my own tokens after moving the equipment to another creature like Balan, Armory Automaton , or Heavenly Blademaster . I've gotten 6 lands before on a single turn doing this! Also, I know you said you didn't want to run rocks but so many people don't know that Inspiring Statuary is ridiculously strong in equipment decks. Basically it turns all of your equipment into mana rocks! Windbrisk Heights is also another land-based way of cheating out a high mana cost card.

My deck if you're curious: Pure Nahiri

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